FMA 110 Fishfinder GPS with internal antennas without
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FMA 110 Fishfinder GPS with internal antennas without battery

  • New GNSS Module that improves cold start and hot
  • 1 Sensor 1Wire
  • Antennas GPS and GSM internal
  • 4 inputs ( 3 digital and 1 analog)
  • 2 digital outputs
  • Configuration and firmware upgrade via cable or FOTA
  • Motion detection
  • Made in Europe


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FMA 110 Fishfinder GPS with internal antennas without battery

FMA 110 Fishfinder GPS with internal antennas without battery



GPS locator FMA110 Teltonika small and professional with internal antennas GNSS and GSM high gain lets you pick up the coordinates of the device, and other useful data and transfer them via the GSM network to the server or tracking platform. This GPS locator is ideal for the management and control of their fleet. The gps locator FMA110 Teltonika can perform tasks on remote objects, such as monitoring engine status, controlling the door of the truck, etc


Módulo GNSS 


With the new GNSS module integrated, your tracking experience will be better than ever. It has a higher sensitivity, cold start is much quicker and the hot start nearly instant guarantee that your fleet will be tracked quickly and accurately.



Lectura Datos CAN


With the additional adapter CAN Teltonika Vehicle you acquire CAN data from any type of transport, such as light vehicles, trucks, buses, agricultural transport and special transport. It is compatible with more than 1800 models.





The support of protocol, 1Wire allows you to identify your drivers and connect the temperature sensor. In accordance with iButton® ID or RFID can help prevent unauthorized access to your fleet as well as to monitor the temperature of your load.




Tamaño Reducido



It's easy to install and difficult to find! Small case, GSM internal antennas and GNSS allow you to mount the tracker much easier. Dimensions only 65x57x19 millimeter.




Deteccion de Disparo



The detection of start and stop of the boot facilitates the possibility of having the report with time, location, and driving distance to correct for each trip



You can connect easily to any platform follow-up FREE, or in our platform for professional use or you can even purchase a platform for PERSONAL tracking to display all the GPS locators to your company or fleet without the monthly fees.



You have tracking application for Android and for IOS platform (professional tracking)





• With the new GNSS module integrated, your shadowing experience will be better than ever. You will get a higher sensitivity, a cold start much more quickly, and a hot start is almost instantaneous which ensures your fleet will be tracked with accuracy.
• Small box, and easy to assemble
• The GSM antenna internal high gain and the antenna internal GNSS allow the mounting of the GPS locator FMA110 a lot easier.
• Real-time tracking
• Intelligent acquisition of data based on time, distance, angle, speed delta, the power, and the events of I/O
• Sending acquired data via GPRS (TCP / IP and UDP / IP)
• Smart algorithm of GPRS connections for traffic saving GPRS
• Operation in networks of roaming according to the list of suppliers of GSM preferred
• Event detection and sending of items I/O via GPRS or SMS
• 5 areas geofénicas (rectangular or circular)
• Auto Geofencing created for the screening of the trailer of the car and preventing theft of the car
• Deep sleep mode (power consumption less than 6 mA)
• Firmware upgrade and configuration via GPRS (FOTA)
• 3 operational modes (Home, Roaming, Unknown) based on operator
• Time synchronization by NTP (Network Time Protocol) if the GNSS signal is absent
• Detection GSM anti-interference
• Integrated scenarios:
• Speeding to secure driver and prevent penalties
• Function immobilizer
• The approved driving (1-Wire® iButton ID keys up to 50 iButton keys) are used to prevent the theft of the vehicle or to identify all driver
• Detection GSM anti-interference
• Start shooting and final detection
• Optional Reading of CAN data with the adapter Teltonika "Vehicle CAN Adapter"



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