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JJN Digital is one of the UK's leading manufacturers specialising in Professional Counter Intelligence equipment. Its reputation is synonymous with innovative design, exceptional functionality and reliability. JJN Digital products, manufactured in the UK to the highest specification, are used by counter-espionage professionals worldwide, from governments to professional sweep teams. With a wide range of products, JJN Digital continues to adapt to rapidly changing technology and provides solutions for detecting everything from conventional wireless listening devices to the latest Wi-Fi/Bluetooth based devices.

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5G 14GHz 5G Satellite Tracking Detector

The Satellite Tracking Detector with memory function easily locates all types of wireless transmitting devices, mainly GPS locators. Detects frequencies up to 14 GHz. Very easy to use.

5G 12GHz 5G Radio Frequency Detector

The 5G 12GHz radio frequency detector with memory function easily locates all kinds of wireless transmitting devices. Very easy to use.

Professional Portable 5G GPS Detector

The 5G gps detector is the latest addition of portable detectors designed mainly for TSCM professionals. With this device you can easily locate all kinds of hidden transmitters such as GPS locators, beacons, cameras, microphones... Try it! You will be surprised.

Professional Radio Frequency Detector 5G 8GHz

With the 5G radio frequency detector you will easily locate all types of wireless transmission devices up to 8 GHz and at a distance of 10 meters. Very easy to use. Ideal for detecting 5G GPS locators and earpieces.

NLJD Non-Linear Detector

With the NLJD portable non-linear detector you will be able to detect all kinds of GPS locators, spy cameras and microphones even when they are turned off. Totally portable! Try it at ESPIAMOS.COM

Portable Spectrum Analyzer up to 13GHz

Get the best portable spectrum analyzer on the market! Discover all kinds of wireless transmission devices such as 5G GPS locators, cameras or microphones!

Portable 5G Digital Frequency Detector

5G Digital Frequency Detector Locate hidden devices with a range of up to 50 meters! GPS locators, WIFI microphones and all kinds of spy items working on 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G!

Understanding JJN Digital and its Counterespionage Technology Specialisation

JJN Electronics Limited, now better known as JJN Digital, is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of professional counter surveillance equipment. The company has proven to be a pioneer in the field of counter-surveillance, developing technology that has become industry standard, helping professionals around the world to protect themselves from threats to their privacy and security.


JJN Digital: A Pioneer in Counterespionage Technology

JJN Electronics was founded in 1996 and quickly developed a reputation for producing specialised electronic surveillance equipment. Over time, the company has become a pioneer in the development of ultra-miniature GSM audio devices without transmission range limitations. JJN Digital's products are known for their high quality, reliability and superior performance.


Why Professionals Choose JJN Digital Products in Irland

JJN Digital products are chosen by security professionals, governments, police, prisons and businesses because of their high specification, reliability and ease of use. Designed and manufactured in the UK, these products are widely used throughout the world, including Spain, for their quality and effectiveness in detecting security threats.

JJN Digital's Product Range: Adapting to Technological Changes

With advances in technology, security threats are also constantly evolving. JJN Digital has demonstrated its ability to adapt to these changes, developing products that can detect and counter the latest forms of surveillance devices, from conventional VHF/UHF listening devices to GPS tracking devices and the latest ultra-fast 5G cellular network.

JJN Digital's Commitment to Quality and Customer Service

JJN Digital prides itself on its commitment to product quality and customer service. Every JJN Digital product is manufactured in the UK using the highest quality components and following the most rigorous manufacturing processes to ensure the effectiveness and durability of the products.

Manufacturing JJN Digital Products: Quality at Every Step

From product concept design and styling to circuit design and layout, every step of JJN Digital's manufacturing process is focused on quality. All assembled circuits are fully tested and calibrated prior to final assembly to ensure that each product meets the highest specifications.

The JJN Digital Warranty: Reliability Assured

Every JJN Digital product comes with a 24-month warranty against manufacturing defects. This assures customers that they can rely on the reliability of JJN Digital products and that they will be supported in the event of any problems.

JJN Digital: Respecting Legality and Ethics

JJN Digital values legality and ethics in all its operations. As a result, the company strives to ensure that all its products and operations comply with relevant laws and regulations. In addition, JJN Digital promotes the responsible use of its counter-espionage technology among its users and customers.


Responsible Use of Counterespionage Technology

The JJN Digital team is designed to protect the privacy and security of its users. However, the company insists on the responsible use of its products, ensuring that customers use technology in an ethical and legal manner.


JJN Digital: Compliance with International Regulations

JJJN Digital is committed to complying with all relevant international regulations. This includes manufacturing its products in accordance with the highest safety and quality standards, and ensuring that its products are in compliance with international regulations and standards.

Ensuring Privacy and Security with JJN Digital

Security and privacy are top priorities for JJN Digital. Its range of counter-espionage products is designed to help ensure the security of its users and protect their private and confidential information against eavesdropping and intrusion.

Where to Buy JJN Digital Products in Spain?

Espiamos is the leading distributor of JJN Digital products in Spain. We provide a wide range of high quality and reliable counter-surveillance equipment that is used by professionals throughout the country.

Espiamos: Your Trusted Shop for JJN Digital Products Spain

At Espiamos, we offer JJJN Digital products in Spain that are reliable and of high quality. Our expert team is always available to advise and assist our customers in selecting the products that best suit their needs.

Warranty and After Sales Support when Purchasing JJN Digital from Espiamos

With Espiamos, you can always be sure that you will receive the best after-sales service and support. We offer a warranty on all of our JJN Digital products, as well as ongoing support to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your investment.

Espiamos Guarantees You the Best Price on JJN Digital Products in the UK

In addition to offering high quality products, we at Espiamos pride ourselves on offering the best prices on JJN Digital products in Spain. We are committed to matching or undercutting any competitor's price, ensuring you always get the best value for your money.

Why Buy your JJN Digital Spain Products from Espiamos?

At Espiamos, we offer a complete range of JJN Digital products. We are committed to providing you with the best shopping experience, from product selection to after-sales support.

Variety of Options & Personalised Advice

We offer a wide range of JJN Digital products to meet all your security needs. In addition, our team of experts are on hand to offer you personalised advice and help you choose the product that best suits your requirements.


Advantages of buying from Espiamos: Free, Urgent and Discreet Shipping

Shopping at Espiamos comes with many advantages, such as free shipping, fast and discreet. We strive to process and ship your order within 24 hours, and we ensure that the package arrives discreetly for your privacy.

Technical and After-Sales Support at Espiamos

At Espiamos, we believe in providing a complete service to our customers. This includes technical assistance and after sales support to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If you have any questions or need assistance with your JJN Digital product, our team is always ready to help.

Take the Plunge and Invest in JJN Digital's Equipment in Spain

It's time to take a step forward in security and counter-espionage. With JJN Digital, you invest in high quality products, designed to protect your privacy and security.

First Line Protection Against Espionage

JJJN Digital products are designed to provide a robust and effective defence against espionage threats. They offer front-line protection, helping you to detect and counteract any attempted invasion of your privacy.

JJN Digital's Products: An Investment in Security

Investing in JJN Digital products is an investment in security. With their undisputed quality and reliable performance, these products are a solid investment for long-term protection.

Choose Espiamos for your JJN Digital needs in Spain

At Espiamos, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading shops offering JJN Digital products in Spain. Whether you need advice on selecting the right product or require after sales support, our team is here to assist you. Choose Espiamos for all your JJN Digital needs.

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