Spy cameras HD 720p

Need to buy a 720p HD spy camera?

Improve your security with a 720p high definition spy camera. These cameras offer sharp and clear images, capturing every detail with the utmost precision. Their compact and discreet design makes them perfect for any environment. We not only offer you high-quality products, at ESPIAMOS we make sure you receive the best service. We guarantee the most competitive prices on the market and a 3-year guarantee. Look no further, we have the solution to your security needs with our HD spy cameras.

Outdoor WIFI Surveillance Camera Long Range

Long Range Outdoor WIFI Surveillance Camera: With an unmatched autonomy of 3-4 months, this camera combines the accuracy of a PIR sensor for motion detection, a resolution of 2.0 Mega HD 1080P and WIFI transmission, ensuring security and clarity at all times.

Hidden Camera WIFI Charger Real Time Surveillance

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Discover the innovative WIFI Hidden Camera Charger: a perfect combination of security and convenience. This device not only serves as a functional charger, but also allows you to monitor your spaces discreetly with its HD camera. Ideal for home surveillance and protection of loved ones, giving you 24/7 peace of mind.

Tuya Smart WIFI Camera with Night Vision Laser and Rotating Camera

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The Tuya Smart Camera is a versatile device designed for both home security and pet interaction. With live streaming via Wi-Fi, laser function to play with your pets and compatibility with the Tuya Smart app, this camera redefines home monitoring.

Spy Microphone for Car Phone Listening

Discover the power of discreet surveillance with our SPY MICROPHONE Listening on the Phone, an essential tool for those who value security and discretion. This compact yet powerful device is your perfect ally for monitoring conversations with crystal clarity, ensuring you're always one step ahead in protecting what matters most.

4G LTE Spy Security Camera Hidden in a Registration Box

4G LTE Spy Security Camera Hidden in Log Box. Equipped with 4G LTE connectivity, this camera records in high definition, detects movements and notifies you in real time. Camouflaged design and high battery life. Perfect choice for long term surveillance.

Hidden Spy Camera 4G LTE Smoke Detector

The 4G LTE Smoke Detector Hidden Spy Camera combines discretion with advanced technology for effective monitoring. Equipped with PIR sensor and motion alerts, it guarantees high quality recordings and 4G LTE/WiFi connectivity.

Air Purifier with Integrated Spy Camera

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Discover the Air Purifier with Integrated Spy Camera, the perfect solution for discreet surveillance. Equipped with Full HD technology and live viewing capability from your cell phone.

Hidden Camera in WIFI External Battery

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Discover how the WIFI External Hidden Battery Camera revolutionizes personal and professional surveillance, offering high definition recording in a discreet and efficient way. Ideal for those seeking security and evidence without attracting attention.

WIFI Wrist Worn Spy Watch

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Discover how the WIFI Spy Watch redefines personal and professional security. This device is not just a watch; it is your perfect ally for discreet and efficient surveillance. Why settle for a traditional watch when you can have cutting-edge spy technology on your wrist?


What is an HD spy camera?

An HD spy camera is a compact and discreet surveillance device that captures video, and in some cases audio, in high definition. "HD" refers to "High Definition", or High Definition in Spanish, which means that these cameras record in a minimum resolution of 720p, but can reach up to 1080p or even 4K. These cameras are ideal for a variety of purposes, including home surveillance, office monitoring, or even recording outdoor activities. They are designed to be undetectable with the naked eye, allowing them to capture clear, detailed images without alerting those on the scene.

How much does a spy camera record in HD?

The recording duration of an HD spy camera can vary depending on several factors. This includes the device's battery capacity, storage capacity, and recording quality. Generally speaking, a HD spy camera with a 32GB memory card can record about 5-6 hours of HD video. However, some HD spy cameras are equipped with loop recording features, which means that when the memory is full, the camera will start overwriting the oldest files, allowing continuous recording. It is important to remember that the recording duration can be greatly extended by using the motion detection mode, in which the camera only starts recording when it detects movement.

Why is it better to use a spy camera that records in HD?

Using a spy camera that records in high definition has numerous advantages. First of all, high definition provides a image quality far superior to standard recordings. This means you'll be able to see finer details, which can be crucial if you need to identify a person or read a license plate, for example. Also, HD video tends to perform better in low light conditions compared to standard definition video. Lastly, many HD spy cameras also record high-definition audio, which can provide clear and detailed audio evidence if needed. So while HD spy cameras can be a bit more expensive, the improvement in image and sound quality can easily justify the extra cost.

How does a HD Spy Camera work?

A high definition spy camera works similar to a regular digital camera, but with some key differences due to its hidden nature. First of all, the camera is equipped with a lens and an image sensor that can capture high-definition video. This video is then stored on an internal or external memory card, depending on the model. Some cameras also offer the option to stream video in real time over WiFi to a remote device such as a mobile phone or computer. In terms of operation, many HD spy cameras are activated by a hidden button or remote control. Some models also offer advanced features like loop recording or motion detection. Loop recording allows the camera to record continuously, overwriting the oldest files when the memory is full. On the other hand, motion detection allows the camera to start recording only when motion is detected in its field of view, thus saving storage space and prolonging battery life.

Is it legal to use HD Spy Cameras?

The legality of using spy cameras varies from country to country and sometimes even between different regions within the same country. In general, in many places it is legal to use spy cameras to record video on private property, as long as you have the consent of all parties involved or when recording in areas where privacy is not reasonably expected.dad. On the other hand, it may be illegal to record private conversations without the consent of all parties, especially in some jurisdictions that require the consent of all parties for audio recording. It may also be illegal to install spy cameras in places like bathrooms, locker rooms, or anywhere else people have a reasonable expectation of privacy. It is always advisable to consult with a lawyer or do a thorough investigation before using a spy camera.

Where Can I Install My HD High Definition Spy Camera?

The location of your HD spy camera will depend on your specific needs and the type of camera you have purchased. Some cameras are designed to be portable, while others are designed to be installed in a fixed location. Spy cameras are often designed to fit into common household items such as smoke detectors, clocks, picture frames, or electrical outlets, making them ideal for home or office surveillance. In terms of location, you'll want to place your spy camera somewhere that will give you the view you need without being obvious. Remember that if you are recording people, you must respect their expectations of privacy and comply with local laws regarding video and audio recording. Finally, if your spy camera requires a connection to the electrical network or Wi-Fi network, you must take these needs into account when choosing a location for its installation.

Why buy a High Definition Spy Camera?

Espiamos guarantees you the best price

At ESPIAMOS we take customer satisfaction very seriously. We understand that quality and price are two important factors when making a purchase decision. For this reason, we are committed to offering you the most innovative and high-quality spy cameras in high definition at the best price available on the market. Our competitive pricing policy guarantees that you will always get the best deal with us.

SPY'S Commitment To Prices

At ESPIAMOS, we believe in transparency and value for money. Our commitment to prices goes beyond simply offering you high-quality products. We work tirelessly to ensure that our prices are the most competitive in the market. When you buy from us, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product at the best possible price.

If You Find It Cheaper, We'll Match It

We're so confident in our competitive prices that if you find the same HD Spy Cameras product at a lower price elsewhere, we'll match it. All you need to do is present us with proof of the lowest price and we'll match ours. Simple as that. This is our commitment to ensure you always get the best deal when shopping with us.

Quality And Price: The SPY Promise

At ESPIAMOS, we don't believe in sacrificing quality for price. Our commitment to quality and competitive pricing means you can trust that you're getting the best of both worlds: a high-quality HD spy camera at a price that fits your budget. This is our promise to our clients and it is what distinguishes us in the market.

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