How to copy in an examination of 11 different ways?

Have you ever been faced with the decision to cheat on a test or not? Many students and opponents face this dilemma frequently. And when they decide to cheat, the right hemisphere of the brain begins to activate in search of creative techniques for cheating on an exam.


When the end of the evaluation approaches and the number of exams increases, the stress and burden of wanting to pass everything and, preferably, with a good grade also increases. This can add to insecurity and the need to pass to convince oneself to use cheatsheets or other methods to pass easily.


For decades, students have devised hundreds of ways to cheat and cheat on a test. Despite being a manual method, there were systems worthy of true geniuses. Many times we will have heard a teacher say something like this: "if you used that ability to study, you would get honors".



How to cheat on a test without getting caught?

There have always been people who have tried to cheat on exams. And the fact that it's not always easy raises the question “how do I cheat on a test without getting caught?” Without apologizing for cheating on tests, let's analyze to what extent Some students arrive to avoid being caught cheating in the middle of the exam.

The exam time is usually accompanied by stress and overwhelm, especially when several come together in the same week or even on the same day. Although it is a frowned upon habit, even good students make use of it from time to time. Perhaps it is because of the need to feel safe with extra help or because of the fear of lowering the average grade. Some do not even copy because, almost without realizing it, they have learned while making their chops.

In any case, cheating on an exam does not relieve nerves. You can go with more security in terms of passing, but the risk of being caught creates nervousness until the end of the exam. Therefore, the first thing to do to avoid being caught cheating is to control your nerves.

There's nothing better than appearing calm and confident so you don't get caught cheating on a test. Teachers know very well how to detect the face of guilt or concern in students who use some system to cheat in exams. So control your breath, take a deep breath and look focused as if you're doing one last mental checkup.

Continuing with the idea of not appearing suspicious think like a teacher would, who knows you. Don't be greedy. If you're a student who often just barely passes, don't you think it would be weird if you got an A on a test? Even if he didn't catch you on that exam, I'm sure you'll be under his radar in the next ones.


Copy exam with mobile

Although technology has been used to create very specific products such as earpieces, there are other simpler modern methods. Now practically everyone can copy an exam with their mobile phone in a very simple way. There are different methods, each one more elaborate and traditional.

One way to use your mobile phone to pass an exam is to record audio reading the exam syllabus. Of course, you have to do it at a pace that allows you to write at the same time and without falling behind, to avoid having to pause the recording frequently.

Another more risky alternative is to directly open text documents or photographs of the agenda on the smartphone. This option is more risky because you have to have the phone in sight and it is not always possible


Pen to copy in an exam

There is nothing better to copy in an exam than using such common and necessary items as a pen. Who does not take one or even several pens to an exam? And there are many methods to copy on an exam with a pen.

For example, for many years the famous bic pen has been used to mark some formulas, concepts or entire paragraphs on its transparent casing.


Others use the pen to hide the traditional chops inside. This way they only have to open it during the exam and extract the manuscript to find the answers to the questions. Some are already sold prepared for this purpose and others have rolled paper inside to unfold the chop professionally.

And finally, there is spy pens that have a built-in microphone to communicate with the outside of the classroom. It is usually combined with a spy camera or an earpiece, as we will explain later.




Copy to an examination with headphones

It is not very common to cheat in an exam with traditional headphones as they attract too much attention. But even so, there are those who take risks and use them to pass the easy way. How do they do it?

Sometimes the simplest and most blatant forms of copying arewhich work best. Perhaps because nobody would suspect something so obvious, even if it seems strange. In this case, headphones can be used to copy using different methods.

On the one hand, you can use them to listen to previously recorded audio by you or by someone else. These audios can be the topics that enter the exam, important dates, formulas, etc. You can use an mp3 device or a mobile, but remember that many teachers already prohibit the entry of mobile phones on in the exams.

Another more risky way is to use the headphones to call a buddy on the phone who will give us the answers from the outside. This method is more complicated to carry out because we have to whisper the questions during the exam while trying to hide the headphones.


These are the best ways to cheat on a test

In this post we do not want to enter into the moral debate that is generated when talking about how to cheat in an exam. We only want to report how methods have evolved and how technology has been used for this purpose.

Technological advances and the insatiable drive to reduce the size of cameras, phones and microphones now make it easier to cheat on exams. It is no longer necessary to spend hours preparing cheat sheets (which sometimes helped to remember the syllabus during the exam). Now it is enough to use the mobile phone or other electronic devices to answer all the questions correctly. There are even websites like that does the electronic chops for you.


