Microphone wall SEM 900R
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Microphone wall SEM 900R Sun Mechatronics

SEM 999R. New microphone wall professional of the Tent to look out. It has 50 hours of autonomy, 4 filters, audio, output for connecting to a portable recorder, and audio limiter.

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Microphone wall SEM 900R Sun Mechatronics
Microphone wall SEM 900R Sun Mechatronics

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The SEM999 has different filters of sound that are tailored to your needs depending on the environment where you find it:

  • Filters 0 and 1 decrease the higher pitched sounds
  • The filter 2, amplified by the low noise
  • The filter 3 enhances the human voice



Additionally, it has an audio limiter that will protect your ears from damage caused by unexpected noises of great intensity. The SEM999 will automatically reduce the volume when it detects any noise that may cause damage to your ears.



This microphone wall professional use it has a audio output Ø3.5mm so that you can connect a portable recorder.



Main Features:

  • High sensitivity microphone
  • Structure of copper
  • 4 different filters of sound
  • Volume slider
  • Audio limiter built-in
  • Up to 50 hours of autonomy
  • Audio output for connecting to a portable recorder
  • Special support of fixation of wall



Note: do Not hit or drop the microphone from contact with the wall. You could cause permanent damage to the device. It is not resistant to water. Please, do not submerge or immerse the device.

Data sheet
Autonomy Of Approximately
50 hours (alkaline)
Amplifier: 284g / Microphone 119g
Amplifier: 64x22x98mm / Microphone: 30mm x 36mm (diameter)
Battery type 006PV x 1
Audio output
Ø3.5mm stereo (headset), Ø3.5mm mono (recording)
Output power
Normal: 25mAh / Maximum: 60mAh
Audio input
Ø3.5mm mono (mic of contact)
Filter sound
IF. 4 selectable Filters.
Limiter sound
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