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The bullying has become infamous in the last few years and it seems that everyday we can see cases of this type. Perhaps bullying has always existed, but is now when we are really aware of the severity. It is important to understand bullying and what to do in front of him to be able to act in the best possible way in the case of our children to be victims.

As is the case to prove the harassment in the workplace we advise that a fundamental part of your plan of action will be the gathering of evidence, and for what they can help you much cameras and recorders spy that we will see later.



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Bullying and academic performance

Detect that there is an ongoing case of bullying is not always easy. It is normal for children and teens to keep this problem to themselves, either out of embarrassment or even believe that they are guilty of what is happening.

But it is a serious situation which affects young people at all levels. In the next section we will see some of the symptoms that may alert us that something is happening, but one of the more obvious is the decline in school performance.

For no apparent reason, a boy or a girl who has always taken good notes begins to lower its performance significantly. Suspended subjects, we get notes from the teachers that they have not brought the homework done, etc

When a young person goes through a situation of this kind tends to reject both the college or institute, like everything that has to do with it, hence the lowering of academic performance.


How the bullying in school

Not all cases of harassment in the school are equal, but that we can find a series of features that are common to all of them.

Characteristics of the bullying or harassment to school

· There is a victim.

· There is a attacker or set of attackers.

· Physical aggression or verbal on the victim are recurrent.

· The problem goes unnoticed by adults.

· The witnesses of the attacks, they remain silent for fear of retaliation.

How to start the bullying in school

One of the biggest problems that we encounter when dealing with the problems of bullying is that often we act too late.

The problem begins with behaviors that many times we consider normal but in reality are not.

Bullying and discrimination in school are two sides of the same coin. That's why the first behaviors are intended to ridicule and isolate socially to the victim. Here we find behaviors such as putting nicknames, insulting, or give up the boy or the girl.

Once the victim has been socially isolated, the attacker can move on to conduct more serious as physical assaults.

How to deal with the bullying in school

As in the mobbing working it is important that we are aware of that address this problem we need to act at all. As parents, we must be especially vigilant to detect if our child is being a victim of this type of aggression or even if it is the aggressor.

Against bullying, struggling also at home. Teaching children that they must respect others we avoid becoming what we have always called bullies.

On the other hand, we must also help our children to develop their self-esteem and to learn to fend for themselves, this will reduce the risk that they can become victims.

The awareness about these problems in the school environment is also critical. The programs of bullying prevention with special emphasis on that are the children themselves who report the facts, even though they are only mere witnesses and not the victims.

In the end what is important is that the whole world is aware of that in case you detect a problem of this type needs to act to help the victim who suffers bullying, or bullying in school.

What to do in case of bullying

This is all summed up in one word: act. If we are aware of a case of abuse, we must report it immediately so that those responsible (usually the school) to take the relevant measures.

But beware, this is not always easy. There are cases in which between the victim and the aggressor, there is not a relationship of equality, but of superiority. This happens when it comes to bullying from teachers to students.

These cases are, if anything, still more serious. It is assumed that teachers are in charge of maintaining order in the classroom and to inculcate values to their students, but in recent times we have seen that some are not as professional as they should be.

Here the fear of the children to denounce, be they victims or witnesses, it is still higher for fear of retaliation against them or not believe them.

If a child denounces harassment by a professor, it is best to put the matter to the attention of the school and that this is the to take the necessary measures. The direct confrontation between parents and teachers is never a good idea.

Aggression unjustified bullying and school violence

When we talk about how to overcome bullying in school we always think of the victim, but we must not lose sight of the aggressor.

In the case of the bullies we encounter situations of violence totally unjustified towards their colleagues and the need to find the source of that behavior in order to treat him.

An abusive environment, a family core, unstructured, or something as simple (and as serious) as an absolute lack of tolerance for frustration, can lead to violent behavior and convert a child into an aggressor.

Types of school violence bullying

One of the factors that make it so complicated how to detect bullying in school is precisely that the same can be purchased in many forms. The most typical are the following:

· Physical violence: this is the most common, especially among boys. Consists of hitting, shoving and, in severe cases, ends in a genuine beating.

· Psychological violence: includes a large variety of actions which aim to undermine the self-esteem of the victim and isolate it. It can manifest in the form of insults, threats, blackmail, etc

· Sexual violence: this has a particularly serious bullying includes behaviors of stalking and even sexual abuse. A variant is the bullying homophobic, when the victim becomes such because of their sexual orientation.

· Social violence: they are acts that lead to the total isolation of the victim from the rest of peers. For example no one wants to collaborate with her in team work.

· Bullying cyber: to him we will refer later in more detail.

What are the consequences of bullying in school

This serious problem involves consequences for all involved.

Consequences for the victim

· School failure because of the appearance of problems of lack of concentration and even by the loss of classes.

· Episodes and generalized anxiety.

· Self-esteem issues.

· Appearance of depressive.

· Suicide attempt.

If the effects of bullying on the victim are not treated properly, we can find that the same be perpetuated over time and will come to affect even in their adult life.

Consequences for the aggressor

· Failure at school.

