Record your stalker with simple spy techniques 【2024】

With this 100% practical article, we want to help you record your stalker with simple techniques. If you suffer any kind of harassment , it is worth investing a little of your time and read it carefully.


Know the mind of a stalker

Psychologists from all corners of the world have invested thousands of hours in learning what the profile of a stalker is. The first thing to keep in mind to catch your stalker is that they do not always use the same degree of persecution and that they may not focus on a single victim.

It does not always have to have a sexual objective, but rather they are based on control, dominance, humiliation and submission of their victim(s) to later despise them and get a sensation of relief at having filled his emptiness.

When he starts his "game", his main objective is to try to seduce you through different techniques. The first thing they need to do is gather information about where you live and what your routine is. Although this mental process is complex, they comply with it to achieve their goal.

They are considered immature, impulsive and unstable people, which is why it is impossible for them to channel their sexual appetite.


Bullying strategies to bully

You must bear in mind to catch your stalker that they use all kinds of strategies, in which they may do them consciously or unconsciously. In general, they can be classified in two main ways:

  • Patients: They are able to wait years to see their goal achieved. During this time, they spend their time studying their victim or simply staring at it for hours.
  • Impulsive: In the short term they are the most dangerous, they do not hesitate to hit their victim when they have a choice. They feel pleasure with the simple fact of making them uncomfortable.

Why bully? Because they have extremely low self-esteem and want to compensate it through feelings of power and control to feel complete. The problem is that when they reach their goal, this feeling only lasts for a certain amount of time, requiring them to do the same thing all over again.

It has been shown that this attitude may be derived from other types of pathologies, such as schizophrenia, bipolarity or paranoia.


Identify places where the harasser can harass you

Unfortunately, there are plenty of places where you can be or feel harassed. Just sitting in front of your computer screen and talking with your friends can create this opportunity, so you have to be careful with any movement and carefully analyze every situation if you want to catch your stalker .

The evolution of technology has provided stalkers with a worldwide showcase where they can inquire about the profiles of their potential victims. However, your closest comfort zone can also be affected without realizing it.


Make a list of the most common places you frequent

Whether it is your place of work your own home, the park where you take your children to play or the restaurant where you go with your partner every Sunday, you must be careful and notice if you find yourself with the same person on more than one occasion.

If this is the case, carry on with your normal life, but keep an eye out in case it reappears, if it does, talk to someone about it and ask for a recommendation. What you should not do is go crazy thinking that a person is watching you because you have coincided with them twice, it is possible that it is just a coincidence.

If you feel observed or notice that something is not right, do alist where the most frequent places are listed, such as: the way from home to school to pick up your child from school, the park next to the house, the house of those friends you meet often, the clubs you like, etc. In short, everything that you usually do frequently that can be considered as a routine.


Make another list of your most intimate and personal places

Now that you have a list of your most frequent places, do not think that all the work is done, you have only just started to catch your stalker. Your next step is to make a new list, but this time with more intimate and personal places.

In this list you can include your own home, the areas where you go with your partner (restaurants, hotels, parks...), the house of your relatives and even where you spend Christmas Eve or old night As we have recommended in the previous section, always be vigilant and suspicious of the person you always see or who seems to accompany you home without you noticing.


Know your stalker's routine stalker

Just like you have a routine, your stalker will also have one outside of work hours. Keep in mind that this person has probably studied you and knows what places you frequent every day and in what time range. To be honest, your routine is now theirs too.

The only difference with this routine is its working hours, so it is important that you know it, to know in which time range you have more freedom to act, demonstrate the facts or simply feel more secure .

A good way to know if you are being harassed and/or watched, is, for example, to go to the park where you always take your dog for a walk every day, but a little later . When you enter that place, you should be able to see that person sitting, impatient, restless, looking everywhere until he finds you. When he sees you, he will try to hide that he is watching you.


Do you know their business hours? Get to know him so you know when he can come harass you

Today, with social networks, you can find out a lot about a person: where they are from, what hobbies they have, what they like, what they spend their free time on, where work, if you have some kind of relationship, etc.

To catch your stalker and be able to identify him, all you need is a basic piece of information, the name. If you don't know for sure if you are being harassed or not, you can ask someone this information when you agree on some point to avoid raising suspicions.

You can always do extensive research on social media to find out this fact. Surely there you will find where he works and knowing his working hours will be easier than ever.

When it's outside those hours, that's when you should be most cautious. As we have indicated before, do not come out of the alert state until you are convinced that you are being harassed, that is when you have to collect evidence to prove it (more on this later).


Identify the type of harassment you suffer: Sexual, work, psychological? Is it physical or digital and online?

A harasser uses every means at his disposal to obtain the information and results he expects. It does not always have to be physically, it can also be through phone calls, through the use of social networks or with text messages.

In all types there is the same pattern: the bully tries to make contact with his victim in one way or another. For this reason, he seeks information about the places he frequents the most, to be close to her, although he can also approach loved ones and/or acquaintances of hers.


