GPS locators

Purchase your GPS locator from 59,99€ with a free platform.

The gps locator can be configured in different ways. In the shop ESPIAMOS.COM we have selected only those GPS locators which bring together the best qualities. We have GPS locators type lapas, also called beacons, to the real-time tracking of vehicles, as well as GPS locators personal, designed for the monitoring of minors and objects, with emergency buttons that alert you via SMS or email, immediately, of an emergency.

Beacon GSP SV710 High Autonomy

€286.25 -€186.26
The Beacon GPS SV710 with waiting time prolonged, is a device that is compact and waterproof and designed for applications of tracking of fixed assets. Ideal for vehicle tracking, rental of machinery, heavy equipment and asset tracking among others.

Locator GPS 3G WIFI Logger Portable High Autonomy 32Gb

€199.95 -25%
Triple localization system: GPS + WIFI + GSM 3G technology. It increases the speed of transmission. Accuracy more quickly. Long autonomy with its battery of 5000mAh Water-resistant. Certification IPx7 Location platform for free You can work as a LOGGER, storing data for up to 10 years in an SD memory card.  

GPS locator for children type porta photos

GPS locator for children hidden in porta photos with tracking platform free. You will know at all times where is located where is your son or daughter. Ideal for the control of minors and parental control.

AT2000M GPS Locator magnetic IP65

Long autonomy Communication SMS / GPRS Accelerometer Level of protection IP65 Magnets for mounting integrated Rechargeable batteries Connection of optional external power supply (6V-30V)

Locator GPS Personal 4G Portable SV310

€299.95 -€36.30
First GPS locator 4G with touch screen for easy configuration and with a panic button. Ideal for tracking people.

Lapa GPS IP65 High Autonomy

€336.25 -€36.30
Lapa GPS with tracking platform free for life. Has an autonomy of 30 days. No installation needed. It locates your vehicle quickly and easily!

Do you need to buy a GPS locator?

The answer is yes. Everyone has important things to locate. And not only the materials but the most precious, the personal ones. How much would you be willing to pay to locate a lost loved one? Why wait for something drastic to happen to solve it?

Many of the individuals that buy us a GPS locator is from the theft of your car, electric generator or recreational machine, with the fright in the body. But why wait? Is it not better to buy a GPS locator before this happens?

There are many types of GPS locators. There are those of professional use that indicate you consumptions, efficient driving, cuts of injection, notice of opening of doors, etc. and those of particular use, which only indicate the GPS position.

Is a GPS locator easy to install?

Yes, simple GPS locators are easy to install. In our catalog we have self-installing GPS locators that connect directly to the cigarette lighter socket or to the OBD connection of the car. There are other models that need to connect to 12V through two cables, positive and negative. Those of professional use, are more complicated because they require to install relays and to disassemble part of the vehicle.

localizador gps autoinstalable

How much does a GPS locator cost?

GPS locators are very cheap. We have car locators for € 85 with GPS platform included for life. If we calculate that the car will last about 10 years (even if the car is sold the GPS locator will always be yours and you could put it in your new car) it would cost you $ 0.70 per month / 2 cents a day. And how much would you pay to recover your stolen car?

Are there additional subscription fees or surcharges?

No. Most of our GPS locators include the free tracking platform. However, we have payment tracking platforms or private for the most demanding.

How does a GPS locator work?

GPS locators consist of two parts: a receiver that receives signals from different satellites to determine the position, and a transmitter or modem, which sends that position. The transmission is made through the 2G network through a SIM card with balance. The amount of MB consumed by a locator per month is very small, ranging between 2Mb and 15Mb

Still do not know which GPS locator to buy?

If you still have doubts, we invite you to visit our physical stores or call us at +34 911 369 092. Our sales representatives will advise you and recommend the GPS locator that best suits your needs. You will be surprised at how many GPS locators we have for you.