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Do you need to buy a spy camera button?

The button spy is a device very easy to use. Press and record. We stock the largest variety of buttons spies. Exclusive products you won't find in any store spy. Directly from factory, without intermediaries. We are specialists in hidden cameras.

Camera button CM BU-18 LawMate

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CM-BU18 of LawMate. Mini camera button low lumininosidad with CMOS lens, 480 TVL.

CM BU20 LawMate Low Light Hidden Button Camera 0.015 LUX

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CM BU20U. LawMate's new very low light (0.015 lux) analog camera with built-in microphone compatible with the PV-500ECO2 and PV-1000EVO3 DVRs. It has a resolution of 520TVL and an angle of 66º.

BU18 Neo Mini hidden camera button 2MP low-light

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BU18 Neo. New mini camera button from LawMate. It has a CMOS lens 2MP and requires very low-light (0.03 lux). Recorded with a 1080p resolution. The microphone is integrated in the camera itself.

BU19 Micro camera spy button 700TVL low light LawMate

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New mini camera button spy of LawMate professional use . It has a CCD lens 700 TVL that requires very low light (0.005 lux). You'll be able to record clearly in garages, bedrooms, or offices even though they have the light turned off. Ideal for covert surveillance.

Mini spy camera from LawMate WIFI IP Full HD 1080p h264 PV-DY20i

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New spy camera laptop 3MP WIFI IP PV-DY10i of LawMate. Allows you to view the image in real time from any mobile phone and from any place. Record in different resolutions including Full HD H264 at 30 FPS . Has depending on writing. Ideal for customizations.

Button Camera

If you don't want to miss out on everything that's going on around you or be able to record any kind of situation completely discreetly without attracting people's attention, a button camera is your best solution. 

People act differently when they know they are being recorded, so that they can appear completely natural, a button camera is the best tool to record , without them noticing.

The best button camera in 2020

If you want to buy a button camera, you might be interested in having the best and for that, LawMate's button spy camera CMD-BU20LX 1200 TVL is considered possibly the best camera of this year.

This is a high quality camera that has 1200 TV lines and records everything thanks to its 2 megapixel sensor. With this sensor, it achieves a resolution of full hd, 1920x1080 and works perfectly in situations where brightness is low. Supports PV-1000 DVR with 1 Tb memory.

The technology is another strong point of this camera because it has the WDR system that allows it to automatically regulate contrasts and over exposures to improve the quality of the recording.

Cheap spy button

Despite their small size and technology, a spy camera doesn't have to be expensive and good. Proof of this is this Mini Spy Camera Full HD 1080P which also has night vision.

This is the only button spy camera that has 6 infrared leds so you can record in total darkness. The operation of this camera is quite simple. Simply insert a micro SD card, connect the camera to a power source such as a portable battery or a car cigarette lighter and turn on the camera to start recording.

Professional button camera

If what you are looking for is a professional spy camera that can protect your business, the PV-KJB2 button camera With Wifi, is one of the best options on the market.

This spy button sized camera allows you to view the image recording in real time from any mobile phone you want to connect thanks to the integrated Wifi technology.

In addition to these connections, is presented with a PIR sensor with which we can record by motion detection.

On the other hand, we can customize our recording as we want, recording at various resolutions and with the possibility of having up to a year of autonomy .

cámara de botón profesional

Why buy your button camera here?

We are experts in working with button spy cameras. In this way, we can offer you not only the best products, but also a sincere advice so that you can find from all the models that we have the one that can be more interesting for you, both for your day to day, as for your business. Discover the full potential of a spy button camera in the best spy shop. 

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