Multiband Multifrequency Detector 【2024】
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Multifrequency Detector for Security and Counterespionage

Easily detect GPS trackers, Wi-Fi cameras and microphones, and Bluetooth and GSM devices. This advanced frequency detector is your perfect ally to reveal the illegal use of mobile phones and spy devices in critical environments.

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Multifrequency Detector for Security and Counterespionage

Multifrequency Detector for Security and Counterespionage


Why Do You Need a Multi-Frequency Detector?

We live in an era where technology facilitates both communication and espionage. Espionage is not only a concern for government agencies, but also for individuals and professionals who handle sensitive information. The proliferation of listening and tracking devices has made it essential to have means to detect and counter these threats. A Multi-Frequency Detector not only equips you to discover these hidden devices, but it also protects your conversations, your privacy, and your confidential information from being compromised.

Multiband Detector Technical Characteristics

  • Wide Detection Range: Ability to identify signals from 50 MHz to 12 GHz, covering a wide range of spy devices.
  • Multiple Frequency Detection: Specialized in locating GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G-LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ensuring exhaustive detection.
  • Simultaneous Channel Operation: With 6 detection channels that work simultaneously, it increases efficiency in identifying active signals.
  • Dedicated Display: Equipped with 6 bar graphs for accurate and quick location of signal sources.
  • Versatile Alert Modes: Offers silent, vibration, visual and audible modes to adapt to different use environments.

Featured Features Multi-frequency Detector

This Multifrequency Detector is distinguished by its ability to perform a detailed analysis of the signal spectrum, allowing not only to detect the presence of hidden devices, but also to identify the type of signal and its origin. Its portable and robust design makes it ideal for field use, while its intuitive interface ensures that users of all levels can operate it effectively.

How does it work?

Its operation is based on advanced preselection technology, which filters and attenuates irrelevant signals, allowing precise detection of the specific frequencies used by spy devices. Whether you're inspecting vehicles for GPS trackers, searching for listening devices in meeting rooms, or ensuring privacy in sensitive environments, this detector is the perfect tool for a detailed and reliable inspection.

Why is a Polyfrequency Detector Essential?

In the current context, where espionage and surveillance can be carried out by almost anyone with access to advanced technology, having a Multi-Frequency Detector provides you with a crucial advantage in protecting your privacy. It is an investment in your security and that of your environment, providing peace of mind by ensuring that your spaces are free of unauthorized surveillance.

Don't let your privacy and security be violated. Get your Multifrequency Detector today and take control over your environment. Protect your information and keep your conversations private, really private.

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