Microphone professional GSM hidden in power strip
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Microphone professional GSM hidden in power strip

Microphone GSM custom, hidden in power Strip. Incorporates 2 microphones spy GSM of high sensitivity. Works as microphone environmental and/or system of sound detection. As soon as a sound the microphone will call you.


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Microphone professional GSM hidden in power strip
Microphone professional GSM hidden in power strip

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This base current with 5 connections incorporates a powerful microphone GSM high sensitivity with system of activation by voice. No longer is it necessary to be constantly calling you to listen to what is happening around you. With the sound detection enabled, the device will call you to listen to any sound louder than 45 decibels.


All connections to the database work correctly. You can connect a computer, tv or printer, and listen to what happens in the environment.


Unlike many other microphones similar, our custom device features 2 directional microphones to capture the sounds with absolute clarity.


To be a microphone GSM not you'll never distance limits. The microphone can be placed in Barcelona and you can be in Madrid, Italy, Mexico, etc, you will Hear what is happening at any place. With the sound detection enabled, you'll be able to know if they come in your office or office when you're traveling. The microphone will call you in a few seconds.


This microphone is professional works with the four bands of GSM. This means that it works both in Europe and in the united States, or Latin America. You can bring your microphone a professional to Venezuela and call from Spain.


Don't worry if you disconnect the base current, or if your office suffers an outage intended to be. We have incorporated an internal battery separate with a range of up to 15 days in standby mode so that the microphone can work even without being connected to the power supply.





- Microphone GSM quatribanda that works in the frequency bands of 900/1800/1900.
- Works in any part of the world and with any SIM card.
- No distance limit, you can even be in another country.
- Very easy to use: you only need to make a phone call.
- Has a powerful sensor noise that lets you know when someone is talking in the place where is located the Microphone GSM.



Data sheet
Autonomy Of Approximately
3 – 5 days with the detector sound activated / 2 – 15 days, with the detector sound off
Autonomy Unlimited
Yes, Connected to the electrical grid
GSM frequency
850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 Mhz
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