Detector non-linear Lornet 24
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Lornet 24 Detector non-linear TS Market

Detector boards non-linear Lornet-24 is designed to detect various kinds of electronic devices containing semiconductor elements, such as listening-devices, audio recording devices, etc, whether they are turned on as turned off.


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Lornet 24 Detector non-linear TS Market
Lornet 24 Detector non-linear TS Market

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A detector of joints non-linear Lornet is designed to find special equipment containing semiconductor components. Its intended use is for field work in the rooms, offices and means of transport. Integrates an automatic system of frequency selection in your device, and you can tune away from narrowband interference automatically (by a criterion of a noise minimum in the receiving channel of the second harmonic).



  • Type of a probing signal: pulse, CW
  • Pulse power factor (job 44) / signal CW: 10 / 0.2 W
  • Sensitivity (for the second and third harmonics): not worse -110 dBm
  • Frequency of the signal of palpation: 2409,6-2410,4 MHz
  • Dynamic range: more than 80 dB
  • Operation time from a built-in battery at maximum power of a test signal (pulse / CW): not less than 3.0 / 1.5 h
  • Dimensions in position / transport operation complete: 2х10х7.5/39х10х6,5 cm
  • Weight of the device in operation state: less than 700 g



  • Device unique in the world for its working frequency.
  • Small dimensions and weight of the device (can be carried in a pocket)
  • Easy to use, it is possible to use the device as verification individual
  • Automatic and manual change of mode of operation to a test signal
  • The use of the latest technologies and materials, ergonomic
  • Potential for detection of high
  • The use of wireless headphones
  • It is possible to operate in hard to reach places and in conditions of limited space (thickness of the antenna does not exceed 18 mm).



  • Lornet-24 device with Li-Ion battery
  • Charger for a battery.
  • Wireless accessories (a receiver with earphones)
  • Power adapter (110-240v) for charging
  • Transport bag



Data sheet
TS Market
Voice activation
700 grams
Working temperature
over 3h (at pulse probing signal) and 1h (at pCW probing signal)
Rechargeable Battery
Dynamic range
80 db
Frequency band
2409,6 - 2410,4 MHz
22 cm
10 cm
7.5 cm
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