Pen spy 2k low brightness 1296p 60FPS
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Pen spy 2k low brightness 1296p 60FPS

 In our shop, look you can find the pen spy 2K with a hidden camera of the more advanced of the market. This new version allows you to record in environments of very low brightness since the mini spy camera requires only 0.1 lux of brightness



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Pen spy 2k low brightness 1296p 60FPS
Pen spy 2k low brightness 1296p 60FPS

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Do you want to buy the pen spy 2K of the last generation with the best mini spy camera on the market?


Main features of the bolígrafo spy 2K:


  • Fully functional. Writes like a ball point pen.
  • Several resolutions to choose from including 2K 1296p at 30FPS or 720p at 60FPS
  • Videos, photographs and audio recordings
  • Records in environments with poor lighting. Only requires 0.1 lux
  • 16Gb internal memory
  • Design: elegant and discreet
  • Format understanding of video H. 264
  • The angle of view of 65 degrees
  • Minimum illumination 1Lux


Did you think you have seen all the resolutions in pens spy? There is something beyond the Full HD, the new pen spy super FULL HD with a resolution up to 1296p. Also known as format 2K.


With a resolution of this size (2304 x 1296) you'll be able to make recordings much more crisp, with more definition and to capture moving objects with complete sharpness, thanks to which you can reach to achieve the 60 frames per second. It works with a single button thus making its operation more simple and has an internal memory of 128Gb.


You can take photos, record video, record audio, motion detection, sensor, low illumination and auto power off so that we can enjoy more autonomy in order to perform our work.


Fully configurable by software, being able to schedule:

  • Activate / deactivate printing the date in the image
  • The image quality: Fine or Super fine
  • Resolution: 1296p 30fps / 1080p 30fps / 720p at 30 or 60fps
  • Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Three states of color


The package includes:

  • 1 x Pen Spy Super HD 1296p
  • 1 x Manual of instructions


Data sheet
Frames Video Maximum
60 FPS
Records Video and Audio Together
Video Resolution Maximum
2303 x 1296
Video Format
Angle of view
Format Photography
Motion detection recording
Photo Resolution
4032 x 3024
Autonomy Of Approximately
40 minutes approx.
Capacity Battery
380 mAh
16Gb internal
50 gr
Built-In Microphone
Date and time stamp
Compression H. 264
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