PV AC35 Camera spy Iphone charger
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PV AC35 Camera spy Iphone charger

PV AC35 of LawMate. Hidden camera in charger of Iphone or Ipad. It is a DVR which incorporates a hidden camera with motion detection inside the charging dock of an Iphone or Ipad. Compatible with iPhone 5, 5C and 6.


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PV AC35 Camera spy Iphone charger
PV AC35 Camera spy Iphone charger

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Compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, and 6

The hidden camera is located in the front of the charging base and the high sensitivity microphone is located on the network adapter. Came with a memory card of 4 GB although it has a capacity of up to 32Gb.


With this professional camera you never worry about the battery. ¡¡¡Operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!!!

This hidden camera, use a professional or not, has been designed to facilitate the handling for the user. All configurations are performed with the remote control that incorporates.


It has many features that make it ideal to be used as legal evidence since it has the stamping of the date and time, among many others.


Allows you to choose the sensitivity of the motion detector as well as the recording time once detected.


You'll be able to choose the recording mode, between continuous or motion detection.


For models 5, 5C and 6 adapter is required (not included)


Package contents:

  • 1 x network adapter
  • 1 x hidden camera to Iphone or Ipad
  • 1 x Transformer with high sensitivity microphone
  • 1 x RCA cable
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x remote control
  • 1 x 4Gb memory card

Data sheet
Frames Video Maximum
25 FPS
Records Video and Audio Together
Video Resolution Maximum
450 Lines
Video Format
Motion detection recording
Yes , Sensitivity of the motion detection: High / Medium / Low
Autonomy Of Approximately
Unlimited. Powered by the power cable.
Autonomy Unlimited
Yes, Connected to the electrical grid
Adapter 81 gr / Base 48 gr
Adapter 65 * 51 * 43 / Base 68 * 68,5 * 30mm
500 mAh
Memory up to
128 Gb
Date and time stamp
Storage capacity
4Gb (included). Supports up to 32 GB SDHC
2.0 USB
Continuous Recording
Cyclic Recording
Iphone and Ipad