· Reinforcement of aggressive behaviour as a reaction.

If a bully school is not adequately addressed we may find ourselves before a person who would be violent during the whole of his life. In the case of the boys, this profile can end up becoming an abuser.

Consequences for the rest of the students

· Malaise generalized by the bad atmosphere in the class.

· Poor learning in front of the answer that you must give in to unfair proceedings.

· Incorrect assessment of the violence as something that can provide status in the social group.

Consequences of a complaint for bullying

Once lodged the complaint the victim is not alone, it sets in motion an entire network designed to protect it.

It is normal that your school select the protocol to anti-bullying. This implies new awareness of the pupils, and separation of the victim and his aggressor.

It is usual for the bully to be expelled during a season, and then avoid that match in the same class.

In the most serious cases, if you choose to file a complaint with the Police and bring the case to court, the offender could end up in a juvenile facility if your violent behaviour has been of particular gravity.

For their part, the parents of the aggressor will be responsible for paying the compensation to the victim in the case is established by a judgment which has the obligation of paying the liability.

If it is detected that the aggressiveness of the child can be related to a bad family environment, it can also take measures as to suspend the parental authority of the parents.



Tips to avoid bullying in school

Training and education of children are the only ways to avoid this type of situations occur. But as adults we can not limit ourselves only to this, we must exercise a work of active surveillance to make sure that our children are neither victims nor aggressors.

Education of values, raising children with high self-esteem and able to overcome the frustration is the key to keeping the children away from this problem.

Get evidence to prove the bullying or harassment to school

One of the biggest problems we face when our child is being the victim of bullying is to obtain evidence. We can make the complaint without them, but it will be more complicated than we believe and appropriate measures are taken.

For this reason, it is important to look for means to obtain evidence. In this sense, the cameras and recorders spy can be of great utility.

Why buy a recorder to show the bullying?

In many cases, a voice recorder may be the only way to prove that our son or daughter is the victim of bullying or bullying. You may not want to talk because they are intimidated, or even because they see it as something normal.

There are recorders for all kinds of situations. We can inform the boy or girl so that you know that the leads and the active at the appropriate time. But we can also use a that is activated with the voice, without noticing his presence.

The top 5 voice recorders spy from 2019 to prove the bullying

Because there are many burners available on the market and can be difficult to choose the most appropriate, we have prepared a list with the best voice recorders for demonstrate bullying or harassment in school by the year 2019 to make it simple the process of choice.

1 – Mini voice recorder spy-type suspension for bullying

With the mini recorder hidden in a pendant you'll have at your fingertips a tape recorder, very discreet and with a very small size, ideal to go unnoticed.

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Advantages of the mini recorder spy

Only measures 5 cm long and weighs very little. Any child can wear around your neck without discomfort, and without attracting attention. It loads in less than an hour and can work non-stop for 30 hours. You can listen to the audio files directly with earphone or downloading the audio to a computer.

Disadvantages of the collar recorder spy

Not have a slot to insert additional memory cards. You have to make do with 8GB of internal storage, and download the audios often. If you place it under clothes, you lose audio quality, so make it thin clothes.

You are interested in this recorder if you want a good audio quality because to be hung from the neck of the child may record the evidence of the bullying with sharpness.

Mini voice recorder hidden in a pendant

2 – Recorder spy-type key chain to prove the bullying

To examine this recorder spy keychain we have found a very good option to record in a totally discreet way and without arousing suspicion.

Advantages of the recorder audio spy

This recorder is very similar to the one we analyzed before, because it has a very small size. But this time it will camouflaged on a keychain that your child can carry it in your backpack, in clothing or in the case that you use in the school. You can store up to 96 hours of audio and also works for sound detection.

Drawbacks of the recorder hidden spy

Only recorded at a distance of 5 meters, so you'll have to make sure that you are close to the conversation that you want to record.

This is your tape recorder if you can use it close to the conversation as, for example, on top of the table.

Recorder spy keychain

3 – Recorder spy USB 128Gb to test the bullying

This recorder hidden in USB , yes we can camouflage to the naked eye without any suspicion. Now children use computers in class and that is very normal to carry a USB flash memory. The best thing is that it works as a real memory for storing files, in addition to recording conversations.

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Advantages of the recorder USB spy

It is so small that it fits inside of a USB memory stick and has a quality of audio very good. It has a capacity for up to 14,000 hours of audio , and you can use SD cards of up to 200GB. You can record from a functional to distances of up to 10 metres, but the quality will be better if you are closer.

Disadvantages voice recorder USB spy

Your autonomy is only 6 hours in continuous mode. As the memory that is included is 8BG of storage, we recommend you to buy a microSD card to expand it.

You are interested in if your child needs to bring a USB to school or if you need to camouflage the recorder so that no one suspects.

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4 – Recorder spy world's smallest Edic Mini A77

If you are looking for the most discretion possible, you have to take a look at the recorder spy smallest in the world that we sell in our online shop as unique distributors in Spain.

