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Detector frequency RF ST-111

SEM-110. Located easy way to devices that work by Bluetooth, GSM, DECT, UHF, etc as the cameras are wireless, microphones, pagers, microphones contact with transmission, etc



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Detector frequency RF ST-111

Detector frequency RF ST-111


The Detector Model ST-111 is designed for the detection and localization of the devices of radiation of radio waves (DR) designed or used for the unauthorized transfer of data through the radio channel.

  • Radio-microphones (BUG,s);
  • retransmitter of radio telephone (TAP);
  • stethoscope wireless;
  • Video-cameras with radio channel for data transmission;
  • Radio locators for people, vehicles or loads, and tracking systems;
  • Mobile phones and modems for radio, GSM, or standard DECT,
  • devices data transmission via Bluetooth and WLAN.

The principle of operation of the detector model ST-111 is based on the detection of the broadband electric field.

The detector operates in two main modes: SEARCH and MONITORING.

It also includes the modes: LOG VIEW (JOURNAL), OSCILLOSCOPE and RECORDER.



This mode is intended for search and location of the output location radio (RD). The use of this mode is based on a visual estimate of the level of the signal in the bar with a scale of 32 segments. Additionally, it indicates separately the continuous signals and pulses, identifying signals of GSM, DECT, Bluetooth, WLAN and the frequencies of the signal stable.

It provides the possibility of acoustic control using headphones.



  1. Indicator bar 32 segments of the average power of the source of radio frequency radiation (indicated in the radio transmitters of continuous output).
  2. Indicator bar 32-segment level member of the impulse radio signal (indicated in transmitters of impulse radio, such as GSM, DECT, etc).
  3. Indication of the sensitivity of the scales ("L" - low, "M" - medium, "H" - high).
  4. Frequency bands ("B1", "B2") low pass filter "LPF" ("F") / indication decorto period to set the level scale to zero ("ZERO");
  5. Current value of the level member of impulse / constant, in comparison with zero level, dB;
  6. Value of the frequency of the periodic signal, MHz
  7. Patterns of transfer of identified data (GSM, DECT, DECT BASE, Bluetooth or WLAN
  8. Change in time of the level of the signal component of constant dominant
  9. Change in time of signal level with dominant impulse
  10. Level current zero value of the component of momentum / constant, dB.



This mode is intended for stand-alone operation of the RF MODEL ST-111 in pre-established conditions. The information about the detected signals stored in the nonvolatile memory of the device (9 spaces, each of 999 events).

Can also be programmed operations work.




  1. The indicators of the level of the RF signal of the transmitter
  2. Graphical labels of the levels of alarm threshold
  3. Sign of no permission for recording in EVENT LOG
  4. Countdown of 5 seconds
  5. Current value of impulse / constant component of the signal, comparing with absolute level, dB
  6. Value of the alarm thresholds for pulse signal / constant, dB



This mode is designed for viewing the log of events that occurred while the unit worked in MONITOR mode. The events are sorted by time, duration or signal level.




  1. Number of view of the bank / Number of banks assets
  2. Number of view events / number of events in the bank
  3. Frequency range, in which the alarm happened (B1: 50-2500 MHz, B2: 2500-7000 MHz).
  4. properties of the signal at the time of the excess of the alarm threshold.






  1. Type of configuration (A - M auto - manual), and the relative value of the trace vertical (1 to 7).
  2. Oscillogram
  3. Value of the trace horizontal in the conversion to the values of full screen (1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 ms).



The software is intended for:

  • Graphical display of data and results of work
  • The full remote control of the DETECTOR MODEL ST-111 connected to a PC
  • Greater allocation of adjustments to the monitoring mode;
  • Load and display textual information and graphical work in monitoring mode (event Log);
  • Firmware update via the Internet.







  • Main unit
  • Antenna HF
  • Antenna SHF “110.SHF” (supplied optionally)
  • USB Cable


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