Copy with earpieces in exams

Why is the earpiece so much in demand for exams? The truth is that there are many other methods, but using hidden earpieces is perhaps the one that comes to mind first when we talk about this topic. There are different models of earpieces for wireless examinations and they all work very well to perform their function.

But it must also be taken into account that as it is one of the most widespread copying systems, examiners and teachers are also very likely to be aware of it. It is very probable that they look carefully to discover the use of these earpieces, especially in oppositions.


Penguin hidden for exams

There are larger earpieces and smaller ones, black, brown and even transparent. Although they are very discreet, you have to know how to act very well and with total normality when you are using them, otherwise suspicions may be raised.

exam earpieces

The use of the earpiece has been on the market for some time and has been widely used, both in selectivity exams and in the university and in oppositions. But of course, if it's only for listening and it's wireless, how does it work?

An inductor element is required. The most common is a necklace that is connected to the phone's headphone output, which through induction transmits the audio from the phone to the earpiece for exams. It is usually necessary to use a microphone connected to the phone, which is used to “sing” the questions.

The microphone can be hidden up your sleeve or under your clothing, but it takes some practice to whisper in such a way that it doesn't draw the teacher or examiner's attention and the person on the other end overhears you. clear way. Another option is to do without a microphone and have them narrate the agenda, but this is only possible in certain types of exams.


Penguin bluetooth

As we have seen, using an earpiece is not something new because it has been used for a long time. But using it with Bluetooth technology is. This type of bluetooth earpiece also receives the signal from the ring or inductive collar, but it, in turn, receives it via Bluetooth technology from the smartphone. The advantage of this system is that it is not necessary to have the wired ring connected to the telephone. The latter can be separated a few meters from the inductor, even outside the classroom, if there is not too much separation distance.



Although Bluetooth technology has been standard on all smartphones for several years, it has only been applied for a relatively short time in exam cheating techniques.


Nano Earpiece

The king of earpieces is the misnamed nano earpiece. Unlike the normal earpiece, the nano earpiece does not need any internal battery since it really is a rare earth magnet.


Nano pinga





Its operation is identical to any other inductor earpiece but with the great advantage that it has a super small size. It goes completely unnoticed, unlike the rest of the earpieces, which can be detected visually if someone looks closely.

But, if it's so small, is there a danger of it staying in the ear? And how is it removed?

It is inserted into the external auditory canal, trying not to be in direct contact with the eardrum. And you have to make sure that the phone's call volume is not too high, to avoid slight damage to the eardrum.

To remove it, simply tilt your head to one side so that the earpiece slides out. Although another solution is to use a magnet: bringing it close to the ear will attract the earpiece and remove it easily and quickly.


But be careful, it is not the first time that the ear-ear gets stuck and it is the emergency doctor who removes it you have to extract.


Earpiece with camera to copy

One of the handicaps of using the earpieces to copy in an exam is that you have to communicate with another person outside the classroom. When the accomplice already knows the questions that are in the exam, it is easy to follow his instructions or dictates. But how do we let you know what questions have come up on the exam?

A very convenient way to communicate with the person on the other end of the phone is by using a microphone attached to the phone. Obviously you can't use the phone on a regular basis. You have to connect the microphone by cable or by bluetooth. But the problem here is that speaking in an exam without being noticed is not that easy. That is why there is another more undetectable method.

Using a camera earpiece is ideal for capturing a video or photo and sending it to your phone. In this way, the exam is transmitted quickly page by page.


Nano earpiece with GSM inductor necklace

With this improved version of the nano earpiece, it is possible to eliminate the telephone connection since the inductor collar itself incorporates a GSM transmitter.

The only drawback of this inductive collar is that it only allows you to redial the last number dialed. The student can hang up and pick up the call by pressing the On / Off button and regulate the volume with the side buttons



GSM spy device for nano earpiece

GSM spy devices work exactly like a mobile phone. The advantage they have over these is that the teacher or examiner will not recognize them visually and they are easier to hide.

Here you can see a scientific calculator to which a GSM module has been added and an inducer system to copy in an exam available on Amazon for €80.





MP3 to copy in an opposition

The MP3 is generally used to copy in a development exam such as a history exam or an opposition. The advantage of this system is that it does not want any accomplice to copy.

The MP3 is hidden in an accessible place such as the wrist to be able to select the tracks and the volume.

