How to find a GPS locator hidden in a car?

We teach you how and where to look to find a GPS locator hidden in a car using the detectors of frequency.

Before you continue reading this post I recommend you to read our article “How to detect a GPS locator?” where we will explain to you what it is, how it works and how to detect a GPS locator spy on a car.

It is noteworthy that here only teach you how to find the GPS locators of transmission bursts is hidden in a vehicle and not the cameras, tape recorders or microphones spy since the procedure and media to use would be other.

How to find a GPS locator hidden in a car?

In this article we will teach you how to make an electronic scanning with a variety of media so that you can find a GPS locator hidden. However, remember that you can always hire the services of a private detective truly credited for that will issue a certificate of "cleaning". In look out we work with several shipments. Please contact us and we will recommend one based on your residence.

But before starting the procedure you must understand some basic concepts.

What differences exist between an active device or passive?

An electronic device asset is a computer that transmits a signal constantly as a spy camera WIFI; or bursts, from time to time, as may be a GPS locator.

An electronic device passive does not transmit any signal but receives it.

To detect an electronic device assets, you must use a detector or scanner frequency and to detect a passive device must be used on detector boards, non-linear, also called detectors NLJD.

A detector is not linear itself would be able to detect an electronic device is active but a frequency scanner could not detect a passive device.

What is a GPS locator or tracker?

A GPS locator could say that it is a transmission device to bursts that has a module GPS receiver and a transmitter module GSM/GPRS, and that serves to know the exact position, via satellite, of an active.

The transmission burst means that sends data periodically in a given interval of time. Typically, this will be between 10 and 60 seconds.

Now that you already know that a GPS locator is a device of transmission bursts and that you need to employ a detector of frequencies to find it, I teach you to find it!

Where to find a GPS locator hidden in a car?

Visual Search

The first quest you have to do must be the visual. You should look for any foreign object that is connected or attached to in more sensitive locations such as:

Here you can see several examples of what we can find:

localizador gps oculto en conector OBDA GPS locator connected to the OBD system

Localizador GPS oculto en caja de fusiblesA GPS locator hidden in fuse box

Tracker escondido en el motorGPS tracker hidden in the engine

Tracker escondido en el interior del salpicaderoGPS hidden on the inside of the dashboard

Rastreador GPS imantado en los bajos de un cocheGPS magnet hidden in the bass of a car

GPS espía oculto en un objeto cotidiano A GPS locator hidden in an everyday object

Electronic search

As we recommend in the post “How to detect a GPS locator?” the best equipment in order to perform this search are the iProtect 1207 with the external antenna and the detector frequencies digital. Here we have used the detector frequency digital due to the simplicity and speed with which locates all kinds of GPS.

You must keep in mind that most of the GPS locators are configured to transmit when they detect movement and fall asleep when they are at rest, thus achieving greater autonomy. This is important to make a successful electronic search, because if the GPS does not transmit, could not be reached.

We teach 3 different methods to find a gps locator hidden:

Method 1 Using only the detector frequency.

Inside of the Vehicle
  • Go to a place that is as isolated as possible from frequencies as may be the rest area of a motorway.
  • Put your phone in airplane mode.
  • Select the mode "Cellphone", adjusts the sensitivity of the detector frequency digital to the minimum and selects the audible mode.
  • Searches for all objects that are in the trunk, glove compartment or side and put them in a box or suitcase.
  • Turn the detector frequency digital and let it work for 5 minutes. See if it detects the GSM frequency and continuously repeated in a time interval, for example every 30 seconds.
  • Place the detector of the frequencies in the dashboard and moves the car for a few miles looking at the scanner frequency.
  • You return to the area break or place without interference, which you have chosen to start the search slowly on the outside of the vehicle.

In this video, we show you how a GPS tracking device that is hidden in the car sends the positions approximately every 10 seconds and how easy it is to detect the signal with the detector frequency digital. When mark 900MHz is that is sending the GPS position. It is important to perform this search with the car in motion to "wake up" the GPS that could be configured to not send positions if the vehicle is stationary.

Every 10 seconds, sends the position.
Look at the seconds of the video: 22" / 32" / 42" / 52" / 1:02" / 1:12" / 1:25"/ 1:35" / 1:45" /

Outside of the vehicle
  • The searches will be divided into 4 parts: front, rear, left side and right side taking into account that there are 3 levels: upper, middle and lower.
  • In each part you must be at least 3 minutes and, between part and part, you must move the car to “wake up” to the possible GPS locator asleep. Example: move the car a few miles and check front. Move the car other miles and check the rear as well to complete all the parts.
  • Performs the same process with the objects you got in the box or suitcase in point 3.

Method 2 using an inhibitor of frequencies

Note: The use of inhibitors of frequencies is completely restricted in Europe, and the penalties for selling or exporting these products range from 500,000€ to 20 million euros. This procedure is only suitable for readers from countries outside of the European Union.

Using an inhibitor of frequencies it is intended to force the loss of GSM signal locator GPS to detect when power is restored.

The GPS locator when not has the GSM signal you're trying to connect to the network continuously until you get and it is precisely there where we can detect.

Here you can see an example using a mobile phone. Each time you remove the airplane mode it connects to the GSM network /3G /4G getting to your location.

Steps to find a GPS tracking device hidden with an inhibitor
  1. Go to a rest area and put your mobile phone only work with 2G and 3G networks (not 4G).
  2. Turns on the inhibitor of frequencies and notice that your mobile phone has lost the signal.
  3. Put your phone in airplane mode.
  4. Turn off the inhibitor of frequencies.
  5. If during the first few seconds the scanner will detect any frequency GSM or 3G means that you have a GPS locator.

Alternative method the inhibitor of frequencies

You can make the process of the inhibitor going to places without GSM coverage such as tunnels or parking garages of shopping malls.

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