Power Strip with Hidden WIFI Microphone and Voice Recorder 【2024】
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Power Strip with Hidden WIFI Microphone and Voice Recorder 32GB

Discover the perfect solution for discreet surveillance: our Power Strip with Hidden WIFI Microphone and 32GB Voice Recorder . It offers high-quality recording and live listening without distance limits, all without the need for a SIM card and with unlimited autonomy. Made in the USA!

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Power Strip with Hidden WIFI Microphone and Voice Recorder 32GB

Power Strip with Hidden WIFI Microphone and Voice Recorder 32GB


Why choose our Power Strip with WIFI Voice Recording for your security?

In a world where security and privacy are paramount, having discreet and effective tools is essential. Our Power Strip with Hidden WIFI Microphone and 32GB Voice Recorder is the ideal solution to keep your space monitored without raising suspicions. Whether in your office, home or any space that requires surveillance, this device integrates perfectly into the environment, providing unmatched security without compromising aesthetics.

Featured Features of WIFI Spy Multiple Extension

  • WIFI Connection for Live Listening : Enjoy the ability to listen in real time without distance limits, all thanks to your WIFI connection.
  • Superior Sound Quality : Record conversations with crystal clarity, capturing every detail regardless of the ambient noise level.
  • Large Internal Memory : With 32GB of storage, forget about worries about recording space.
  • Advanced Sound Detection : Set your power strip to automatically start recording at any sound, ensuring you don't miss anything important.
  • Unlimited Autonomy : Connected directly to the electrical network, this power strip guarantees continuous operation without worrying about the battery.

Technical Features Spy Wifi Power Strip

  • Autonomy : Unlimited, thanks to its direct connection to the electrical grid.
  • Connectivity : 2.4Ghz WIFI, for efficient and uninterrupted operation.
  • Internal Memory : 32GB, offering extensive hours of recording.
  • Recording Quality : WAV format at 128 kbps, optimizing space and guaranteeing superior audio quality.
  • European Manufacturing : Designed and manufactured in the EU, ensuring the highest quality and reliability in its category.

How Does the Power Strip with WIFI Spy Microphone and Voice Recorder Improve Your Security?

This device is not only a functional power strip but also a highly effective surveillance tool. Its discreet design makes it undetectable, while its advanced technology guarantees high-quality audio recordings and real-time listening over a WIFI connection. Perfect for monitoring important conversations and ensuring the protection of your spaces without visible alterations.

Key Differences from Other Surveillance Devices

Unlike other spy microphones and recorders, our power strip with hidden microphone does not require SIM cards for data transmission, offering a higher level of discretion and security. Its real-time recording and listening capabilities, along with its design integrated into an everyday object, make it the preferred choice for those seeking efficiency without compromise.

Where to Buy your Power Strip with Hidden Microphone and Voice Recorder?

ESPIAMOS is your exclusive supplier, offering not only a high-quality product directly from the factory but also a 2-year warranty and official technical support. With the possibility of returns within 14 days if it does not meet your expectations, we are committed to providing you with the best experience and security. Visit us in our physical stores and discover the wide range of surveillance solutions we have for you.

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