Delta X G2-12 Portable Sweeping System up to 12GHz
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Delta X G2-12 Portable Sweeping System up to 12GHz

Delta X G2-12 is the best TSCM Portable Scanning system that locates all kinds of devices 5G, 4G, WIFI, GPS such as wireless cameras, gps beacons and hidden microphones. High quality device made for professionals. 3 year warranty! Best price guaranteed! If you find it cheaper, we'll match it.


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Delta X G2-12 Portable Sweeping System up to 12GHz
Delta X G2-12 Portable Sweeping System up to 12GHz

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Would you like to buy the new Delta X G2-12 Sweeping System for TSCM work?

Introducing the Delta X G2-12 Portable Frequency Detector from Digiscan Labs. Now allows you to detect frequencies up to 12GHz.

The only device that has a specific working mode to locate beacons and high-tech GPS locators. This device has been manufactured so that security professionals can detect all kinds of hidden devices such as the latest technology 5G and 4G GPS locators as well as cameras and microphones that work at high frequencies. It has a range up to 50 times greater than conventional frequency detectors.

If you need to do a TSCM sweep and locate these devices, the Delta X G2-12 frequency detector will not let you down. Don't let them spy on you!


General Features of the Delta X G2-12 portable 5G, 4G, 3G, WIFI frequency detector

  • Quickly and reliably detects all types of RF eavesdropping devices, including analog, digital, constantly and intermittently existing, sending audio or video, with or without encryption.
  • Find hidden surveillance devices using digital standards GSM, 3G, 4G / LTE, 5G (<12GHz) Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DECT, etc.
  • Detects illegal transmission of information on AC, telephone, Ethernet, alarm and other cables, as well as in the infrared range with the help of the supplied multi-function probe.
  • It can work in instant detection mode, protection mode, location mode, and detection of GPS locators and beacons in cars.
  • It has 20 to 50 times greater sensitivity and detection distance compared to conventional RF detectors and near-field receivers.
  • Real-time spectrum analysis provides the ability to detect short burst signals such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile devices in just a few seconds.
  • Automatic antenna selection provides high sensitivity and detection distance in all frequency bands.
  • You can monitor the RF environment 24 hours a day with data logging.
  • Capable of detecting covert eavesdropping devices with an accumulation function and hidden transmitters within the spectrums of other signals.
  • Supports storage of an unlimited number of signals. Complete information is stored in the registry and can be reviewed during discovery or at a later time. Multiple registrations are supported.
  • Audio demodulation in FM, AM, USB, LSB, CW (adjustable BW 3…240 kHz).
  • The alarm relay output can activate external devices when a dangerous signal is detected (turning on a CCTV system, for example).
  • Powered from the USB of the laptop or tablet.


How does the 5G, 4G, 3G, WIFI frequency detector work Delta X G2-12 portable?

The Delta X G2 portable detector has different working modes including a specific mode to locate beacons and GPS locators:

  • Stop/View Log
    Review the detection results stored in the log. Signal table, spectrogram, waterfall, and alarm graph provide comprehensive information on detected signals and alarm events.
  • Mask update
    Fast detection preparation: the system automatically accumulates existing transmitting and other safe signals in the area to ignore them during subsequent detection
  • RF Sweep
    The main mode of detection. It provides the maximum reaction time and the highest sensitivity. The operator can move the system or its antenna during detection.
  • 24/7 Guard
    Rejection of short transmissions and the use of two antennas reduces false alarms in this mode. Suitable for 24 hour detection without unwanted false alarms
  • Car Tracker Detector
    Detection of vehicle-mounted GPS trackers that transmit coordinates via mobile networks
  • Probe check
    AC, Ethernet, telephone and alarm cables and infrared/low frequency for the presence of unwanted interference signals
  • Signal Analyzer
    Analysis, demodulation and physical location of detected signals
  • Settings
    Includes general settings and information about mobile networks and wireless bands in the area as well as the table of known signals


Why do I need to buy the Digiscan Labs Delta X G2-12 portable scanning system?

Many criminals and criminal organizations use GPS locators to place them on their victims and know their movements, such as jewelers and businessmen. It can also be used to ensure that a hidden wireless transmission device has not been installed in an office or conference room.

The Delta X G-12 sweeping system uses the best portable technology only available to the most demanding. If you want to make sure you don't have any encrypted gps beacon, camera or microphone in your car or office, you should use the Delta X G2-12.


What are the advantages of the Delta X G-12 scanning system compared to other 5G, 4G, 3G, WIFI or Bluetooth frequency detectors?


