Location service GPS hidden in vehicles
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Location service GPS hidden in vehicles

Do you suspect that you have installed a GPS locator in your car illegal? Do you think that you watch at a distance? Make a sweep and come out of doubts

Location service GPS hidden in vehicles
Location service GPS hidden in vehicles

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Do you suspect that you have installed a GPS locator in the car? Do you feel watched or observed?


If you suspect that you have a GPS locator installed illegally should get out of doubts by performing a sweep. The GPS locators are electronic devices very small, that allow to know the location in real-time from a mobile phone or PC. Can be attached on the underside of the car in less than 2 seconds. And it's so small, in 95% of cases, the simple visual inspections are not sufficient.



If you really want to be sure that you do not have a GPS locator hidden, you hire our sweep!



We have a team of specialists in electronic countermeasures with more than 15 years of experience in the sector. Our jobs range from big corporations to small business and individuals.


In our work we use equipment with the latest technology on the market. We use special techniques and avant-garde as thermal imaging, special lights, etc, We have up to date knowledge on the latest devices for capturing and sending information.


What is included in the service of sweeps?

· Physical Inspection Detailed
· Analysis of Radio Spectrum (analog and digital)
· Analysis with Detector of Unions that are Not Linear (NLJD)
· Review Thermal Surfaces (Thermography)
· Reflectometry of the wiring, both electrical and telephone
· Advice to the Client in Electronic Countermeasures future



Our staff have the accreditation required, issued by the Ministry of the Interior and issue the corresponding technical report applies to complaints and judicial procedures in the case of being necessary.




How do we work?


  1. Preliminary study of the vehicle
  2. Development of the Scanning electron
  3. Localization, detection and marking of the GPS locator
  4. Following its identification, nullification, or destruction of the locator (optional)
  5. Valuation on the terrain, situation analysis, and if appropriate, a complaint before the competent authorities
  6. Delivery of the final report



How much time it takes to do the sweep?

Between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the difficulty, we will tell you if you have installed a GPS hidden in the car or on a motorcycle



How could I do my own scanning?

Yes, and you really will be much more economical to hire the services in a timely manner. You only have to have the means and the proper training. We offer both things. Check here the frequency detectors , and specialized training.



Is it possible to perform the sweep in another city?

Yes, our technical TSCM can be moved to any city, but will have an additional expense for travel. You would be profitable this option if you have many vehicles, but if you only have 1, it is preferable that the closer to our center of Madrid.