The inductor collar would be connected to the headphone connection, which in turn would transmit the information to the earpiece.


Smart Clock to cheat on exams

A not so conventional system, but one that makes use of technology, is to use a smart watch or spy clock. Now there are many watches of this type and at really good prices. They can be used to listen to previously recorded audio or to display text on the screen.

There are also chop clocks. This is a watch that looks like a smartwatch but whose sole purpose is to store texts that you can view on its screen. The operation is simple since you can browse the files in txt format, which can even be organized into folders.


Clock hidden text


Having used it when smartwatches were not in fashion could perhaps attract attention, but today it happens like any other smart watch. Although it does not have many functions, the important thing is that you can read the content on its small screen to copy in the exams.

It is very practical for exams where you have to develop extensive topics and it is necessary to memorize a lot of data, perhaps dates, events, stories, etc. These types of watches usually come with an emergency button to block it and prevent the text from being seen onthe screen.



Pass an exam with a Smartwatch

Here we reach a more advanced level. It involves directly using a smartwatch to copy in an exam. As you already know, these watches have many advanced functions, from telling the time to making calls and viewing documents, images and videos. So ingenuity can be fired thinking about options to use it.

It can be used to make the initial call to the accomplice and continue using the earpiece or simply to read the responses on the smartwatch screen.




Cameras with microphone to pass exams

Now we get into the most advanced technology there is for cheating on an exam: cameras and microphones. Why do these two devices go together? Because when using the help of someone from abroad, precise and quality communication is necessary.



When using a spy camera, the person outside the classroom will see the content of the exam perfectly. He will only have to hurry to find the correct answers among the notes that he must take with him. Some people prefer to keep their notes on paper, but most use a computer, tablet or mobile to search the notes or directly on Google (without complications).

The use of a microphone is more necessary than you think. Think for a moment that you are sending images or video of the exam, but how do you know if it is reaching the accomplice in good quality? He must be the one to notify that everything is correct and confirm that he has everything necessary to dictate the answers.



WiFi Spy Camera

There are different types of exams and, therefore, not all cheating systems are suitable for all times. When you have to face a development-type exam, it is relatively easier to copy with an earpiece system with a telephone and microphone. But the situation gets complicated when multiple choice questions appear.

Use a WiFi spy camera for a test exam is possibly the best solution. These cameras are very small and can be embedded in the watch, glasses or clothing. The camera connects to the phone of another person who is outsidel classroom and so you can be watching the exam live. In this way we only have to listen to the instructions and the biggest advantage is that it is almost not necessary to use a microphone.



Spy camera by IP


The great advantage of this type of IP cameras is that they connect directly to any mobile device, tablet or computer via WiFi. It is enough to type an IP in the browser and the image is displayed instantly. These cameras are very sophisticated and have been greatly improved in recent years.

Copy in an exam with a hidden camera is a high-level task. Cameras can easily be hidden in any object we can imagine: from a pen to a pencil case, glasses, a watch, etc. Their objective is very small but they can capture high quality video, such as 1080p or Full HD.



Although this system makes the job of the person who relays the answers much easier, it is also true that the person in front of the exam needs some skill. He has to hide the earpiece, the inductor ring, have the mobile phone hidden and not show signs of nervousness. But the desire to pass leads anyone to develop this ability.


Use your wits: Create your own spy camera

But if you really want to take your surveillance skills to the next level, we recommend exploring the possibility of building your own spy camera. Not only will it be a great electronics project, but it will also give you the freedom to customize the camera to your specific needs and desires. In our article on how to make your your own spy camera, we provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide on how you can design and build your own spy camera. From selecting components to assembling and testing your device, we cover everything you need to know to get started.


Is cheating in an exam a crime?

After this analysis we wanted to show a sample of the level that technology has reached. To this day it is easy to cheat on an exam using the latest technology, because it is within everyone's reach. Of course, this opens Pandora's box, to put it metaphorically... it leaves an open debate, but one that has practically been won.

But the truth is that publicly exposing this type of practice also puts institutions and teachers on the background. They are the ones who must put the appropriate measures and solutions to the technological advance that we are experiencing.




Can you avoid knowing who cheats on a test?

Now, if you find it easy to cheat in an exam using any of these methods, it is easier for the examiner to locate the cheater in the exam since, as I said before, technology is available to everyone. Read our next post and you will see how easy it is to locate a bluetooth earpiece or wireless spy camera with the iProtect 1216 frequency detector.