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Advantages of the recorder spy long duration

Undoubtedly its main advantage is its small size and light weight. Has a microphone of high gain that you can adjust the quality and recording time. Has many features simplified as, for example, timer activation, password protection, recording in cyclic mode, etc

Disadvantages of the mini recorder spy

This recorder spy is so comprehensive that it is difficult to find drawbacks. If we were to put one is that its price is not as affordable as other recorders, but it is logical because that is one of the best mini recordersmanufactured by the company, TS-Market

You are interested in if you need to make recordings with a lot of quality in super tiny size.

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5 – Recorder spy soroka 14E camouflaged in children's backpack

Possibly the best recorder to prove the bullying. This mini recorder hidden in a backpack is ideal for the child to take the class without worrying about where to place the recorder. It is a custom product and made to measure only for customers Espiamos.com

Advantages of the recorder spy professional

Has a very small size and two microphones, one internal and the other external. In continuous mode records up to 133 hours in a row without interruption, and stores 160 hours of conversations in audio.

Drawbacks of the digital recorder spy

Has a led indicator so you can hide the recorder manually, or ask us for our special product added to a backpack.

You are interested in if you do not want your child to know that you bring a tape recorder or if you don't want to teach him to use it.

Mini recorder hidden in a backpack

Where to buy the best voice recorder to show the harassment or bullying?

Having a child victim of this problem is something that affects the lives of the entire family. Thinks that you are trying to find a means with which to obtain the best evidence possible to be able to demonstrate that other children or even a teacher they are being bullied your child, casándole serious damage to the psychological level and even physical.

You can't afford to make an investment and that at the time of the truth the tape recorder did not work properly. The more evenings to get the tests more time will have to go your son or daughter to endure the harassment, so you need a means of recording quality.

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In look out we are product specialists in espionage and we are fully conscious in front of the bullying in school. We want to help parents in whatever way necessary so that their children no longer suffer. For this reason, we put at your disposal equipment of the highest quality, so that you get the tests you need as soon as possible.


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Plan for the prevention of bullying

The problem of bullying has become so severe in recent years that the institutions have taken steps to prevent it and to act in case that happens.

The measure most commonly used is the plan for the prevention of bullying. It is a planning or a guide to action that follows a college or an institute both to prevent harassment as to act in the event that it occurs.

According to the guidelines of the Spanish Association for the Prevention of Bullying (AEPAE), a good plan of this type should include:

· Awareness-raising measures for students and teachers.

· Prevention measures among equals.

· Training to the parents and the staff of the center to detect possible cases of abuse.

· Measures of protection for the victim.

· Measures of attention to the victims and the bullies.

Why is it important to prevent bullying?

We have seen that bullying has significant negative consequences on all those who directly or indirectly are involved in the same. This alone is already reason enough to act against this scourge.

In addition, do not forget that if action is not taken we may find in the future with adults aggressive (the attackers) and with adults who are not able to deal with the problems of the day-to-day (the victims).

Activities to prevent bullying in preschool

It is never too early to start educating children on the prevention of harassment. The first years of school are essential for establishing in the minds of the young that we are all equal and we must respect each other, as well as notify an adult if a problem is detected.

In such young children these skills can be transmitted in a more dynamic way through games in which they assume different roles, or even songs.

Activities to prevent bullying

When we meet with older children or even teenagers, we can deal with the problem in all its magnitude. In these cases it is better not to sin than to be too much ?soft? and clearly explain to the children what consequences can have this type of acts.

The measures can range from the more formal to the more dynamic:

· Informative talks by teachers and specialists.

· Informative talks by the Police.

· Prevention courses.

· Self-defense classes.

· Classes of corporal expression.

Group dynamics to work the bullying

The group dynamics have proved to be very positive in these cases. Allow students to approach the problem in a more direct and be more aware of what the victim suffers.

In fact, a dynamic of this kind is a good measurement for children and young people to become aware of whether they are victims, if they have witnessed the harassment of a colleague or if you are on the side of the aggressor.

Other blogs on bullying

Today there are some very good ways in which you can get information about the bullying if you want to continue reading on this topic. We recommend the following:

· Blog AEPAE.

· acosoescolar.com/blog

· bullyingsos.com/blog


Cyberbullying and bullying, not all of it is in the classroom

The analysis of the different types of bullying that exist, before we have mentioned the cyber-bullying, which is becoming popular due to the easy access of minors to the new technologies without any control by their parents.

Cyberbullying tends to be a continuation of the harassment suffered by the victim in the school. In this case it is practiced through digital means.

It can consist of publications that damage the self-esteem of the victim (rumors, memes with his picture, broadcasting videos in which you see an assault, etc) But also includes the sending of threats or insults via of apps of instant messaging (WhatsApp and similar) or e-mail.

In these cases it is advisable to collect all possible evidence using screenshots and then block the offenders, informing them also of the situation to the medium itself that is causing the bullying if it is a social network.

Reflection on the bullying at school or bullying

There is not a particular cause that gives rise to the bullying, nor is there a single profile of a victim or aggressor. It is a problem in which many factors come into play and that affects your time to many people.

For this reason, we can't afford to look the other way. As adults, we should be the pillar on which the children are supported to fight all together against this scourge and prevent anyone to have to go through this type of situations.