Spy camera Zetta How it is configured?

In this article we will show you how to set up any spy camera series Zetta of a simple and easy way.

Spy camera 32Z

Spy camera 32Z with flexible lens

Spy camera 16Z

Spy camera 15Z

Spy camera 15z with flexible lens

How do I set up a spy camera Zetta?

Step 1. The memory card is formatted in FAT32

The first thing that you must keep in mind is that if you use a memory card higher to 32Gb you must format it in FAT32 by following the instructions in this other article.

Forget this step if the card we bought to us already that you have sent formatted ????

Step 2. Download the configuration file

To download and install on the PC with the configuration software

Download configuration file for Windows

Download configuration file for MAC

Step 3. Start configuration process

We introduce the memory card formatted in FAT32 in the spy camera

Place the selector switch of the camera to the right (sprocket)

Connects the camera to the PC using the USB cable

Set the desired parameters following the indications of the instruction manual

Instruction Manual spy cameras Z series