When it comes to security and surveillance, LawMate is a name you can trust. As an official distributor of LawMate, ESPIAMOS is proud to offer their range of exceptional products.

Do you need to buy LawMate products in the UK?

If security is your priority and you're looking for reliable surveillance and countersurveillance products, then LawMate is your best choice. Not only will you have the certainty of protecting what matters most to you, but you'll also have the peace of mind knowing you're purchasing products from a recognised brand. At ESPIAMOS, we offer 24-hour delivery, the best guaranteed price, and a 3-year warranty on all LawMate products. Don't wait any longer, purchase your LawMate product now and experience first-hand security.

HD Spy Button Camera

Discover the HD Spy Button Camera, designed to offer high-definition covert recording with absolute discretion.

Hidden camera in spy tie 550TVL

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Hidden Camera in High Resolution Spy Tie: Powered by LawMate, this tie integrates a hidden micro camera with a 550 TVL CCD lens, capable of operating effectively with only 0.2 LUX of illumination. Designed for maximum discretion, it also features a high-gain AGC microphone, ensuring clear and accurate audio recordings in any covert situation.

Discrete Audio Recorder on Car Keychain

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Discover how our Hidden Keychain Audio Recorder becomes your best ally for discreet recordings. This device is essential for security professionals, private investigators and anyone in need of recording conversations without being detected.
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Spy Camera on iPhone Charger

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Hidden camera in iPhone or iPad charger . It is a DVR that incorporates a hidden camera with motion detection inside the charging base of an iPhone or iPad . Compatible with iPhone 5, 5C and 6.

Air Purifier with Integrated Spy Camera

In stock
Discover the Air Purifier with Integrated Spy Camera, the perfect solution for discreet surveillance. Equipped with Full HD technology and live viewing capability from your cell phone.

Keychain with Full HD Spy Camera

In stock
Discover the discreet power of surveillance with our Full HD spy camera keychain. Perfect for capturing high quality video and images without attracting attention.

LawMate BA-2200 Rechargeable Battery Pack

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The LawMate BA-2200 Rechargeable Battery is a standard li-ion battery used with various LawMate DVRs and transmitters. It provides 200 to 240 minutes of recording time.

Hidden Camera in WIFI External Battery

In stock
Discover how the WIFI External Hidden Battery Camera revolutionizes personal and professional surveillance, offering high definition recording in a discreet and efficient way. Ideal for those seeking security and evidence without attracting attention.

Portable Recording Kit with Hidden Camera

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Discover the advanced portable recording kit, the perfect solution for your surveillance and security needs. This kit includes a state-of-the-art digital recorder and a high-sensitivity button camera, designed to provide you with superior quality recordings in any situation, even in low light conditions.

Low Light Button Spy Camera 0.015 LUX

In stock
Discover the latest generation hidden push-button spy camera, designed for discreet surveillance even in very low light conditions. Perfect for professionals who need clear and sharp evidence, this camera integrates advanced technology to ensure high quality recordings in any environment. With outstanding features such as exceptional light sensitivity and compatibility with modern digital recorders, it is the ideal choice for those seeking the best in security and discretion.

Presenting LawMate UK: Quality and Discretion in Surveillance


In the world of security and surveillance, LawMate stands out as one of the leading brands in providing high quality and reliable equipment. With its focus on constant innovation and commitment to privacy, LawMate products have become a trusted choice for many security professionals and enthusiasts.


About LawMate

LawMate is a Taiwan-based company that has been at the forefront of surveillance technology development for over two decades. They are renowned for their ability to combine exceptional quality with discretion, allowing users to capture high definition images and video without attracting attention. From hidden cameras to discreet audio recorders, LawMate has a solution for all surveillance needs.


The Excellence of LawMate UK Products

LawMate's hallmark is its dedication to excellence. Each LawMate product is the result of careful research and development, ensuring that they exceed user expectations in terms of both performance and durability. Their products are designed to withstand the demands of constant use, while maintaining high quality performance for years to come.


Diverse Range of LawMate Items

LawMate offers a wide variety of surveillance items to meet the diverse needs and circumstances of users. Whether you need a hidden camera that can be disguised as an everyday object, a discreet audio recorder to document important conversations, or a complete surveillance solution for your home or business, LawMate has the right product for you. And best of all, all of these products are available from Espiamos, your trusted supplier of LawMate surveillance equipment.

LawMate United Kingdom: Innovación y Adaptabilidad

LawMate has established a strong presence in Spain, offering a range of high quality surveillance products that are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the Spanish market. Their commitment to innovation and adaptability has made them a preferred choice for many security professionals and enthusiasts in the country.


