PenDrive spy Deluxe
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Pen drive / USB spy Deluxe for PC

The Stick spy Deluxe will be sent to you by e-mail all the information of the computer monitored at a distance. You will not need to access the computer physically to copy all the information stored. Ideal for parents or employers that need to have a full control of the computers they own.


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Pen drive / USB spy Deluxe for PC
Pen drive / USB spy Deluxe for PC

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The next generation of surveillance systems in computers is already here!


Practical and highly effective, the USB or pen drive Spy Deluxe is the perfect tool for employers who suspect their employees, parents who need to control their children, or private detectives who want to gather information.


The USB or PenDrive spy Deluxe has all the original features of its predecessor, plus the ability to remotely send all stored information such as screenshots, keystrokes and the activity of other users!



With version Deluxe, since it is not necessary for physical access to the computer or PC that you are monitoring to retrieve the information (but if you prefer to use it that way, you still can!) The installation and operation are very simple. All you need to do is link to an e-mail address to activate the secret.

The Stick spy Deluxe also has other additional features and functions as the submission of all information by email to a pre-set time





  • Send the screenshot via e-mail.
  • Set the minimum number of screenshots that you want the Stick to be spy Deluxe send. For example, if set to 5, you will receive 5 screenshots in one email.
  • Send each text captured their email address at the preset intervals. The period of time between emails is indicated in minutes.
  • Send all of the text captured at a certain time every day or on a day appointed.
  • Sending a screenshot by email.
  • Compatible with any Windows PC (not Mac compatible).
  • Installation is super-fast in just 15 seconds
  • Monitors every keystroke
  • Takes screenshots at intervals set by the user
  • Remember, all web sites visited
  • Detects passwords encrypted and keys
  • Detects special characters and function keys
  • Very easy to use. Not need special knowledge of computer science.
  • Ideal for parents or employers that need to have a full control of the computers that have

Note: For extra security once the screenshots have been successfully sent to your e-mail is deleted from the computer or COMPUTER monitored.