Mini audio Recorder professional SEM-PCB-PRO
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Mini audio Recorder professional SEM-PCB-PRO

  • Micro voice recorder for professional use.
  • Protection by password. Playback of files using specific software.
  • Compatible with micro SD cards of up to 128Gb
  • Recorded by the detection of sound / manually / scheduled start date
  • Up to 6330 hours, or 264 days of recording continuous.


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Mini audio Recorder professional SEM-PCB-PRO
Mini audio Recorder professional SEM-PCB-PRO

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DESIGNED FOR COVERT SURVEILLANCE. The recorder SEM-PCB-PRO is a high quality device with a few dimensional super-reduced that allows you to make recordings with excellent quality in any environment. It has a size of just 17.5 x 27 x 3 mm




VERY EASY TO USE AND SET up The recorder SEM-PCB-PRO is configured easily using the supplied software where you can activate 2 different systems

  • For the detection of sound: you Can adjust the sensitivity of the microphone as well as turn on / off the gain control
  • To date and time progamada. Example: to start the recording on Saturday, 27 September at 09:33 and ends at 20:55 on the day 28 of September.


You can also activate the start of recording manually.



QUALITY HEALTHCARE Integrates a high sensitivity microphone type Knowles EK23 getting to record conversations with a distance up to 15 meters with a quality of 44 kHz to 75db.



HIGH-CAPACITY All of the audio logs are stored in the micro SD memory of up to 128 GB getting to store hours and hours of recordings. You can download at any time, the recorded files using the card reader included.



HIGH AUTONOMY of The recorder SEM-PCB-PRO can provide up to 6330 hours, or 264 days of recording continuous depending on the memory configuration and made. Connects directly to the power supplies between 2.8 V and 6V



SECURITY For access to recorded files you need to enter a password and playback can be performed only with the specific software included



DESIGNED FOR HIDDEN recorder SEM-PCB-PRO is perfect to integrate into any other device thanks to its small size. Likewise you can connect a external microphone of high sensitivity in order to facilitate the customization.





  • Ultra tiny. Ideal for integrations
  • Protection by password
  • 3 systems of activation: Manual, automatic detection of sound, at the scheduled date and time
  • Low consumption and high autonomy
  • Very easy to use





  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 27 x 3 mm
  • Maximum time of recording: Up to 130 days with 16 Gb to 5.5 KHz ADPCM
  • Download speed: 12MB, USB 2.0
  • Memory: Micro SD up to 128Gb
  • Bit: 16
  • Sample Rate: 44kHz, 22kHz, 16kHz, 11kHz, 8kHz, 5.5 kHz
  • Format: 4bit ADPCM or 2bit ADPCM, uLaw
  • Format Export: File, WAV or native format with indication of date and time
  • SNR:> 75 dB
  • Type microphone Knowles EK23
  • Range microphone: 10-15 meters
  • Possibility of microphone external: Yes
  • AGC: Yes
  • Recording by sensing sound: yes
  • Systems of activation: Through the detection of sound / manually / scheduled date and time
  • Brand of water with indication of date, time and serial number







  • 1 x Mini voice recorder
  • 1 x user Manual