Spy cameras with 60 FPS

The cameras are spy to 60 FPS are ideal for use when the target moves at high speed or when performing follow-ups of people or vehicles. Contact us, we will advise you free of charge

Camera WIFI clock for bedroom 1080p

€195.00 -€50.00
Tax included
Clock Spy table WIFI FULL HD . You'll be able to see the images in real time from your Smartphone or PC. Record by motion detection at 30FPS on a Micro SD card of up to 512Gb. Autonomy unlimited connected to the electric power network. Compatible with IOS, Android, Windows and MAC OS.

Spy camera WIFI portable 1080p 60FPS with night vision

€225.00 -20%
Tax included
Mini spy camera WIFI Full HD with motion detection and 4 infrared leds for recording in total darkness. Recorded at 60 FPS in HD or 30FPS in Full HD. Very easy to use and hide. You'll be able to see the images in real-time. Memory up to 128 Gb. Compatible with Android and IOS

Pen spy 2k low brightness 1296p 60FPS

€249.95 -€49.96
Tax included
 In our shop, look out.com you can find the pen spy 2K with a hidden camera of the more advanced of the market. This new version allows you to record in environments of very low brightness since the mini spy camera requires only 0.1 lux of brightness

Recording module WIFI Full HD RIP h264 for IOS and Android

Tax included
WIFI module Spy camera low light and recording system miniaturized ideal for hidden surveillance of vehicles, offices and homes. Record in HD at 30 FPS. Autonomy unlimited connected to the power supply.  

Module of recording Full HD RIP h264 60 FPS 128Gb

Tax included
Module with recording system miniaturized ideal to perform customizations of your own spy cameras. Record in Full HD or HD at 30 or 60 FPS. More than 12 hours of autonomy  

Recorder professional WiFi 1080p 60FPS of LawMate PV-500 Neo

€335.00 -€35.01
Tax included
PV-500 Neo LawMate. Now with free enhanced of the camera. Allows you to record audio and video continuous or motion detection 1080p / 720p at 30FPS or 60 FPS and see the images in real time from an APP for Android or IOS. Compatible with the camera's low-light BU-18HD Neo and BU-18 HD Neo Cone. Autonomy in excess of 200 minutes. Memory up to 128Gb.

Spy camera Full HD 60 FPS in the outer switch

Tax included
Camera spy Full HD hidden in the outer switch with PIR sensor that allows you to record by sensing motion, or manually. Recorded at 60FPS and with a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080. Has autonomy unlimited. Ideal for monitoring outdoor.