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Discover the wide range in sunglasses spy high resolution. With the glasses spy has never been so simple to record without being detected. Forget about concerns, with the glasses spy you don't have to worry about the focus or to be discovered. All glasses spy have of internal storage and great viewing angle. Buy your glasses spy on our experience is your security

Gafas espía con cámara oculta Full HD 1080P SEM13

Tax included
Sólo en Espiamos: nuevas gafas espía  SEM13 con cámara oculta de 5 MP y micrófono integrado. Estas gafas realizan videos con la más alta resolución en Full HD a 1920 x 1080 La mini cámara está totalmente camuflada. 100% invisible

Lenses with CAMERA 16Gb Touch HI-04

Tax included
Glasses with spy camera. It is a touchscreen. There is No power button or lens visible. You'll be able to record to 20 cm of your target without detected. It has 16Gb of memory.

Glasses spy 128 GB Full HD 1080P hot-swappable battery

Tax included
  Main features Glasses Spy Full HD 1080p: Lens hidden in the front Includes 2 batteries out fast with foma pin Recorded in Full HD with 1080p resolution Memory micro SD card removable up to 128Gb (not included)

Gafas espía con cámara oculta HD 720P con bateria intercambiable

Tax included
Nuevas gafas espía  SEM15 con cámara oculta de 5 MP y micrófono integrado. La mini camara no es visible a la vista. Posee dos baterias intercambiables con una autonomia de hasta 140 minutos. Cristal intercambiable. 

Glasses CAMERA 1080p 128Gb HI-05 touch

Tax included
Glasses with camera a fully camouflaged. There is No power button or lens visible. You can shoot without being discovered, even if you are 10 cm away from your goal. Include two swappable battery with autonomy of up to 150 minutes. Memory of 128Gb.

Glasses with hidden camera 16Gb Touch, with remote control HI-03

Tax included
Glasses with a hidden camera. It is activated with a remote control or by sliding the finger on the pin. There is No power button or lens visible. Ideal for recording in distacias short. It has 16Gb of memory.

Glasses with camera WIFI P2P 2MP 1080p 128Gb HI-01

Tax included
Glasses spy WIFI fully camouflaged. You'll be able to see and hear in real time from your mobile phone. 2 hours of autonomy. Memory of up to 128Gb.

Glasses Spy WIFI 1080p Full HD 128Gb

Tax included
Allows you to view images in real time from any PC or Smartphone Compatible with iPhone and Android Internal memory up to 128Gb with Micro SD card Images in high definition Full HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p in AVI format Microphone spy. Allows you to listen live everything that happens around 40 minutes of autonomy  

PV EG20CL Glasses spy 720p HD 128Gb LawMate

Tax included
PV-EG20CL Glasses spy 720p HD spy LawMate. New design. Record HD videos with a resolution of 1280 x 960p at 30 FPS. Excellent quality. Micro SD memory up to 128Gb. 60 minutes of autonomy

Sunglasses spy PV-EG20DL of LawMate

Tax included
Sunglasses spy PV EG20DL of LawMate. Allows you to record HD videos with 720p resolution. It has 60 minutes of autonomy. Ideal for security professionals.

Among the spy cameras more demanded by professionals and individuals, are spy glasses. Latest technology devices equipped with minicameras non-visible hidden cameras and hidden microphones to record the audio. 

We must not wait until we are faced with a delicate or dramatic situation so that one of our main concerns is security, be it our own or that of our immediate environment. 

On this occasion we are going to talk to you about an everyday and normal device such as glasses.

Whether they are sunglasses or not, they will not raise any suspicion. You can watch totally discreetly with our spy glasses.

Which are the best spy glasses?

We have the largest variety of hidden cameras and exclusive products that you won't find in any other store. Below, we show you the models best valued by our customers to make it easier for you to buy your spy glasses. 

LawMate PV-EG20DL Spy Sunglasses

Whether you are an individual or a professional if you need to engrave objects, faces or documents, we advise you to use these spy glasses.  The LawMate brand is famous for providing equipment to all types of safety professionals who need to provide evidence in legal proceedings . With these spy glasses you can record in high definition with a resolution of 720P. It has an included memory of 16Gb. 

Tactile spy goggles with remote control HI-03

These spy goggles can be activated in two ways: with the remote control or by sliding your finger on the right temple (touch function). They're totally discreet. You will have 150 minutes of autonomy thanks to its two removable batteries interchangeable. They record in high definition with a resolution of 1080p

Spy goggles with hidden camera FULL HD 1080P

These new spectacles have an amazing 5MP spy camera built into the inside. It has a rechargeable battery of 280 mAh that allows to record up to 60 minutes in continuous mode. These recordings are stored on a microSD card up to 32GB. 

WIFI spy glasses with real-time surveillance >

With these spy glasses not only will you be able to record everything that is put in front of you, but also you will be able to transmit the image in real time to your partner. They are ideal for teamwork. It has an internal memory of up to 128 Gb and an autonomy of more than two hours. It has a free APP compatible with IOS and Android. 

Why buy your spy glasses here?

We have spy glasses that you won't find in any other store. We are the official distributors of the main brands in the sector. You can buy your spy glasses at the best price without intermediaries. 

As official distributors we offer you a 2-year warranty and official technical support. If the product does not convince you, you will have 14 days to return it. Come to any of our physical stores to try it. You'll be amazed at how many spy products we have for you.

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