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The greater variety of pens spy market

Do you need to buy a pen spy? In look out we have the largest variety of spy cameras on the market. With the spy pen you can record any meeting or interview. All the pens spy have a small microphone hidden in the inside which serve as voice recorders. We have pens spy that record in high definition 4K, Full HD or even WIFI that transmit the image in real time to a mobile phone.

The pen spy device-portable, economical and easy-to-use used both by professionals and by individuals. Come to our stores and you will be surprised at the amount of pens with the camera that we have for you.

PEN SPY voice recorder 20 hours autonomy 256Gb

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- €49.58 Tax excl.
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PEN SPY fully functional. Has an autonomy of 20 hours in continuous mode and a memory of up to 256Gb to store more than 3000 hours of conversations.


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PEN VOICE RECORDER fully functional. Has an autonomy of 9 hours in continuous mode , and 8 Gb of internal memory to store up to 96 hours of recordings.

Recorder type voice pen 8Gb 96 hours High Quality

€95.00 -€25.01
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Pen spy fully functional system with recording professional, “Low-Noise”. Has an autonomy of 20 hours in continuous mode , and 8 Gb of internal memory to store up to 96 hours of recordings.

PEN SPY High Autonomy 8GB 18 hours

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PEN SPY fully functional. Has an autonomy of 18 hours in continuous mode , and 8 Gb of internal memory to store up to 96 hours of recordings.

PEN VOICE RECORDER 8Gb 6 hours of Autonomy

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- €82.64 Tax excl.
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PEN VOICE RECORDER fully functional. Has an autonomy of 6 hours in continuous mode , and 8 Gb of internal memory to store up to 96 hours of recordings.

PEN SPY High Autonomy 8GB 18 hours

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- €82.64 Tax excl.
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PEN SPY fully functional. Has an autonomy of 18 hours in continuous mode , and 8 Gb of internal memory to store up to 96 hours of recordings.

Do you need to buy a spy pen?

If you're looking for a discreet spy tool, there's no better choice than a spy pen. A spy pen is a perfect, yet elegant accessory that you can use to engrave with the utmost discretion. Place it on a table, in your jacket pocket, or wherever you want and start engraving. If what you want is not to miss any detail of any conversation, find natural reactions and, above all, be able to record people without them knowing, a spy pen is the best option to achieve all this.


The best pens with cameras of 2020

On our spy website we have the best spy pens on the market. If what you are looking for is a tool with which you can record video, conversations or take pictures in a discreet way, we have a spy pen made to measure.

Before you, you have the best spy pens of this 2020 in different categories, from pens that are presented with an unbeatable quality, to others that have a great value for money. All this, so you can find the spy pen that best suits your circumstances and you can record all those conversations you want to never forget.


Spy pen 2k

This model of spy pen is a fully functional pen, so you can write with total normality, but with which you can also make videos, photographs and audio recordings in high quality, like a real spy.

The resolution of the video will reach up to 2k with 30 FPS or if you want you can opt for a lower resolution, 720, to more FPS, 60. It has an internal memory of 64Gb with which you can record a few hours of video and conversation and is also capable of recording in low light conditions, to further improve their discretion.


Spy pen

If you're looking for a cheaper spy pen, this could be your device.  The spy pen has a built-in microphone that takes videos and pictures.

It is a perfect pen to take to any meeting you attend and leave a record of everything that has happened in a discreet way, thanks to its mini front camera that has been camouflaged with an intricate design to go completely unnoticed.

This spy pen is very easy to use and for this, you only need to introduce a micro SD memory to be able to store the recording, press the upper button and you will be ready to record.


Pen spy camera Full HD

If what you need is a tool that allows you to record high definition videos, without the person you are recording being aware of it, you have no better choice than this Full HD spy pen.

This camera pen is the first spy pen designed to record in HD at 60 FPS or Full HD 30 FPS thanks to a mini camera that hides in a sophisticated way on top of it. This camera, is hidden with a pin so you can discover or cover it at your own discretion. A simple and effective operation for one of the best spy tools on the market.



How the spy pen works

Years ago, we watched old spy movies and were amazed at the amount of junk they had and their ability to turn any ordinary object into a device capable of capturing images and even sound. As technology has advanced in recent years, we have come to realize that these old movies were not misguided. Today we can find spy devices so discreet that nobody realizes what they really are, one of the most striking cases is the spy pen.


It is a gadget so simple to use that even a child could do it and it can be very useful in different situations.


