Mriya GSM Microphone on 5V 2A 5V Real Travel Adapter 【2023】
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Mriya GSM Microphone on Real Travel Adapter 5V 2A LBS

Mriya GSM SPY Voice Microphone with ambient listening and unlimited autonomy. Works like a real power adapter. You can listen live while charging your phone! It has LBS location system.

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Mriya GSM Microphone on Real Travel Adapter 5V 2A LBS

Mriya GSM Microphone on Real Travel Adapter 5V 2A LBS


Need to eavesdrop in your office, home office or hotel room?

Meet Secureee Mriya' s new GSM ambient microphone hidden in a real power transformer. With this device you can charge your cell phone or tablet and perform covert eavesdropping. The Mriya GSM microphone does not have any led or element that makes you suspect that it is a hidden recording device.

The GSM Mriya microphone cannot be opened. The internal part can only be accessed by destroying the outer casing.

How does the LBS geolocation system work?

The LBS geopositioning system (included in this device) does not use satellites for geolocation but uses the triangulation of the mobile operators' antennas as shown in the following screenshot.

Geolocalización por LBS

The advantage of positioning using this system is that it allows to establish the location inside buildings, hotels or garages where satellite coverage is not available. Therefore, this geopositioning system is the best for this particular device as it is specifically designed to work indoors.

Main features of the GSM microphone Mriya Hidden in 220v transformer:

  • Unlimited autonomy connected to the mains.
  • LBS location system.
  • Encrypted USB cable. In case of interception, files cannot be downloaded.
  • Works as a real transformer 220V to 5V and 2A.
  • Vibration alert.
  • Sound detection.
  • Easy configuration software.
  • ALC preamplifier for superior sound.
  • Dimensions: 70 x 44 x 23 mm.

How does the Secureee Mriya GSM mini spy microphone work?

The operation of the GSM hidden microphone is just like that of a cell phone. Just insert a SIM card with balance, no PIN number and call the phone number. The device will automatically pick up the handset so that you hear everything that is said within a range of 7 meters.

It can also be configured to be activated by sound detection. With this mode activated, the device will call you directly when it detects any sound.

Can I listen in without distance limit?

Yes, this hidden microphone works by the GSM quad-band network. This means that it works in Europe as well as in the United States or Latin America.

GSM listening mode

  • ADMINISTRATOR NUMBER: only the administrator number will be able to listen live.
  • STANDBY MODE: battery saving mode that reaches up to 400 hours in standby mode. The device shuts down all unnecessary processes and minimizes battery consumption.
  • DEEP SLEEP MODE: You can remotely turn the device off and on at a predefined time. This way you can reach up to 6 months in deep sleep mode.
  • 3D MEMS MICROPHONE: perfect microphone for GSM communication.
  • GPS LOCALIZATION: the device has the ability to locate via GPS satellites.
  • SOUND DETECTION: if you activate this function, the device will alert you if it receives any sound.
  • VIBRATION: if you activate this function, the device will alert you with a vibration.
  • NANO SIM CARD: Currently, the smallest sim card on the market.

What is the difference between this GSM spy microphone and other hidden microphones?

This device is manufactured in the European Union (Croatia) by Secureee. The quality of its components is unmatched by Asian versions. With this voice recorder you will be able to capture sounds with excellent quality. If you really want to buy a quality spy device, this is your recorder.

Where to buy the Secureee Mriya Ambient Listening Microphone?

ESPIAMOS is the EXCLUSIVE distributor of the Secureee brand in Spain and Colombia. You will buy your device directly from the factory, without intermediaries.

We offer a 2 year warranty and official technical support. If the product does not convince you, you will have 14 days to return it. Come to any of our physical stores to try it. You will be surprised by the amount of spy products we have for you.

Technical specifications of the GSM spy microphone hidden in Mriya 220V 5V 2A charger:

  • Unlimited autonomy connected to the mains.
  • Encrypted USB cable.
  • Works as a real transformer 220V to 5V and 2A.
  • Geolocation system by LBS.
  • Reinforced protection box.
  • Vibration alert
  • Sound detection.
  • Dimensions: 70 x 44 x 23 mm.
  • Manufactured in the EU.

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