Stalker: Most frequent types of harassment

  • Stalking: This type of harassment is defined as a continuous stalkingand repeated by the stalker, causing anguish and fear to the victim until she decides to change her routines so as not to meet him. It is normal for it to be carried out through surveillance, continuous attempts at contact and an attack on the freedom of a person.
  • Workplace harassment (Mobbing) : When the harassment takes place within the workplace. It does not need to be carried out by colleagues, sometimes it is also the bosses who carry it out through hostilities, which lead the victim to reconsider her continuity in that job position.
  • Sexual harassment: A hostile attitude is used , humiliating and intimidating to get sexual favors on a regular basis in exchange for not revealing data (information, photographs, videos...) about the victim.
  • Bullying (Bullying) : When a student or a group of students repeatedly bully an individual. To do this, they hit him, insult him or isolate him from the rest of the classmates, leaving the victim alone and unprotected, creating a feeling of emptiness.
  • Grooming: This crime consists of harassment, by an older person, of another minor, with the aim of obtaining sexual relations or other types of material for dissemination.
  • CyberBullying: Technologies are used (social networks, email...) to harass the victim and get what is wanted from her.


What is the best evidence you can collect to prove your bullying?

Any situation of bullying can be remedied, either through the intervention of third parties to calm the situation, through an investigation to clarify what happened or through the use of technology to gather evidence that can be used in court.

record stalker

Although it may seem like any use of technology can be effective in catching your stalker, the truth is that some methods work better than others when it comes to proving evidence, such as the ones you we show below.


Stalkers: abuse, sexual, labor or physical, video or audio evidence

Video evidence is the best option for this type of harassment, not only because the identity of the harasser can be recorded, but also because you will be able to record on a device the actions they take to make you uncomfortable and/or stalk you.

If you are able to record it, even with your mobile camera while it chases you towards your house, how it is at a certain distance from you in the park or how, "by chance", go to the same places as you, it will be weighty evidence that will make the authorities suspect that you are being harassed in some way.

However, it is not enough just to record it on these sites, you have to take courage and record it when it is chasing you, when it tries to have some kind of contact with you or when it wants to get involved in your personal life to make some kind of profit out of it.

Today, anyone can access very small recording devices that no one will know are there, being able to get the results you need.


For psychological abuse, tests audio

The psychological abuse differs from others because there is no physical contact, instead, they focus on making the victim feel bad, making them believe that they are worthless and sinking them deeper of his being

For this reason, audio tests are themost valuable in this type of harassment. In today's market you can find devices that no one will know you are wearing and that are almost impossible to detect with the naked eye.

Through the audio recording you can show that that person treats you inappropriately, laughs at you, tries to make you feel bad or wants to humiliate you in front of other people.


For digital abuse, telephone, WhatsApp and similar evidence

Just as you can use technology to get this type of evidence, you should also make sure that your device does not have any software that sends information to another person. It is difficult that, if you do not know the stalker, this could be the case, although sometimes the enemy is closer than you think.

The most widely used means of communication today is WhatsApp , so it is not surprising that stalkers focus on it to know what you talk about with your partner, friends and / or family. Keep this in mind if you want to catch your stalker.

Getting evidence for this type of abuse is quite simple, all you have to do is not delete any message, email or cache from your computer or close the accounts of the social networks that you use the most.

If you do this, the computer police will be in charge of collecting all the necessary information to present before a trial and for the stalker to explain his acts of cyberbullying in court.

bullying bullying


Where should you place products that collect evidence? Practical advice

Products that collect evidence cannot be placed lightly anywhere, your goal is to be able to report the facts to the police and hunt down the harasser, not for them to run away for a while or to be forced to act quickly.

A clear example for spy cameras is to use products that can be camouflaged, as in a spy watch. Walking past your stalker you will be able to get pictures of how he reacts to being around you and even if he talks to you, the important thing is that you remain calm at all times.


Spy microphones to collect evidence against the harasser

This is the same with spy microphones, although in this case, if there is no interaction on the part of the stalker, it may take longer than you think to be carried out. What matters is that you are active when everything happens.

In this case, if it is in the work office or even in your home, you can choose to install it in a smoke detector, in a socket or in a power strip. Nobody imagines that there is going to be a device with these characteristics in one of these products, so you will be able to gather the information you need and be able to put an end to this hard stage of your life knowing that the harasser will face justice in a short time. .

The limit is your imagination and, in the event that the events occur in your home, no one knows the space better than you, allowing you to obtain compelling evidence and achieve your objective, than the stalker stop being there to make your daily life difficult.


Best products to record your stalker

As we have mentioned, you can find many types of products to catch your stalker, what matters is that they have a good quality and that they are difficult to detect when you take them with you.

The cameras spy works perfectly for mobbing, bullying or sexual harassment, due to to its small size and the possibility of taking a good image wherever they are. An example is spy glasses, whichThey will record everything you see and catch your stalker red-handed.

On the other hand are the microphones spy, one of the best options for psychological harassment thanks to its good quality to capture the sound that is there at that moment, such as the stalker's voice. These microphones can be camouflaged in everyday objects that nobody would notice, such as a keychain or an umbrella.

With all these tips you should be able to get your bully regardless of the type of abuse they are doing. Of course, if you do not dare to do it, you are afraid or the harassment is in a very advanced phase, it is important to go to the authorities as soon as possible so that they can help you.