LawMate PV-B30W Power Bank WIFI
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LawMate PV-PB30W WIFI Power Bank 10 hours

The PV-PB30W is the new LawMate WIFI spy camera with 10 hours of autonomy hidden in a real power bank. You can watch the live image on your cell phone while recording in Full HD!


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LawMate PV-PB30W WIFI Power Bank 10 hours
LawMate PV-PB30W WIFI Power Bank 10 hours

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Need to record images for use in court proceedings?

LawMate spy cameras are used by professionals around the world to covertly record images for use in court proceedings. LawMate is the leading brand in the industry providing the highest image quality. If you need evidence for legal proceedings, use LawMate.

This new version allows you to record in Full HD at 1080p resolution and send the image live to your cell phone thanks to the built-in WIFI module. You can easily focus on your target with the certainty of recording at the right angle.

How does the Power Bank PV-B30W work?

The operation is very simple by following the instruction manual that we provide exclusively in Spanish. You only have to turn on the portable recorder, download the application for Android or iPhone and connect to the WIFI network of the device. Now you will be able to see the images in real time point to point P2P on your cell phone.

To record, just press the button on the wristwatch or directly from the cell phone APP.

Main Features of the LawMate PV-B30W LawMate PV-B30W. :

      • Wifi function. Transmit the image in real time to Android or IOS cell phone.
      • Records automatically, manually or by motion detection in MOV format.
      • Full HD resolution at 1080p.
      • 70º angle.
      • Autonomy of 300 minutes with WIFI on / 600 minutes with WIFI off.
      • 30FPS

Why buy the Lawmate PB30W Power Bank here??

As the official distributor of the LawMate brand, we receive all products direct from the factory. You can buy the camouflage spy camera without intermediaries, at the best price. In addition, you will have a real warranty of 2 years and the official technical support of the LawMate brand.

Technical specifications of PV-PB30W:

      • Minimum illumination: 3.3 lux
      • Viewing angle: 70°.
      • File format: MP4
      • Resolution: 1920x1080p
      • Frame rate: up to 30fps
      • Memory type: Built-in memory: 32Gb module
      • Data interface: Mini USB 2.0
      • Disguised mode: Stand-By, LCD-O ff
      • Date / Time table: YYYYY / MM / DD, HH: MM: SS
      • Power input: DC5V
      • Battery: 4500 mAh
      • Autonomy: 5 hours WIFI ON / 10 hours WIFI OFF.
      • Vibration: On, recording, off
      • Works as power bank: yes

Who are LawMate International?

Experts in recording, wireless transceiver systems and solutions. LawMate International is a professional manufacturer and service provider for audio and video surveillance systems, including portable DVRs, covert cameras, transmitters and receivers. With over 25 years of history, LawMate has developed from a small enterprise into a global business. LawMate can expertly provide integrated recording, wireless transceiver systems and solutions.

Why choose LawMate products?

There are basically three grades of various products like this in the market place today. The first grade of products is basically very low end. They really belong on toy shelves but are often sold as professional spy gear preying on those who do not understand the difference. The second grade of products is known as consumer grade products. These products are often masked as professional grade equipment, but are basically not suitable for continued long term and intensive surveillance use. The third grade is referred to as Law Enforcement grade equipment. Therein lies the complete concept of LawMate brand products. To bring a rugged professional grade product into the market place and produce products for the true surveillance and security professional, with strict quality and marketing control.