Protect 1207i Detector frequency GPS 2G 3G 4G WIFI GSM【2020】
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Protect 1207i Detector frequency GPS 2G 3G 4G WIFI GSM


  • GPS locators hidden in vehicles
  • Cameras and microphones Wifi
  • Devices that work to burst Bluetooth and GSM
  • Detects frequencies 3G and 4G
  • Detection of the use of illegal / banned mobile phones during the negotiations, exams, in prisons, hospitals, etc

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Protect 1207i Detector frequency GPS 2G 3G 4G WIFI GSM

Protect 1207i Detector frequency GPS 2G 3G 4G WIFI GSM


The new Protect 1207i is a device for the anti-spyware that lets you detect, reliably, different digital transmissions such as GSM, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc


The sensitivity of a detector of radio frequencies common extends over a wide frequency range, usually 3, or even 6-7 GHz. This means that the detector is traditional can not detect weak signals, and non-continuous, such as Bluetooth, Wifi or Wi-Max. The signals even more powerful, like GSM-1800 are also hard to detect due to its low sensitivity in frequency ranges higher. The only way to reliably detect wireless protocols is to use chips of pre-selection (filters sierra) that attenuate all signals except the desired frequencies.


This is the method implemented in the device against measures Protect 1207i which has 6 channels for different frequency ranges and can simultaneously detect 6 different kinds of transmissions at a distance much greater than any detector RF common.


These qualities make the detector frequencies Protect 1207i a very desirable and reliable during the sweeps surveillance.



Main features of the Detector Frequencies iProtect 1207i

  • Portable device for the inspection and localization of sources wireless (seeker, Wifi detector, GPS Tracker detector GSM / 3G, 4G, detector, Bluetooth - all-in-one)
  • Ideal for the detection of GPS locators hidden in vehicles
  • 6 channels of detection for different types of protocols
  • Detection of GSM / CDMA / 3G / 4G-LTE / Bluetooth / Wifi / Wi-Max
  • The channels operate simultaneously, so that the operator knows what has been found
  • Locate a device that transmit on a regular basis and gusts as GPS locators.
  • 6 bar graphs with 10-segments each, for a precise localization of the sources of RF
  • 4 modes: Silent, Vibration, Visual and Audible
  • 2 levels of sensitivity (attenuator)
  • The additional screen shows the protocol likely to
  • Metal body durable
  • Controlled by microprocessor
  • Setup mode with selection the threshold level for vibration



Frequencies Detected

  • CDMA, LTE 800 (4G) : 824-849MHZ
  • GSM : 880-920MHZ
  • GSM (DCS) : 1710-1790MHZ
  • WCDMA, 3G, gsm (PCS), DECT : 1920-2000MHZ
  • BLUETOOTH , WIFI : 2400-2480MHZ
  • WI-MAX, WIFI HIGH, 4G LTE : 2500-7000MH



How to detect GPS locators with the Protect 1207i

Signals that range from the locator to the mobile network GSM / 3G when the vehicle is moving.

The detector frequency Iprotect 1207i can locate GPS trackers when they transmit their coordinates. Many trackers have a vibration sensor (G-sensor) and do not send coordinates when the car is not moving. The transmissions may be performed with a range pre programmed, for example every 15 seconds, 1 minute or 15 minutes. It is also possible that a crawler will load the coordinates collected under an external request and does not initiate transmissions by itself. Therefore, the method 2 is better, although you will need additional equipment.

  1. Make sure that your own mobile phones are turned off ("flight mode" switched on or off) and there are no other phones in the car. If the car has its own phone GSM / 3G or a burglar alarm system, it is necessary to turn off the phone or the alarm system by pulling out your SIM card temporarily
  2. Positions the iProtect 1207i in the front of the vehicle and begins to move. If possible, choose a route away from cities with large populations to avoid measurements accidental signal GSM / 3G mobile phones of other people
  3. See the graphic bars GSM and 3G in the iProtect 1207i. Periodic increases in typical can be a sign that the follower sends signals to the network. As we have said previously, it is unknown which time interval can be pre-programmed into the tracker, but it should be the same during the measurement. Therefore, if you look at increases in the bar chart with a fixed range, could be a sign of the presence of a gps tracking device hidden in your vehicle
  4. The vehicle must be in motion during the measurements. For a detection “quick” 30-minute test may be sufficient; for a 'deep search' it will take 1-2 hours
  5. Repeat the procedure with the Protect 1207i placed in a rear part of the car, since it is unknown at what part of the vehicle, the tracker can be hidden

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