FM 1202 GPS Locator waterproof IP67 for outdoor【2024】 ESPIAMOS
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FM 1202 GPS Locator waterproof IP67 for outdoor

  • Resistant to water and weathering. IP67
  • Food: (+6...+30)VDC
  • 1 Digital Input for ignition
  • 1 Sensor 1Wire
  • Antennas GPS and GSM internal
  • 3 inputs ( 2 digital and 1 analog)
  • 2 digital outputs for relays, leds,
  • Configuration and firmware upgrade via cable or FOTA
  • Motion detection
  • Made in Europe


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FM 1202 GPS Locator waterproof IP67 for outdoor

FM 1202 GPS Locator waterproof IP67 for outdoor


We present the GPS locator FM1202 Teltonika antenna internal GNSS and GSM high gain lets you pick up the coordinates of the device, and other useful data and transfer them via the GSM network to the server or tracking platform. This GPS locator is ideal for the management and control of their fleet. The gps locator FM1202 Teltonika can perform tasks on remote objects, such as monitoring engine status, controlling the door of the truck, etc In case of loss of connection the gps locator FM1202 can store up to 100.350 records (120 days), and once the connection is restored, the device will send stored data via GPRS. In this way you'll never lose your data (Coordinates, sensor data, etc)


An important feature of the GPS locator FM1202 in their degree of seal-tightness, water-resistant (IP67) and to the weather. Can be placed perfectly in the top of the truck, tractor or bus.



You can connect easily to any platform follow-up FREE, or in our platform for professional use or you can even purchase a platform for PERSONAL tracking to display all the GPS locators to your company or fleet without the monthly fees.



You have tracking application for Android and for IOS platform (professional tracking)





  • Airtight seal with IP67 rating
  • GSM antenna internal high-gain
  • GPS antenna high gain / GLONASS
  • Data acquisition GPS / GLONASS and I/O
  • Real-time tracking
  • Intelligent acquisition of data (based on time, distance, angle, ignition and events)
  • Sending acquired data via GPRS (TCP / IP and UDP / IP)
  • Smart algorithm of GPRS connections (traffic saving GPRS)
  • Operating in networks of roaming (list of suppliers of GSM preferred)
  • Event detection and dispatch of I/O via GPRS or SMS.
  • Coordinates scheduled 24 coordinates SMS
  • 5 areas of geofencia (rectangular or circular)
  • Deep sleep mode (less power consumption)
  • FOTA (firmware updating via GPRS)
  • Motion Sensor
  • Small box and easy to assemble
  • 3 operational modes (Home, Roaming, Unknow) based on operator
  • Presets the mode of operation:
  • Advanced detection of overspeed
  • Driver identification (1-Wire® iButton ID key)



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