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Mini Spy Camera with Night Vision and Flexible Lens

Mini Night Vision Spy Camera: Discreet, compact and efficient, this camera offers clear recordings in low light conditions, making it ideal for covert monitoring and home security.

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Mini Spy Camera with Night Vision and Flexible Lens

Mini Spy Camera with Night Vision and Flexible Lens


The Need for a Mini Night Vision Spy Camera in your Life

Security is paramount these days. And what better way to ensure it than with a Mini Spy Camera with Night Vision. This tool not only gives you the peace of mind you need but also the discretion you are looking for in surveillance.

Main features of the Micro Infrared Spy Camera

The device stands out for its night vision LEDs, automatic activation in low light conditions, and its compact design. In addition, it has four activation systems, additional connections and an autonomy that stands out in the market.

Why do you need to buy a Mini Night Vision Spy Camera?

Think about the times when you are not at home or in your office. This camera allows you to monitor in real time and with an unbeatable image quality. Plus, its night vision ensures that no detail is missed, no matter the time of day. Its versatility is ideal for multiple situations and locations, ensuring the safety of your assets and loved ones.

Benefits of having a micro infrared night spy camera

With this micro infrared night spy camera, you anticipate unwanted situations. Its discretion and ease of use make it perfect for any user. In addition, its different recording modes and adjustable sensors allow it to adapt to any scenario. To top it off, its autonomy and power options are synonymous with reliability and durability.

Unsurpassed warranty and customer service

In addition to obtaining a high quality product, espiamos offers a three-year warranty. But that's not all, if you have any doubt or situation, our support team will be ready to help you. Because your peace of mind and satisfaction are our priority.

Technical Specifications Micro IR Night Spy Camera

  • Simultaneous video and audio capture: YES
  • Maximum video frame rate: 30fps
  • Maximum video resolution: 1280x720
  • Video format: AVI
  • Night vision: YES
  • Visual range angle: 160 degrees
  • Recording schedule: YES
  • Cyclic recording option: Selectable
  • Nonstop recording: YES
  • Motion detection activation: YES
  • Photo taking function: NO
  • Sound detection activation: YES
  • Storage type: MicroSD memory
  • Maximum memory capacity: Up to 256GB
  • Rechargeable lithium battery: YES
  • Approximate battery life: 24 hours
  • Battery recharge time: 8 hours
  • Battery capacity: 2400 mAh
  • Ability to record while plugged in: YES
  • Date and time option on videos: Selectable
  • Operating System Compatibility: All
  • Dimensions: 21 mm. high x 60 mm. wide x 110 mm. long

The smart choice in night security

Don't wait until you fall victim to unwanted circumstances. Get ahead of the curve and choose the best option in surveillance. With the Mini Night Vision Spy Camera, you'll always be one step ahead. So why wait? Take the step towards greater peace of mind and security now.

Remember that espiamos offers a three-year warranty and your product is delivered free within 24 hours.