Detector cameras spy professional
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Detector cameras spy professional WEGA-i

With this professional device you'll be able to locate all type of lenses and mini spy cameras hidden in everyday objects such as ties, printers, keys, light, watches, etc., even if they are turned off.


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Detector cameras spy professional WEGA-i
Detector cameras spy professional WEGA-i

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The operation is very simple but highly effective. The device radiates a powerful infrared beam that reflects into the lens of the camera. Looking through a special viewer, you will see a red dot. “That is the camera ocula”

The glass has an IR filter built in which prevents reflections of the natural surfaces and helps the operator to focus on finding the exact location of the spy camera.


Data sheet
140 x 34 x 16 mm
2 batteries type AA
for low battery
Detection distance
between 2 and 10 meters
Detects Hidden Cameras
IR filter
with rejection of natural reflexes

ESPIAMOS, as a brand belonging to HISPA IMPORTACIONES DELUXE, S.L. , is the official distributor for SPAIN of this device and all the products of the Digiscan Labs brand. Buy directly, without intermediaries and with factory service. We do not offer warranty, technical support or advice of the devices with serial numbers that do not come from the official channel. Be wary of companies, websites or portals that can not prove brand identity.


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