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The greater variety of pens spy market

Do you need to buy a pen spy? In look out we have the largest variety of spy cameras on the market. With the spy pen you can record any meeting or interview. All the pens spy have a small microphone hidden in the inside which serve as voice recorders. We have pens spy that record in high definition 4K, Full HD or even WIFI that transmit the image in real time to a mobile phone.

The pen spy device-portable, economical and easy-to-use used both by professionals and by individuals. Come to our stores and you will be surprised at the amount of pens with the camera that we have for you.

Pen spy 2k low brightness 1296p 60FPS

€249.95 -€49.96
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 In our shop, look you can find the pen spy 2K with a hidden camera of the more advanced of the market. This new version allows you to record in environments of very low brightness since the mini spy camera requires only 0.1 lux of brightness

Do you need to buy a spy pen?

If you're looking for a discreet spy tool, there are no better options than a spy ballpoint . A spy pen is a perfect complement, yet elegant with which you can engrave, with the utmost discretion. Place it on a table, in your jacket pocket, or wherever you want and start recording. If what you want is not to miss details of any conversation, to find natural reactions and, above all, to be able to record people without them knowing it, a spy pen is the best option to be able to achieve all this.

The best pens with a 2019 camera

On our spy website we have the best spy pens on the market. If what you are looking for is a tool with which you can record video, conversations or take photos discreetly, we have a spy pen made to measure.

Before you, you have the best spy pens of 2019 in different categories, from pens that are presented with unsurpassed quality, to others that are great value for money. All this, so that you can find the spy pen that best suits your circumstances and that you can record all those conversations that you want to never forget.

Spy pen 2k

This spy pen model is a pen completely functional , so you will write with total normality, but with which you can also make videos, photographs and audio recordings in high quality, as a real spy.

The resolution of the video will reach 2k with 30 FPS or if you want you can opt for a lower resolution, 720, plus FPS, 60. It has a internal memory of 64Gb with which you can record a few hours of video and conversation and is also able to record in low light conditions, to still improve its discretion.

Spy pen

If you're looking for a cheaper spy ballpoint , this spy ballpoint has an integrated microphone that also makes videos and photographs.

This is a perfect pen to take to any meeting you attend and record everything that has happened discreetly, thanks to its mini front camera that has been camouflaged with an intricate design to go completely unnoticed.

This pen is very easy to use and to do this, just introduce a micro SD memory to store the recording, press the upper button and you are ready to record.

Full HD Spy Camera Ballpoint Pen

If you need a tool that allows you to record videos in high definition, without the person you're recording realizing it, you don't have a better option than this Full HD spy pen.

This spy pen is the first pen designed to record in HD at 60 FPS or Full HD 30 FPS thanks to a mini camera that is sophisticatedly hidden at the top of the pen. This camera is hidden with a pin so you can discover it or cover it at your own discretion. A simple and effective operation for one of the best espionage tools on the market.

Why buy your pen with camera at ESPIAMOS?

In our shop we have a great deal of experience working with these spy pens. To be able to offer you the best service, we have dedicated years of experience in bringing the best products for our customers, so that every sale we make, is a satisfied customer.