Null of tape recorders and microphones spies【2020】 ESPIAMOS
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Null of tape recorders and microphones spies

The SEM-2300 is a generator of white noise designed to protect against the listening-devices that cannot be discovered by common methods such as stethoscopes, electronics, contact mics, surveillance of laser and microwave that use the reflection of the windows, microphones in walls or other buildings and any microphone that works with the system of vibration

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Null of tape recorders and microphones spies

Null of tape recorders and microphones spies


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The unit protects a room by using the induction noise is not filtrable in the surfaces. This noise, also known as 'white Noise' , is transmitted by the surfaces with the help of a few transducers and the built-in speakers of the unit. The number of transducers and speakers is dependent on the configuration of the room.

Thanks to transducers the protection level of the generator is far better than the systems that only have speakers.


The transducers pass the greater part of the noise generated in the form of vibration, which allows you to produce interference less audible. Despite the fact that a slight noise can be heard in the interior of the protected area, there will be no need to force your voice.


This device protects you from:

  • Surveillance systems, Laser and Microwave that use the reflections of the windows
  • Electronic stethoscopes (contact mics)
  • Built-in microphones on the walls or other constructions
  • Other forms vibro - acoustic filtering of information




The acoustic vibrations are possible due to the ability of the sound waves expand through the walls, windows and other constructions. In some materials, the sound spreads even better than in the air. For example, the water is a great conductor of sound and the heating system can easily be used to access and steal the conversation.


It is the same principle used by the electronic stethoscopes. These pick up the vibrations caused by the conversations on the walls, windows and other constructions and transform them back into sound. These teams listening can be installed not only in the adjacent rooms, but even through a large number of floors or rooms.



Main reasons of the protection

The White Noise can block and disable these methods of listening. This is done with the help of the transducers special. Its parameters are optimal for many types of surfaces. The White Noise has a good performance which means that only a negligible part of noise occurs in the environment, while a large amount of vibration injected into the structure of the stay in the form of vibration, making it impenetrable to all this kind of methods of listening, even analog systems. With the help of the support of the transducers can be mounted in virtually all kinds of surfaces.


The speakers omni-directional masking may also be used with this device. Their purpose is to produce noise, non-filtrable spaces such as ducts of vents, under ceiling tiles, etc


Note: for the operation of this equipment are required of speakers, omni-directional transducers and for doors and windows that are available in the accessories section.


ESPIAMOS, as a brand belonging to HISPA IMPORTACIONES DELUXE, S.L. , is the official distributor for SPAIN of this device and all the products of the Digiscan Labs brand. Buy directly, without intermediaries and with factory service. We do not offer warranty, technical support or advice of the devices with serial numbers that do not come from the official channel. Be wary of companies, websites or portals that can not prove brand identity.


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