Edic-mini Daily S50 Clock autonomy with unlimited
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Edic-mini Daily S50 voice Recorder solar autonomy with unlimited

The watch Edic-mini Daily S50 is the first recorder solar with detection of sound series Edic mini. It incorporates a nucleus of solar that allows you to record while charging. Autonomy of up to 9 months

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Edic-mini Daily S50 voice Recorder solar autonomy with unlimited
Edic-mini Daily S50 voice Recorder solar autonomy with unlimited | Capacity : 300 Hours

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ATTENTION: to look out, as a brand belonging to HISPA IMPORTS DELUXE,SL , is the exclusive distributor for SPAIN of this voice recorder and all the products of the brand TS Market. Purchase directly, without intermediaries and with factory service. We do not offer warranty, technical support or consultancy for the devices with serial numbers that do not originate from the channel official. Be wary of companies, web sites or portals that you can't prove the official character of the brand.



Voice recorder Edic-mini Daily S50 has a stylish design and exclusive type watch. In the front of the watch is a cell, photovoltaic allows you to charge the internal battery while recording.


The internal battery of the recorder Edic-mini Daily S50 provides up to 50 hours in mode of continuous recording and up to 72 hours in mode of detection of sound (VAS). In the sleep mode can exceed 9 months. The memory size contains up to 300 hours of recording.


Since it is not necessary to adjust the parameters in the PC. The recording modes are already programmed in eight different profiles that can be renamed with ease with a friendly name (home, street, club). The settings such as screen brightness, clock type, etc, are also scheduled. All recordings can be heard through the headset.


The voice recorder connects to PCS via high-speed USB with the adapter SPI. In addition, the sampling rate has been improved up to 40 kHz.



Data sheet
TS Market
Voice activation
20 gr
42 x 32 x 11 mm
Rechargeable Battery
Storage capacity
300 hours
Built-in Flash memory
2 GB
Duration of the battery in sleep mode
up to 9 months
Audio recording format
Dynamic range
-80 dB
Duration of the battery mode detection sound
up to 3 days
Battery life in record mode continuous
More than 50 hours
Sampling frequency
4, 8, 13.3, 20
Frequency band
100 Hz to 10 kHz
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