Coffee cup spy WIFI 1080p PV-CC10W of LawMate
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Coffee cup spy WIFI 1080p PV-CC10W of LawMate

Coffee cup spy PV-CC10W of LawMate. New spy camera hidden in a coffee cup. You can record videos in High Definition while you drink coffee! Camouflage perfect. Ideal for use in offices, offices, bars or restaurants.


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Coffee cup spy WIFI 1080p PV-CC10W of LawMate
Coffee cup spy WIFI 1080p PV-CC10W of LawMate

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Do you need to burn files to quality to provide as evidence in a judicial process?

The digital recorders from the brand LawMate are the ones that employ the most professionals. Using equipment of the brand LawMate gives you a extreme quality that no other equipment will provide. With the PV-10W you'll be able to view the images in real time from any mobile phone. What surprised? Continue reading


Main features of the glass spy PV-CC10W:

  • Functional and discreet. You can drink coffee while you're making recordings covertly
  • WIFI function. Transmits the image in real time to a mobile phone Android or IOS
  • Record by motion detection or continuously in MOV format
  • High resolution - 1080p at 30FPS
  • Video compression H. 264
  • Function on-write
  • Taking pictures in formtato JPG
  • Storage through micro SD card up to 128Gb



How can I set up spy camera PV-CC10W?

The configuration of the glass spy is very easy. Allows to choose between different resolutions (including Full HD) at 30 FPS. You can make videos on:

  • Full HD 1920 x 1080
  • HD 1280 x 720
  • VGA 640 x 480


The configuration is done through your mobile phone via WIFI. From here you will be able to:

  • Download the recorded files to your mobile phone
  • Enable / Disable date and time stamp on the recordings
  • Set the time
  • Enable / Disable the built-in microphone
  • Adjust the image resolution: 1080p / 720p / WVGA
  • Turn on / Off the visibility of the WIFI network
  • To change the password
  • To format the microSD card
  • See the space used / free
  • To update the firmware
  • Load the default configuration


In the detection mode of motion , you can adjust:

  • Detection sensitivity: High / Middle / Low
  • Recording time: 1 min / 3 min / 5 min
  • Turn on / Off the cyclic recording




All the videos are stored on a card microSD of up to 128Gb. When recording in Full HD at 30FPS we recommend that you use cards larger than 64Gb.


High Autonomy

The PV-CC10W incorporates a 1400mAh battery that allows up to 210 minutes of recording. Here you'll be able to see the autonomy in function of the quality and activation of the WIFI

  • 1080P continuous Recording 180min (WIFI OFF)
  • 1080P continuous Recording 165min (WIFI ON)
  • 720P continuous Recording 195min (WIFI OFF)
  • 720P continuous Recording 180min (WIFI ON)
  • WVGA continuous Recording 210min (WIFI OFF)
  • WVGA continuous Recording 195min (WIFI ON)




Why buy here the coffee cup spy PV-CC10W?

To be the official distributors of the brand LawMate all products are received direct from the factory. You can buy the glass spy PV-CC10W without intermediaries or franchise. Offers a real guarantee of 2 years and official support from the brand LawMate.



Technical specifications:

  • Recording mode: Manual / motion Detection
  • Resolutions to choose from: 1080p / 720p / WVGA
  • Memory type: Micro SD up to 128Gb
  • FPS: 30FPS @ 1080p / 720p / WVGA
  • PC interface USB 2.0
  • Format Date / time: YYYY / MM / DD, HH:MM:SS
  • Video format: AVI, MPEG
  • Battery type: DC 3.7 V 1400 mAh
  • Power supply: DC 5V
  • Load time: 240 minutes
  • Maximum autonomy: 210 minutes WIFI OFF
  • Dimensions: 93 x 93 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 88gr



The package contains

  • 3 x Glass coffee
  • 1 x spy Camera hidden in the lid
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x memory Card 8Gb
Data sheet


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