What it is: A portable system controlled by a laptop or tablet
  • High hard drive capacity allows full data logging during detection (24/7 possible)
  • Wider screen is more convenient for analysis
  • Compatible with touch screens
  • Magnetic mounts provide a reliable laptop/tablet connection to the unit, while side handles make it easy to transport the entire system
Management of mobile and wireless bands GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G / LTE, 5G (<6GHz), DECT, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.< /td>
  • Mobile and wireless signals are detected simultaneously with analog transmissions.
  • Mobile/wireless signals are detected using individual thresholds and displayed separately from other signals.
  • Activities within each band are stored as a signal with a certain level of danger to avoid excessive recording in the Signals table and locate sources with a hopping frequency.
  • Additional sweeps are performed on the "short burst" bands to increase the probability of interception of signals such as GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G (<6GHz), DECT, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.</li >
  • External interference from neighboring mobile phones and Wi-Fi routers can be rejected with the help of thresholds.
  • The supplied data files allow the operator to adjust the system to the mobile/wireless bands used in the country of use.
Sensitivity and detection distance
  • The built-in spectrum analyzer has 20 to 50 times greater sensitivity and detection distance compared to conventional RF detectors and near-field receivers.
  • Resistant to interference: Sensitivity remains high regardless of proximity to wireless routers, cordless phones, cell phones, TV towers, broadcast and mobile communications.
Support of the "Known signals" table
  • The operator can easily distinguish between safe and dangerous signals
  • TV frequencies used in the country of use can be quickly imported from the supplied data files.
  • FM police, VHF/UHF and municipal channels can be collected and stored for further information.
Advanced signal recognition method
  • Signals are automatically recognized in the spectrum traces and inserted or updated in the Signals table
  • Both analog and digital signals are captured with the assignment of a corresponding danger level.
Unique algorithm to measure the danger level of the signal
  • Uses a combination of the reference trace and individual thresholds for mobile/wireless bands
  • Takes both signal strength and bandwidth into consideration
  • Works for both signalsanalogue and digital, including transmissions with a changing frequency
  • Used during the locating procedure and provides more reliable results compared to the traditional "signal strength" method.
Low requirements regarding the level of knowledge of the operator.
  • The system can be prepared for detection with the help of the "Update Masks" procedure in a few minutes.
  • No need for manual delivery of spectrum traces.
  • Everything is done automatically after detection begins.
  • The operator is warned by an audio alarm when a dangerous signal is detected.
Data recording
  • All spectrum traces and alarms are logged during detection.
  • The situation at a given moment can be reviewed and studied.
  • 24-hour logging provides detection of remotely controlled or periodically operating jamming devices
Track signal activity
  • The complete history of each signal separately, or of all signals simultaneously, is displayed in the alarm graph.
  • Events at a given time can be reviewed simply by clicking on the graph
  • The operator can see the duration of an activity and, as such, distinguish between any interference and real danger.
Waterfall and persistence graphs
  • You can view both current and previous measurements at any given time
  • The displayed time interval (density) can be selected in the range of 2 minutes to 6 hours.
Car tracker detector mode
  • Mobile band monitoring can detect signals from GPS trackers hidden inside a vehicle.



Where to buy the Digiscan Labs Delta X G2 12 Portable GPS Beacon and Frequency Detector?

The Delta X G2-12 frequency detector can be purchased directly on the website or in our physical store. is the official distributor of the brand in Spain and Portugal, so you will always get the best price guarantee and a 3-year warranty. Direct sale, without intermediaries.



Delta X G2-12 Frequency Detector Features

  • Frequency range : 9kHz - 12GHz
  • Update rate : 3 GHz-4 GHz/sec.
  • Reaction time (How quickly a dangerous signal is detected): 3-4 seconds
  • Format : Handheld Unit
  • Antenna inputs : INPUT, AUX1, AUX2
  • Probe input : PROBE
  • Disk space occupied per 24 hours : < 24Gb
  • Unit dimensions (without antennas): 33.5x26x6 cm
  • Unit weight (without laptop/tablet): 3.4 kg
  • Spectrum resolution : 9.8 kHz
  • Temperature range : 0°C to +55°C
  • Laptop/Tablet requirements (not included in the standard supplied set):
    Intel Core i3 / AMD Ryzen 3 or higher (Intel Core i5 / AMD Ryzen 5 recommended)
    1 x USB 3.0/3.1/3.2 (or USB Type-C)
    1 x USB 2.0 (or USB Type-C)
    RAM 8 Gb or more
    SSD 128 Gb or more
    Windows 7, 8, 10 or newer
    Screen 12-14″
  • Displayed dynamic range : -90…-10 dBm
  • Spectrum ranges shown : 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 6000 MHz
  • Spectrum plots: spectrogram, waterfall
  • Spectrogram data displayed : Persistence, Live, Max, Threshold
  • Detector modes : wide range, signal, select
  • Updated Spectrum Range - RF Sweep, 24/7 Guard - Wideband Signal Analyzer - Visualized, Selected, Real-time Car Tracker Detector - Mobile Bands
  • Fields of the 'Signals' table : frequency, bandwidth, name, dbm level, maximum dbm level, danger level, maximum danger level
  • Fields of the 'Bands' table : Start, End, Name, Type, Threshold, Priority, Tracker detection
  • Fields of the 'Known Signals' table : Frequency, BW, Name, Modulation


Equipment Included

  • Main unit with integrated spectrum analyzer and RF switch
  • Case
  • Delta X software on a USB drive
  • ODA-4 - Broadband omnidirectional screw antenna with 20 cm cable
  • MWA-6 - microwave antenna with screw and 20 cm cable
  • LPDA-12 - microwave antenna
  • Multifunction probe with cables (high voltage cable, low voltage cable, 2m coaxial cable)
  • Inline Modular Adapter
  • Accessory Set (USB Type-C to USB Type-A Adapter - 2, Angled USB Adapter - 2, Magnetic Laptop/Tablet Stickers - 4)



ESPIAMOS, as a brand belonging to HISPA IMPORTACIONES DELUXE, S.L. , is the official distributor for SPAIN of this device and all the products of the Digiscan Labs brand. Buy directly, without intermediaries and with factory service. We do not offer warranty, technical support or advice of the devices with serial numbers that do not come from the official channel. Be wary of companies, websites or portals that can not prove brand identity.



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