LawMate's presence in United Kingdom

With Espiamos as official and exclusive distributor in Spain, Portugal and Colombia, LawMate products are widely available to those seeking premium surveillance solutions. Espiamos is proud to offer a wide range of LawMate products, guaranteeing customers access to the latest surveillance technology on the market.


Adaptability of LawMate Products to the English Market

LawMate products are designed with a focus on adaptability, allowing them to meet the specific needs of the Spanish market. Whether you need a surveillance solution for your home, office or vehicle, LawMate has a product that will fit your needs.

Experiences and Testimonials from LawMate Users in UK

LawMate users in Spain speak highly of their experiences with the brand's products. They highlight the exceptional quality, ease of use and durability of the products. These testimonials reflect LawMate's commitment to customer satisfaction and its dedication to providing the highest quality surveillance products.

Why Use LawMate Irland Articles?

LawMate has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted and respected manufacturers in the surveillance world. With products ranging from hidden cameras to audio recorders, the brand offers complete solutions for a variety of security needs.

Advantages of LawMate Irland Products

LawMate products stand out for their superior quality, durability and ease of use. They are known for their unobtrusiveness, making them ideal for a variety of surveillance applications. In addition, LawMate continues to innovate, offering products with the latest technologies to meet the growing demands of the security market.

LawMate products are known for their unobtrusiveness, making them ideal for a variety of surveillance applications.

LawMate Irland in Diverse Usage Scenarios

From home security to enterprise surveillance, LawMate products are used in a variety of scenarios and by a wide range of users. LawMate's hidden cameras are especially popular with security professionals and private detectives because of their image quality and ability to go unnoticed.

LawMate Global Brand Recognition

LawMate is not only recognised in Spain, but also globally. Its reputation as a leader in the field of surveillance makes it a trusted choice for security professionals and everyday users alike around the world.

LawMate is not only recognised in Spain, but also worldwide.

Where to Buy LawMate Irland Products?

Buying LawMate products is an easy decision to make thanks to Espiamos, the official and exclusive distributor of the brand in Spain, Portugal and Colombia. Buying through Espiamos ensures that you are acquiring original LawMate products of the highest quality.


Espiamos: Official LawMate distributor in Spain, Portugal and Colombia.

As official distributor of LawMate, Espiamos guarantees the authenticity of LawMate products, supporting their quality and functionality. Espiamos offers a wide range of LawMate products, from hidden cameras to audio recorders and much more.

Benefits of Buying LawMate Irland from Espiamos

By purchasing LawMate products from Espiamos, customers can rest assured that they are getting the best price on the market. In addition, Espiamos prides itself on offering excellent customer service and a fast and discreet shipping service, ensuring the best possible shopping experience.


Ease and Security in Buying LawMate Products Irland

Espiamos makes it easy to buy LawMate products with its intuitive, secure and user-friendly e-commerce platform. Customers can browse the extensive LawMate product catalogue, read detailed product descriptions and make purchases securely from the comfort of their home or office.

Espiamos Guarantees You the Best Price on LawMate Irland Products

At Espiamos we are proud to offer the full range of LawMate products at the best price. Our commitment to our customers is to offer not only high quality products, but also the best value for money.


Commitment to Spying on the Best LawMate Irland Price


Espiamos has a strong commitment to its customers. We believe that part of this commitment is to offer our customers the best value for money. That is why we strive to offer LawMate products at the most competitive price in the market.


Find a Better Price? Espiamos Matches it for You

Our price matching policy ensures that if you find a LawMate product at a lower price in another shop, we will match that price. All you need to do is provide evidence of the lower price and we will take care of the rest.


Experiences of Satisfied Customers with Espiamos Pricing

Numerous customers have taken advantage of our competitive pricing to purchase LawMate products. Their positive testimonials and loyalty reflect their satisfaction with our prices and customer service.


Why Buy your LawMate Irland Products from Espiamos?

At Espiamos, we offer an unparalleled shopping experience for all LawMate products. With free shipping, express delivery, discretion, excellent customer service and the best selection of LawMate products, it's hard to find a better option.

Free, Urgent and Discreet Shipping with Espiamos

At Espiamos, we understand the importance of receiving your products quickly and discreetly. That's why we offer free express shipping on all our LawMate products. In addition, we ensure that your package arrives discreetly to protect your privacy.

Espiamos Customer Service and After-sales Service

Our commitment to customer satisfaction does not end after the purchase. We offer excellent customer service and after sales support to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If you have any questions or problems, our team of experts is ready to help you.


The Best Selection of LawMate Items at Espiamos

At Espiamos, we offer a wide selection of LawMate products. Whether you are looking for a hidden camera, voice recorder or any other surveillance device, you will find it in our shop. We pride ourselves on offering the most innovative and high quality LawMate products on the market.

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