Lamp bedside table Spy 1080p Full HD 128Gb Wifi
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Lamp nightstand Spy 1080p Full HD 512Gb Wifi

Table lamp Spy with hidden camera FULL HD, night vision and motion detection. Ideal for monitoring of children's bedrooms. Incorporates the function of WIFI P2P for the transmission of images in real-time. Has a lens swivel of 330º and memory up to 512Gb. Very easy to use.



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Lamp nightstand Spy 1080p Full HD 512Gb Wifi
Lamp nightstand Spy 1080p Full HD 512Gb Wifi

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Do you need to buy a spy camera WIFI to view the images in real time?

With this lamp spy not only you will be able to view the images in real-time but in addition you'll be able to illuminate with different colors in your room, which acts as a real light table. The lamp spy has a lens swivel of 330º that you'll be able to move from your own phone. It also has a few infrared leds are not visible with a range of up to 3 meters that allow you to record in total darkness.



What are the advantages of a CAMERA SPY WIFI about a hidden camera traditional?

  1. Easy to set up. From the free APP, you can adjust the motion detection, date and time, night vision, loop recording, microphone, etc
  2. You can rotate camera from your mobile phone.
  3. Activate and deactivate the ambient light by choosing the color that you want.
  4. Maximum discretion. You can access the recordings remotely without the need of any manipulation on the device and download the files on your own mobile phone.
  5. See the image in real time from your smartphone.
  6. Adjust the angle of view and recording at the exact place you want.
  7. Receive notifications with snapshots when motion is detected.




The operation is very simple following the instruction manual that we give you, exclusively, in Spanish. You only have to turn on the AMBIENT LIGHT SPY, download the application for Android or iPhone, and connect to the WIFI network . Now we can see the images in real time and configure the device in a simple and easy way.

Your lens rotation 330º and 2.0-megapixel camera allows viewing on High-Definition 1080p. Through the download the application on your mobile device or Tablet, you'll be able to see these images in real time thanks to the WIFI connection. On the front it has vision leds night so that you can see in total darkness.



Can I see the image in real time from my phone and in any place?

NO. You'll be able to see the image in real-time whenever you're connected to the WIFI network of the device. If you walk away too far from the point of WIFI, you will lose the signal and therefore the image. This camera CANNOT connect to the internet.



Where are stored the recorded files?

All the recorded files are stored in the own device in a memory card type micro SD (not included) of up to 512Gb. The card must be formatted in FAT32. It is not necessary to be connected to the WIFI network to record the device. Keep in mind that the micro SD card must be formatted in FAT32. In this BLOG article we teach you how to do it and if you still have doubts you can buy them HERE



Example of use of the LIGHT SPY WIFI

Imagine that you want to have an ambient light in the kids room and also to record what happens. You could simply download the free APP, turn on the spy camera WIFI and connect to the WIFI network spy camera with your mobile phone. To be able to see the live image on the phone, you can orient the camera exactly the place you want to record. By using the application downloaded on your phone you will be able to:

  • Receive notifications when detects a movement as if it were a WhatsApp
  • Rotate the camera up to 330º.
  • Take screenshots of the image detected.
  • To change the resolution.
  • Watch and listen in real-time.
  • Choose the color of the light.
  • Enable / disable the ambient light

In the settings, you can activate light and select the color you want. Now your children will not only have a dim light in your room but you will be monitored constantly by means of your mobile phone. You'll see and hear everything that happens in your room.

The recorded files will be stored in the memory card of the spy camera WIFI. If you would like to view the recorded videos you could remove the memory card and connect it to the PC, or connect to the WIFI network of the camera and view them directly on your Smartphone without the need to manipulate the spy camera.


Where to buy the BEST SPY CAMERA for CHILDREN?

In look out we are specialists in devices for covert surveillance. We offer a 2 year warranty and a service post-sale professional. If the product does not convince you you will have 14 days to return it. Come to any of our physical stores to try it out. You will be surprised at the amount of items spy that we have for you.




Main features of the Lamp Spy table:

  • Lens COMS 2.0 mega pixels
  • WiFi-enabled P2P live streaming
  • Lens swivel of 330 degrees
  • Night vision 3M
  • Two-way Audio
  • The APP controls the brightness, color and on/off desk lamp
  • Motion detection and alarm message insertion
  • The maximum support of Micro SD card is 512GB
  • Certificates: CE, RoHs



Package contents:

  • 1 x Lamp spy
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 x 5V 2A power Adapter
  • Adapter USB/MICRO SD
  • Fork to reset
Data sheet
Frames Video Maximum
25 FPS
Video Resolution Maximum
1920 x 1080
Angle of view
90 ° / Lens rotatable 330 degrees
Memory type
4 - 128 GB
Autonomy Of Approximately
Works with the mains charger socket.
CMOS 2.0 mega pixels
Storage capacity
Micro SD 4GB-128GB ( 1 minute / about 18 MB, 56 minutes / 1G )
Control of brightness, color and on/off through the APP
Night Vision
Invisible 3M
CE ROHS approved
Compression H. 264
Operating System
Android / iOS