Detector non-linear Lornet 0836
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Lornet 0836 Detector non-linear

Lornet 0836. Detector is not linear that allows you to locate any electronic devices hidden. Completely portable.

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Lornet 0836 Detector non-linear
Lornet 0836 Detector non-linear

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Lornet-0836 is an indispensable tool for rapid localization and reliable of the electronic devices is not permitted during search operations in premises with a high density of electronic equipment.

Can be used for the search of works counter-surveillance on the premises (identification of transmitters hidden), as well as for location of explosive devices outdoor. The technology DPF (polling frequency double) with an antenna system patent pending allows more than a simple comparison.



  • It is the first detector is not linear that combines the advantages of a microwave detector and the detector of traditional with a weight of less than 1 kg and possibility to indicate the results in both ranges simultaneously
  • Provides the unique opportunity to detect semiconductor elements hidden by different materials (detection through cracks, unearthed screens, reflections from smooth surfaces, SIM card is detected at a distance of 80 cm, etc)
  • Have a parabolic antenna with high gain (20db at 3600MHz) that allows the detection with high accuracy, of components of semiconductor from a long distance (up to 10 m)
  • Exact location of the point search for laser for an effective crawl space in the location of objects
  • Significantly reduces the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the operator by working with impulses and also a significant reduction of the radiation is undesirable to the operator.
  • Display and control elements easy to operate and light weight.





  • Lornet-0836
  • Rechargeable battery additional Li-Ion battery
  • Wireless accessories (a receiver and headphones)
  • Power adapter (220V)
  • Bag for storing and transporting the device




Data sheet
TS Market
Voice activation
less than 1 kg
Rechargeable Battery
Working time
Default value
Dynamic range
more than 30 db
Transmitters of maximum power
40W / 20W in each frequency range
305 mm
305 mm
280 mm
Receiver sensitivity
Default value
of the signal survey: 789,5 to 791,5 MHz; were 3,581,5 to 3607,5 MHz
Type of signal survey
pulse, CW
Duty cycle
0.3% and 0.5%

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