Microphone contact SEM-900
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Microphone contact SEM-900 Sun Mechatronics

SEM-900. New microphone wall super compact professional use and very high sensitivity. Easy to carry, small size, audio output for recording.


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Microphone contact SEM-900 Sun Mechatronics
Microphone contact SEM-900 Sun Mechatronics

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THE SEM-900 is the microphone contact of professional use, the most compact on the market. You have simplified all the components including the battery, to reduce the maximum size without showing diminished performance.


The SEM-900 has an audio output so that you can make the recordings from a simple and easy manner. Its sensitivity is very high. Very easy to use.


Note: do Not hit or drop the microphone from contact with the wall. You could cause permanent damage to the device. It is not resistant to water. Please, do not submerge or immerse the device.

Data sheet
Autonomy Of Approximately
22 hours
Ø38 x 51mm
Button battery CR2032 (3V) x 1
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