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160º HD mini-camera with tilting head

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The 160º HD Mini Camera with tilting head offers 720p HD recording, 160º view, adjustable lens and up to 10 hours of continuous recording. Its multiple detection modes and settings make it versatile for various needs. Supports MicroSD up to 256GB.

Advanced Portable Frequency Detection System

Discover the definitive solution in security and surveillance with our Advanced Portable Frequency Detection System. Designed for professionals, this device is your perfect ally to locate 5G, 4G, WiFi, and GPS devices, including wireless cameras, GPS beacons, and hidden microphones. Manufactured with the highest quality, it offers you the reliability you need in your security operations.

Car Security Camera

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Discover innovation in vehicle safety with our advanced car security camera, designed to offer you unparalleled peace of mind and protection. Perfect for extreme sports, tactical units, or simply for those looking for the highest quality recording, this device is your ideal companion on any adventure or journey.
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Car spy camera with motion sensor

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Car Spy Camera with motion sensor through the glass. It has a specific hidden camera for motion detection and another one for recording. You can record in environments with very low light such as garages or parking lots.

Edic Mini Tiny B74-1 professional recorder

The Edic Mini Tiny B74-1 spy voice recorder records up to 25 hours continuously, 70 hours in sound detection and can remain up to 9 months in standby mode. It records by manual detection, sound detection or pre-set date and time. The B74-1 mini voice recorder is ideal for professional use.

FM 1202 GPS Locator waterproof IP67 for outdoor

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Resistant to water and weathering. IP67
Food: (+6...+30)VDC
1 Digital Input for ignition
1 Sensor 1Wire
Antennas GPS and GSM internal
3 inputs ( 2 digital and 1 analog)
2 digital outputs for relays, leds,
Configuration and firmware upgrade via cable or FOTA
Motion detection
Made in Europe

FM1120 Fishfinder GPS with internal antennas and backup battery

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Internal backup battery for 170mAh
Works without connection to memorize up to 8000 points in case of loss of coverage
GPS antenna and GSM internal
2 digital inputs + 1 ignition
Configuration and firmware upgrade via cable or FOTA
Motion detection
Made in Europe

GPS locator for car SV06N

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Very easy to install
Antennas GPS and GSM internal
Triple follow-up system: APP, WEB or SMS
Microphone with a range of up to 5 meters
Battery 450 mAh