NR-900 EMS Non-linear detector for TSCM 【2024】
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NR-900 EMS Frequency and TSCM Line Detector by Selcom

NR 900 EMS by Selcom. Latest generation detector. It easily locates MICROPHONES, CAMERAS, GPS LOCATORS and all kinds of wired transmission devices. It doesn't matter if the hidden devices are active or passive. With the NR 900 EMS detector you can easily locate them.

€19,995.00 Tax included

€16,524.79 Tax excluded

NR-900 EMS Frequency and TSCM Line Detector by Selcom

NR-900 EMS Frequency and TSCM Line Detector by Selcom


Would you like to buy the NR-900 EMS detector from Selcom?

ESPIAMOS, exclusive distributor of SELCOM, presents you the NR-900EMS detector of last generation. With this device you can detect all types of spy recorders, hidden microphones or GPS locators are on. It is ideal for making sweeps using TSCM techniques.

How does Selcom's NR-900 EMS detector work?

In the manual section, you can download the instructions in English or Spanish of the detector NR-900 EMS. The operation is very simple. It has 4 different modes so you can locate all kinds of hidden devices, active or passive.

Main features of the NR-900 EMS Detector from Selcom:

  • New generation of the famous NR-900EM.
  • Unprecedented potential budget -163dB.
  • No analogues.
  • Updated design and perfect ergonomic parameters.
  • Simplicity of operation.
  • Full LCD screen.
  • Reliable, high quality modules and components
  • High noise immunity.
  • Absolute protection against any mobile phone communication standard.
  • Signal curve extraction mode (20K)
  • Absolute absence of internal interference.

Why buy the NR-900 EMS detector from Selcom here?

We are the official and exclusive distributors of the Selcom brand in Spain and Portugal. As we are the official distributors we can always offer you the best pricing and a official 2-year warranty. If the product does not suit you, you will have 14 days to return it. Come to our physical store to test it. You'd be surprised what this detector can do.

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