Microphone spy UHF hidden in umbrella
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Microphone spy UHF hidden in umbrella

New microphone professional spy UHF hidden in an umbrella with a range of up to 650 hours in transmission mode. Fully camouflaged. Ideal for covert surveillance.



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Microphone spy UHF hidden in umbrella
Microphone spy UHF hidden in umbrella

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In ESPIAMOS.COM we are able to hide microphones UHF in almost any place, and on this occasion we present an umbrella spy that hides one of the microphones UHF world's smallest.


This umbrella, in addition to working as an umbrella normal, hides in the base of a mini microphone UHF spy long range. By connecting a 9 V battery you'll get a range of 130 hours and by plugging in two AA batteries you'll get a range of up to 650 hours

Your camo is perfect for hiding in any place. No one will suspect never in the interior of this umbrella hides a microphone spy professional. Its operation is very simple. Just connect the battery and, automatically, the microphone starts broadcasting.




  • Microphone professional very discreet.
  • Fully functional. Works as an umbrella normal
  • Camouflage perfect
  • Range of up to 650 hours
  • Transmitted by UHF
  • Very Easy to use


Note: All of the microphones in UHF need a receiver (not included) to be able to listen to the audio. Check out the tech specs to see the receivers compatible.

Data sheet
Autonomy Of Approximately
With 2 batteries mod. LR6 AA up to 650 hours / 1 battery mod. LR61 up to 130 hours
283gr (with two batteries)
Ø60 x 320mm
2 x LR6 AA / 1 x LR61
Output power
10 mW
Effective radius of the microphone
Radio transmission
80 meters in cities and indoors / 100 metres in places clear
Compatible handsets
ZS10, ZS10-HX, ZS100M, PS-100, ZZS-100, ZBN-100
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