Each model of spy pen is different, but it is true that in most of them we find some common guidelines to make them work.

The first thing you have to do as soon as you receive the spy pen is to put it in charge. Some devices come with a bit of a charge, but to start working with it it is much better to do it with a full battery, unless the manufacturer has stated otherwise in the instructions. In this case we will pay attention to the ones he tells us, who knows the device better.

Once the pen is ready to be used, we must make the pertinent tests to make sure that everything works well. In most cases the spy pen is activated by pressing the button on top for a few seconds.

Many models have a small LED that serves to check if the device has been turned on and is working properly. If there is a problem, it usually flashes for a while. If everything goes well, it turns off after a few seconds, but the recording will continue.

At Espiamos we know that using a spy device for the first time can give you some respect, but as soon as you get your hands on it you'll see that the spy pen is perhaps one of the simplest spy devices on the market. The best thing to do is to read the operating instructions carefully and do several tests to make sure that the device works well and that you know how to use it.


When to use a spy pen?

There are many situations in which a device of this type can be practical. If you decide to carry it around with you, you can record what's going on around you by putting it in your top shirt or jacket pocket.

This is a good way to keep track of everything that has happened in a business meeting and to review it afterwards, but also to be able to detect possible threats from a former partner or even from a boss or co-worker.

You can also leave it running while you're away. Put it on your office desk in the recording function and you can check to see if someone is entering your office or touching documents that they shouldn't have access to.

The good thing is that it's a device that goes completely unnoticed. It's a simple pen and that's why no one will pay much attention to it.



Features of the spy pen

The exterior of these devices can be very different from one model to another, there are those with a more informal look and others with a more elegant design. In any case, the aim is for them to go unnoticed in all kinds of situations and environments.

Not only its exterior helps to camouflage the spy camera, but also its functionality. A spy pen works just like any ordinary pen. Anyone can pick it up and use it to write something without realizing that they are actually holding a spy device in their hand.

The camera changes depending on the model you choose to use, but the recording angle is usually 90º. As we mentioned before, it is normal that when you turn on the device a small LED lights up to warn that the recording has started and it turns off a few seconds later.

As for the battery, we must take into account that it is a fairly small device, so its autonomy is not very large, with an average of about 90 minutes.

Information storage devices offer more and more capacity with a smaller size, and this is something that spy pen technology benefits from. Despite the pen's small size, it can have several gigs of memory, so you can save many short recordings or a few long ones.



Setting up the spy pen

If there is one thing these devices have in common it is that their configuration is quite simple, this allows anyone to use them without complicating their life too much. 

The first thing to do is make sure the memory card is in place. Some spy pens come with a built-in SD card, but in other cases you have to buy it separately.

Open the pen according to the manufacturer's instructions and check that the card is in place. If it's not, you can use any other card that's compatible.

Close the pen again and check that it has enough battery power to operate. Press the power button for a few seconds and the device should start recording. To end the video you only need to press the button again for a few seconds.

Once you have the information you need you can watch the video in the easiest way. You only have to connect the spy pen to the computer just like you do when you want to download the photos from your mobile. 

Access from your computer to the memory of the spy pen and you will be able to see all the recordings you have made.

As you can see, its use and configuration are totally simple. With a little practice you can become a real expert.



Spy pen instructions

It's true that spy gadgets are becoming easier to use and very intuitive. This makes us often tempted to dive into our spy pen without paying attention to the instructions. But this can be a serious mistake.

Although the operation is not complicated and just by seeing the device and more or less intuitive how to handle it, it is imperative that before touching anything you take a look at the manufacturer's instructions.

Keep in mind that this device has a camera and a microphone inside, all this hidden in the small body of a pen, so it is something delicate and you should not manipulate without any knowledge.

It won't take you five minutes to read the instructions. This little booklet will help you understand the different parts of the spy device, how to assemble and disassemble it, how to operate it, how to access the recordings, and also give you some tips on how to capture images and how to maintain the device.

Spending some time reading the spy pen's instructions will make the user experience much better and get the results you're looking for faster and easier.



Spy pen compatibility

Unless you have chosen an IP spy pen that connects to the Internet and allows you to access live recordings or upload them to a cloud storage system, in all other cases you will need to connect the device to your computer via a USB cable.

In other cases, you will need to connect the device to your computer via a USB cable. It is therefore important that you make sure that the device you choose is compatible with your computer's operating system before you buy it. However, this is not usually a problem, since most devices on the market are compatible with the most common operating systems, such as Mac, Linux and Windows.



