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This Recorder and Microphone Canceller ensures the privacy of your conversations and protects you from all types of hidden microphones and voice recorders, both analog and digital. Don't let them record your conversation!

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Would you like to buy Druid D-06 spy microphone and recorder nullifier?

Introducing the Druid D-06 audio canceller. It incorporates the latest technology on the market. It cancels all types of voice recorders. Don't let your private conversations transcend into public life!

What devices does the Druid D-06 audio canceller prevent from recording:

  • All types of mobile phones in recorder function with Android operating system.
  • All types of mobile phones in recording function with IOS operating system.
  • Analog spy recorders
  • Digital voice recorders.
  • All types of microphones with internal storage system.

Where to buy the Druid D-06 voice recorder and spy microphone canceler?

You can buy the Druid D-06 voice recorder canceler directly on the website or in our physical store. www.espiamos.com is the official distributor of the brand in Spain and Portugal so you will always get the best price and an official guarantee for 2 years. Direct sale, without intermediaries.

This conversation protection system is the only device that makes any conversation completely reliable and private.

There are a multitude of listening and recording devices that cannot be detected with traditional methods:

  • Wired microphones
  • Passive Resonators
  • Miniature Audio Recorders
  • Radio frequency controlled microphones

Virtually all of these devices cannot be detected or inhibited by any existing device on the market.

Even today's mobile phones allow audio recording in an easy and efficient way, just like common audio recorders. This means that any mobile phone left on the table can be used to record a private conversation.

Considering the above points, it is very important to have a reliable device that assures you that all your conversations will be private, regardless of the level of confidentiality.

How does the Druid D-06 recorder canceller work?

The concept of this conversation protection system is based on the generation of audio interference produced at the same time a human being speaks. The volume of this interference is higher than the voice of a person, so no listening device or recorder will be able to capture or record the conversation.

The generated audio interference cannot be erased or removed by any noise cleaning method. At the same time, the interference produced does not cause any inconvenience to the participants of the conversation thanks to the special earphones it incorporates. The headset allows users to hear each other in high quality.

In the video tabyou can see two examples of how to use it.

Features of the Druid D-06 recorder canceller

  • Professional system for protection of hidden microphones, voice recorders (analog and digital), spy phones.
  • It has 6 output channels (1 channel for each person).
  • Several devices can be connected together to increase the number of channels.
  • Devices can be connected to each other in order to increase the number of channels: 2 devices - 12 channels, 3 devices to 18 channels, etc.
  • Protects against all known listening methods, including radio microphones, stethoscopes, voice recorders, passive resonators, wired microphones, etc.
  • Noise type:
    • Type of noise distortion reverberation (echo), in random sequence
  • Portable system
  • Supplied with protective case and 4 earphones
  • Absolutely harmless to your health: no reflection of microwaves or ultra sound noise
  • Compared to a white noise generator this device provides a much higher level of protection
  • Powered by an internal rechargeable battery can work up to 6 hours without power supply.
  • The system can be used in any situation, it is especially valuable when conducting very important negotiations in an unfamiliar environment.



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