Need to Protect Your Vehicle from Damage?

If you are looking for peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected, at ESPIAMOS.COM we offer you optimal solutions to prevent vehicle damage. With our high-quality devices, you will be able to detect and record any incident that occurs in the absence of your care. From hidden cameras to advanced alarm systems, we have a wide range of products to suit your needs. And don't forget, with us you have a 3-year guarantee and the best price guaranteed. Don't leave your vehicle's security to chance, protect your investment today!

MINI SPY CAMERA Long Distance with 60mm telephoto lens

Maximize your security with the Long Distance Mini Spy Camera, designed to capture sharp details even in low light conditions. Equipped with a 60mm telephoto lens, this spy camera offers effective surveillance through glass, allowing clear recordings from long distances. P2P WiFi connectivity for real-time viewing from your mobile, it is the perfect choice to guarantee security in diverse environments.
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Mini 1080P 256Gb 256Gb Spy Camera with Motion Detection

In stock
The Mini Spy Camera redefines mobile surveillance with its advanced features and optimized design. It captures high quality images, ensures effective motion detection through glass and is positioned as one of the most versatile and reliable spy cameras of the year.
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Car spy camera with motion sensor

In stock
Car Spy Camera with motion sensor through the glass. It has a specific hidden camera for motion detection and another one for recording. You can record in environments with very low light such as garages or parking lots.

Portable Mini Spy Camera with flexible lens 512GB

The mini spy camera is distinguished by its versatility, flexible 15 cm lens, multiple activation systems and HD recording, making it the ideal choice for security in various environments.

160º HD mini-camera with tilting head

In stock
The 160º HD Mini Camera with tilting head offers 720p HD recording, 160º view, adjustable lens and up to 10 hours of continuous recording. Its multiple detection modes and settings make it versatile for various needs. Supports MicroSD up to 256GB.

Micro Spy Camera with motion sensor

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The Micro Spy Camera is presented as a modern and effective security solution. Its main features are its discreet design, easy installation, motion sensor and high definition. These attributes make it indispensable for surveillance in various contexts.

How to install a hidden camera in a vehicle to record who is scratched by the car?

Installing a hidden camera in a vehicle to record how damage occurs can be a simple process if the correct steps are followed and the tools are available necessary. Below are the steps to follow, the tools required and an estimate of the installation time.

What steps to follow to correctly install a spy camera for cars?

Installing a car spy camera involves several steps, including choosing a location, installing the camera, and configuring the device . Careful planning will ensure that the camera is well concealed, works correctly, and captures the necessary images.

What tools do I need to install a hidden camera in a vehicle?

The type of tools you'll need to install a vehicle hidden camera will depend on the camera model and the vehicle. However, in general, you might need a screwdriver, tape, zip ties, and in some cases, a drill.

How long would it take to install a hidden camera in a car?

The time it takes to install a hidden camera in a car will depend on the complexity of the camera system, the location you choose for the camera, and your level of experience with the installation of these types of devices. However, in most cases, the process can take anywhere from one to three hours, taking into account all the tests that need to be done.

Where is the best place to put a hidden camera in a car?

The location of the hidden camera in a car is crucial to its effectiveness. Some locations offer optimal visibility, while others may be restricted. Here are some guidelines on where to place the camera and how to hide it effectively.

Where can I place the hidden camera in the car for optimal visibility?

There are several locations within a vehicle where a hidden camera can be placed for best visibility. Some of the more common locations include the dashboard, rearview mirror, and door panels. The choice will depend on the viewing angle you want and the type of camera you are using.

Are there places in the car that are not recommended to hide the spy camera?

While it can be tempting to place a spy camera anywhere inside the vehicle, there are some locations that may not be ideal. These may include areas that are exposed to high temperatures, such as near the engine or exhaust system, or areas that can be easily seen or accessible by vehicle occupants.

How can I effectively hide the hidden car camera?

Effectively hiding a hidden car camera can take some creativity. You could consider using a disguised camera that blends in with the interior of the car, or even mounting the camera inside an everyday object, such as a phone holder or car charger.

What should I know before installing hidden cameras for vehicle damage?

Before proceeding with the installation of a hidden camera for cars, there are several factors that you should consider. These include camera features, relevant laws and regulations, and privacy considerations.

What features should a good hidden car camera have?

A good camera orcar culture must have clear image quality, wide viewing angle, and continuous or motion-activated recording capability. Battery life, water and temperature resistance, and storage capacities are also important factors to consider.

Are there legal restrictions on recording with a spy camera in my car?

There are laws that regulate the use of spy cameras in vehicles. Although laws vary from place to place, in many cases it is legal to record video in your own car, as long as you don't violate other people's privacy laws. It is important that you consult with a legal professional in your area to fully understand your local laws.

What privacy considerations should I take into account with a hidden vehicle camera?

In addition to the laws, you should consider the ethical implications of recording with a hidden camera in your vehicle. For example, if the vehicle is used to transport passengers, you may need to notify them that they are being recorded. Again, consultation with a legal professional can provide clarity on these issues.

Why do I need hidden cameras for vehicle damage?

Installing vehicle damage hidden cameras can have a number of benefits, from security to deterring potential vandals. We explore these benefits in detail below.

What are the benefits of having a spy camera in my car?

A car spy camera can help you collect evidence in case your car is damaged while parked. Plus, it can discourage potential vandals if they notice your presence. The recordings can be useful for police investigations and insurance claims.

How can a hidden car camera increase my vehicle safety?

A hidden car camera can provide a visual record in case of traffic accidents or confrontations with other drivers. It can also help to monitor and record any suspicious activity around your car when it is parked, thus increasing your vehicle safety.

In what situations is it useful to have a spy camera for vehicles?

Having a vehicle spy camera is useful in various situations. These can include cases of recurring vandalism, insurance disputes, or even to supervise the driving of a new driver in the family. It can also be useful if you regularly park your car in areas with a high incidence of crime.

How can I identify the person scratching my car?

Identifying the person damaging your vehicle can be challenging without the right help. However, a hidden car camera may be the solution you need. Before installing one, it is important to understand the legal aspects of this action.

Is it legal to install a hidden camera in a car?

Laws vary depending on where you are, so it is crucial that you check local laws before installing a hidden camera in your car . It is generally legal to record video in public spaces, but audio recording may be subject to restrictions.

Can I use the hidden camera footage as legal evidence?

In many cases, recordings from a hidden car camera can be used as evidence in court. However, this may vary depending on local laws and the nature of the recorded incident. We recommend that you consult an attorney for specific legal advice in your case.

What is the best spy camera to find out who scratched my car?

Choosing the best spy camera for cars can be a complicated task due to the wide range of options available on the market. However, there are certain factors that you should consider in order to make the best possible choice.

What features should the best spy camera for cars have?

The best spy camera for cars should have a number of essential features, such as high resolution, good night vision, adequate battery life, and be discreet to avoid detection.

Where can I buy the best hidden camera for cars?

There are several online and physical stores where you can buy a hidden camera for cars. However, it is important that you choose a reliable supplier that offers guarantees and a good after-sales service.

How can I properly install and use the best spy camera for cars?

To get the best results from your car spy camera, you must install it correctly and use it ethically and legally. This includes respecting the privacy of others and using recordings responsibly.

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