Clock Spy WIFI IR 1080p night vision 160º 3MP
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Clock Spy WIFI IR 1080p night vision 160º 3MP

New mini spy camera in desk clock with image sensor 3 megapixel, night vision and two-way audio. You'll be able to see the images in real time from your mobile phone.



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Clock Spy WIFI IR 1080p night vision 160º 3MP
Clock Spy WIFI IR 1080p night vision 160º 3MP

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Do you want to know all the functions before you buy this spy watch?


The security within your home as well as in your office or office is something simple to achieve with the right equipment, and this is what gives you the Mini camera hidden in desktop clock.


This updated device offers a finish with the theft, inappropriate behavior, intruders, or deception. You'll be able to view everything that happens during your absence, in real-time from your mobile device, for your security and peace of mind.



What can you do with the desk clock spy?

With this desk clock spy you will be able to listen and visualize the images in real time from your mobile phone. Ideal for placement in rooms, especially if the care of your child or the elderly is under third party, you'll be able to discover, theft of property, jewelry, discover infidelities, etc


You can also place it in the office and monitor that the work is performed in a manner appropriate and respectful in your absence.



What are the functions of the desktop clock with mini spy camera?



    • With this modern desk clock spy allows you to record images in high definition of 1920 x 1080p and display them in real time thanks to the connection by WIFI wireless network.
    • Record by motion detection, or continuous mode, using an alert to your mobile phone alerting you in real time when it occurs that detection of movement. In addition, you can select where you want to store those images, if on the phone itself or on the micro SD card clock for desktop spy.
    • The infrared leds are not visible will provide to the device the function of night vision, to record in places even without lighting.
    • The duration of the battery allows you to keep continuous recording for up to 4 hours.



How does the desk clock with spy camera?


Its operation is very simple, from your mobile phone download the free app. Once downloaded, you add the camera, make a click when it appears and you'll be able to instantly visualize the audio and images captured by the lens of the clock of desktop, spy in real-time. There you'll be able to use the functions offered by the application such as reproduction, take a picture record and talk.




Right now you can discover the sense of security and protection that gives you this spy camera in desk clock by testing it directly in our stores!



Main features of the mini camera hidden in desktop clock:



  • It has an image sensor 3.0 megapixel HD
  • Offers video compression H. 264
  • With sensors that provide night vision, in a distance range of 3 meters
  • Viewing angle 160º
  • You will be able to speak and listen through the camera because it offers two-way audio
  • 2 recording Modes to your choice, you may be using motion detection and manual
  • Supports memory storage SD card local up to 128Gb
  • Allows remote playback in real time, and via reader SD
  • Alarm video detection VMD
  • Connection by using wireless network WIFI 802.11 b/g/n
  • Compatible with operating system IOS and Android
  • Power AC110-240V
  • The battery gives up to 4 hours of continuous recording.





Data sheet
Angle of view
One hundred sixty
Motion detection recording
2.1 mm
Memory up to
Micro SD up to 128GB ( Not included )
Night Vision
Battery life in record mode continuous
Approximately 2 hours
Compression H. 264
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