Ornamental Animals

Here you will find the best ornamental animals. Security guaranteed. See the wide range of to look out and choose yours.

Repeller for dogs Portable

New Bird Dogs aggressive with ultrasonic emission, effective range of 10-20 meters. Perfect combination of high efficiency and low price.

Repeller for dogs Grand Duos S

New Bird Dog Stationary Ultrasonic GRAD DUOS S, with range of action of 10-20 metres and a coverage angle of up to 180°.

Repellent pest-Grand-550

New Repellent Rodent "Grad-TO-550US". Device extremely effective and is guaranteed to protect your home from the invasion of mice, rats, moles and shrews.

Repeller for Dogs Led+ Portable

New Bird Dogs Portable LED+. Triple-action, ultrasonic powerful, flashes of light, super bright and selectable pattern. Range 20 meters.

Repellent pest Grand At-1000 Pro

It combines three techniques repellents: ultrasound, audible sound and strobe light bright. Range of protection of up to 1000 square meters Use of advanced Technology. Ultrasound is based on the biorhythms of the natural rodents, it has no effect addictive to them. Takes effect immediately after power-on 4 modes of operation to repel different pests: mouse, rodents, mosquitoes, spiders, ticks, fleas, and ants. Absolutely quiet Very easy to use

Repellent Pest Grand Ultra 3D

· 3 Techniques repellents combinedsystem: acoustic, ultrasonic, and optical · Range of protection up to 1200 square feet · Uses a patented technology unique to form a pattern of ultrasound based on biorhythms of rodents natural. · Takes effect immediately after power on. · Recommended for professional protection of large companies, against rodents, warehouses, production facilities and catering establishments. · Very easy to Use