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iProtect 1217 Professional GPS Locator Detector 5G

iProtect 1217 is the best 5G GPS locator detector on the market. It locates the latest beacons working in 5G as well as all types of wireless cameras and microphones. Improves detection of conventional signals up to x10.

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iProtect 1217 Professional GPS Locator Detector 5G

iProtect 1217 Professional GPS Locator Detector 5G


Would you like to buy the best 5G GPS locator detector on the market?

Introducing the iProtect 1217 Portable Frequency Detector from Digiscan Labs . Unique in that it has a specific working mode to locate beacons and high-tech GPS locators. This device has been manufactured for security professionals to detect all kinds of hidden devices such as the latest technology 5G and 4G beacon GPS locators as well as cameras and microphones working at high frequencies. Don't let them spy on you!


Features of the iProtect 1217 portable 5G GPS detector

  • Quickly and reliably detects all types of RF listening devices, including analog, digital, constantly and intermittently existing, sending audio or video, with or without encryption.
  • It finds hidden surveillance devices employing GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DECT, etc. digital standards.
  • It has 10 times higher sensitivity and detection distance compared to conventional RF detectors.
  • Real-time spectrum analysis provides the ability to detect short burst signals such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile devices in just a few seconds.
  • Selective: resistant to interference and with high sensitivity.
  • Has worldwide coverage of mobile standards: can detect all existing GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G bands in the range up to 6 GHz.
  • Capable of detecting all types of wireless signals, including 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 5 GHz Wi-Fi, DECT, ISM 434 MHz, ISM 968 MHz and ISM 915 MHz.
  • Detection of at least 26 mobile and wireless bands.
  • Can be adjusted to the frequency allocation of the country of use.
  • A separate mode for detection of GPS trackers with history accumulation (TRACKER).
  • ALARM function warns the operator of threshold exceedance, both audibly and visually
  • 43 threshold levels to set the optimum sensitivity.
  • Can be configured for specific tasks, e.g. for Wi-Fi detection only, etc.
  • Operating modes: ALL BANDS (detection on all bands); GROUP (detection on the selected group of bands); BAND (analysis of a separate band); TRACKER (detection of GPS trackers).
  • Two antenna inputs and two antennas in the array to ensure maximum sensitivity.
  • High band directional antenna facilitates locating transmitters above 2400 MHz.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 5 hours operating time.
  • Rechargeable via USB


How does the 5G, 4G, 3G, WIFI frequency detector work? iProtect 1217?

The Delta X G2 portable detector has different working modes including a specific mode for locating beacons and GPS locators.

  • All Bands
    Allows to analyze all bands simultaneously
  • Band Group
    Allows you to select a specific band group to improve accuracy, e.g. the 5G band group.
  • Specific Band
    Selects a specific band within the band group, e.g. WIFI 5.8 band working in the frequency range 5150MHz and 5875MHz.
  • GPS locator detection
    Specific detection of GPS devices working in bursts.


Why do I need to buy the Digiscan Labs iProtect 1217 frequency detector?

Many criminals and criminal organizations use GPS locators to place them on their victims to track their movements, e.g. jewelers and businessmen. It can also be used to ensure that a hidden wireless transmitting device has not been installed in an office or conference room.



Where to buy the Digiscan Labs iProtect 1217 Portable Frequency and GPS Beacon Detector?

You can buy the iProtect frequency detector directly on the website or in our physical store. www.espiamos.com is the official distributor of the brand in Spain and Portugal so you will always get the best price and an official warranty for 2 years. Direct sale, without intermediaries.


Technical Specifications of the portable 5G GPS detector iProtect 1217

  • Number of bands : 26
  • Antenna inputs :
    • Input 1: SMA, 2400 - 6000 MHz
    • Input 2: SMA, 600 - 2400 MHz
  • Operating modes :
    • ALL BANDS (detection on all bands)
    • GROUP (detection on the selected band group)
    • BAND (separate band scanning)
    • TRACKER (detection of GPS trackers)
  • Alarm function : Visual or audio
  • Number of alarm threshold levels : 43
  • Audible signals : Alarm, button presses
  • Regions :
    • US (US bands)
    • EU (European bands)
    • AWAY (all bands)
  • Operating and control elements :
    • Joystick: left-right movement, up-down, threshold adjustment, mode selection
    • POWER OFF button: turn off
    • POWER ON button: power on
    • ALARM button: alarm
    • AUDIO button: sound
    • BANDS button: band configuration
    • BACK button: exit to previous mode
    • SAVE button (storage of the current status)
  • Power supply : USB 5V
  • Power supply : Built-in rechargeable battery 6800 mA*h 3,7V
  • Battery operating resource : up to 5 hours
  • Weight :
    • Device without antenna: 750 g
    • Packed: 1500 g
  • Dimensions :
    • The device without antenna : 208 x 86 x 41 mm
    • Packed: 27 x 22 x 22 x 10 cm
  • Operating temperature range : -5...50 °C

ESPIAMOS, as a brand belonging to HISPA IMPORTACIONES DELUXE, S.L. , is the official distributor for SPAIN of this device and all the products of the Digiscan Labs brand. Buy directly, without intermediaries and with factory service. We do not offer warranty, technical support or advice of the devices with serial numbers that do not come from the official channel. Be wary of companies, websites or portals that can not prove brand identity.