Spy pen with camera

When it comes to buying a spy pen, you have many options to choose from. Most models include a spy camera and a microphone, allowing them to capture image and audio. But there are some models that also come with a camera.

The simplicity of these devices is sought after, so many of them only have one button that acts as both an on/off switch and a camera shutter release.

Here we come back to the importance of reading the instructions well and testing the device before using it in a real situation. If the model you have chosen makes recordings and also takes pictures, if you don't know how to use it well you might end up taking only one picture when you wanted to capture a video and an audio. 

From Espiamos we recommend that once the recording is done, you download it to your computer and make a backup copy, deleting the file from the SD card of the pen, so you can be sure to have enough memory for future recordings.


Spy pen with live camera

The spy pen may seem like a simple product, but it is a work of engineering that incorporates the latest technological advances. If you're willing to spend a little more, you can get a spy pen with a live camera.

This means that you can leave your spy device in a room and from your mobile phone observe live the images it is capturing, as if it were a real security system.



WiFi spy pen

In order for you to be able to see what your spy device is recording, it must have WiFi.

In this case the spy camera connects to the router and emits a signal that you can capture from your phone. To do this you will have to download the app that indicates the manufacturer of the spy pen and use the password you have created.

It is essential that when you link the spy pen to the router and configure its access to the network, do not forget to create a password so that anyone can see what the camera is recording. 

The configuration in these cases can take 5-10 minutes, but it's not complicated. You access the router from your computer, open the spy camera's ports, connect it to the Internet and set a password.

Although this is a quick and simple process, it is recommended that you do not leave it until the last minute. If you know you're going to have to use your spy pen, leave everything ready so that when the time comes all you have to do is press the power button to start recording and you can watch it from your phone.



Spy pen storage

If you've ever seen an SD card you know that they are tiny in size but big on storage. Well, it's this kind of card that spy pens carry.

In most cases the card slot is located in the device part of the camera. You turn the thread in the middle and at the top of the pen what is usually there is the slot for the memory card and the connector for the USB cable.

Depending on the model you've chosen, you can fit a card of one capacity or another. What is never recommended is to use an SD memory card with more capacity than indicated by the manufacturer. If you do so, you'll probably be unpleasantly surprised that the recording was not done properly or even at all.

If you feel that what you need to record doesn't fit in the SD card memory indicated for your device, it might be a good idea to opt for a WiFi spy pen. Since it can be connected to the Internet, you can configure it to send the captured images directly to a cloud storage system.



Spy pen price

The market for spying products has grown so much in recent years that it is now possible to find such devices at a good price. 

The first thing you need to know is if you need your spy pen to capture images or if you need it to record audio. If you only need a spy voice recorder that is hidden in a pen you can find devices with a price from 60 euros. But if you are interested in capturing audio and also image then you will have to make a slightly larger investment, from 100 euros you can find devices of quite good quality.


Some tips for using your spy pen

If you've made up your mind and taken the step to acquire a spy pen, here are some tips that will help you make higher quality recordings.

Read the instructions carefully and make sure you set everything up to work perfectly.

Before you use it, perform several tests. It's a good idea to learn how to use it easily, so that you don't arouse suspicion.

Make sure it has enough battery power.

Always keep in mind where the camera lens is, this will help you know where and how to place the pen to capture the image you want.

While you're recording, act as normal. Think that the device has enough power to capture image and audio, you do not need to get too close to the person you want to record. Ignore the pen completely, don't pay any attention to it and let it do its job.

For better viewing of the video on the computer it is often advisable to download the file to the PC and view it directly from there instead of from the pen.

After these tips, the only thing left to say is that you should always try to give this spy device a legitimate use. Remember that recording conversations in which you intervene is perfectly legal even if you do not warn your interlocutors, but using this device to record a conversation in which you do not intervene could be an action that constitutes a crime.

Always use your spy device with a head and sense and you should not have any problems. They are a great tool for obtaining evidence, and if you have used them well, that evidence will be legally valid. 

When making your purchase decision, don't forget to pay attention to criteria such as the quality of the device in general, the ease of use and configuration, the quality of the image and the price. Always keep in mind how you will use the device to ensure you choose the right one for you.

If you want to buy spy pens and have doubts about which one to choose, at Espiamos we are at your disposal. We will help you find the spy device that best suits what you are looking for and also your budget.



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