Platform GPS Payment

Wide range of platforms GPS paid with professional follow-up. They have different plans configuration to suit your needs.

OUTLET. GPS locator for dogs

€216.95 -€156.96
GPS locator ideal for dogs, cats and pets. You'll be able to locate immediately the location of your pet with a margin of error of only 5 meters. It has an adjustable strap that easily adapts to any type of cat or dog.  

GPS locator for children type porta photos

GPS locator for children hidden in porta photos with tracking platform free. You will know at all times where is located where is your son or daughter. Ideal for the control of minors and parental control.

SV-300 GPS Locator for car

€195.00 -20%
New GPS locator SV300 Store Spy. The SV300 is a GPS locator that will hidden in the interior of the vehicle. Custom settings. Ideal for the control of vehicles and fleets. It has a free trial period on our platform seguiminto.

AT2000M GPS Locator magnetic IP65

Long autonomy Communication SMS / GPRS Accelerometer Level of protection IP65 Magnets for mounting integrated Rechargeable batteries Connection of optional external power supply (6V-30V)

Locator gps solar for animals with self unlimited

New GPS locator for solar with self unlimited and free platform. Water resistant with certification IPx7. Ideal for the remote monitoring of horses, cows and all kinds of animals, domestic and wild.