How to copy in an examination of 11 different ways?

Have you found any time before the decision of cheating or not? Many students and opponents they face this dilemma frequently. And when they decide to copy starts to be activated right hemisphere of the brain in search of creative techniques to copy in an exam.

When about the end of the evaluation and increases the number of tests also increases the stress and the hassle by wanting to approve everything and, preferably, on a good note. This can be added to the insecurity and the need to adopt to autoconvencerse using chops or other methods to pass easily.

For decades, students have devised hundreds of ways to make pork chops and copying in an examination. Despite being a manual method, there was a system worthy of true geniuses. Many times we heard a professor say something like this: “if usases that ability to study, zacharias honors”.



How to copy on an exam without getting trapped

Since there have always been people who have tried to copy in the exams. And the fact that it is not always easy begs the question “how to copy in an exam without which I get caught?” Without making the apology of cheating on the exams, we will analyze to what extent they get some students to avoid being hunted down by copying in the full review.

The exam time is usually accompanied by stress and distress, especially when they are together several in the same week or even on the same day. Although it is a bad habit seen, until the poor students make use of it once in a while. Maybe it's the need to feel secure with extra help or by the fear of lowering the average grade. Some do not even get a copy because, almost without realizing it, they have learned while they made their chops.

In any case, copying on a test not a pound of the nerves. You can go with more safety in terms approved, but the risk of being caught creates nervousness until the end of the exam. Therefore, the first thing to do to don't get caught out by copying is to control the nerves.

There is nothing better than to appear calm and confident so that you do not get caught copying in an exam. The teachers know detect very well the face of guilt or concern in students using some system to copy in the exams. So control the breathing, breathe deeply and put a face of concentration as if you were doing a last review mental.

Continuing with the idea of not to look suspicious think, as would a professor, who knows you. Do not be greedy. If you are a student who usually approve of harsh penalties, do not you think that it would be strange that actually an outstanding in a review? Even if you don't pillase in that test, sure you may be under your radar in the next.

Copy exam with the mobile

Although it has been used the technology to create very specific products as the use, there are other modern methods more simple. Now almost everybody can copy a test with the mobile in a very simple manner. There are various methods, each more elaborate and handmade.

A way to use the mobile phone to pass an exam is to record audio by reading the syllabus of the exam. Yes, must do so at a pace that allows for writing at the same time and falling behind, to avoid having to pause the recording frequently.

Alternative is more risky is to directly open text documents or photographs of the agenda on your smartphone. This option is more risky because you have to have the phone in view and it is not always possible.

Ball-point pen to copy in an exam

There is nothing better to copy in a test using items as common and necessary as a pen. Who does not carry one or even several pens to an exam? And that is that there are many methods to copy in an exam with a pen.

For example, for many years has used the famous pen bic to mark some formulas, concepts, or entire paragraphs in its transparent housing.

Others use the pen to hide the chops traditional in its interior. In this way they only have to open it during the test and extract the manuscript to find the answers to the questions. Some are already sold prepared for this purpose and others have paper rolled up inside to show the cheat sheet with professionalism.

And, lastly, there are pen spy that have built-in microphone to communicate with the outside of the classroom. Is often combined with a spy camera, or with a pinganillo, as I'll explain later.

Copying in a test with headphones

It is not very usual to copy in an exam with headphones traditional because they attract too much attention. But, still, there are those who will take risks and the uses to be approved by the easy way. How do they do it?

Sometimes the forms of copying more simple and blatant are the ones that work best. Perhaps because no one would suspect something so obvious, although it seems strange. In this case, the headphones can be used to copy using different methods.

On the one hand, you can use them to listen to audio previously recorded by you or by anyone else. These audios may be the themes that come in the exam, important dates, formulas, etc, You may use a mp3 device or a mobile phone,but remember that many of the teachers already prohibit the entry of mobile turned on on tests.

Another most risky way is to use the headset to make a phone call to a buddy that we will be giving the answers from the outside. This method is more complicated to perform because we have to whisper the questions during the exam while we try to hide the headphones.

These are the best ways to copy in an exam

In this post we do not want to enter into the moral debate that is generated when you talk about how to copy in an exam. We just want to inform of how they have evolved the methods and how technology had been used for this purpose.

The technological advances of the insatiable desire for reducing the size of cameras, phones and microphones makes it is now easier to copy in the exams. No more need to spend hours and hours preparing chops (which, at times, helped to recall the syllabus during the exam). Now just use the mobile phone or other electronic devices to answer all of the questions correctly. There are even web pages as that makes the chops to electronic for you.


Copy to use in tests

Why has such a demand the pinganillo for exams? What is certain is that there are many other methods, but use use hidden is perhaps the one that first comes to mind when we talk about this topic. There are different models of use for exams without cables and all work very well to play their role.

But also keep in mind that to be one of the systems to copy more widespread, examiners and teachers, it is also very likely that they are aware. It is very likely that they are fixed carefully to discover the use of these use, especially in oppositions.

Pinganillo hidden for exams

There are a few use larger and smaller, color-black, brown and even transparent. Although they are very discreet, there is that know how to act very well and normally when it is using, otherwise it can raise suspicion.

pinganillos para examan

The use of the pinganillo already spent time in the market and it has been used a lot, both in university entrance examinations at the university and in competitions. But of course, if it serves only to listen to and it is wireless, how does it work?

You need a element inductor. The most common is a collar which is connected to the headphone output of the phone, which by induction transmits the audio from the phone to the pinganillo for exams. It is usually necessary to use a microphone connected to the phone, which is used to “sing” the questions.

The microphone can be hidden in the sleeve or under clothing, but it requires some practice to whisper in such a way that does not call attention to the teacher or examiner and the person that is the other side to listen to us in a clear way. Another option is to dispense with the microphone and we go on telling the agenda, but it is possible only in certain kinds of tests.

Pinganillo bluetooth

As we have seen, use a pinganillo is not something new because it has been in use a long time. But what is it with the technology Bluetooth. This kind of pinganillo bluetooth also receives the signal of the ring or neckloop, but this, in turn, receives through the Bluetooth technology from your smartphone. The advantage of this system is that it is not necessary to be connected to the ring cable to the phone. This last may be separated a few meters of the inductor, even outside the classroom, if there is not much separation distance.

Although the Bluetooth technology takes several years of series on all modern smartphones, it is only since relatively recently that applies in techniques to copy in the exams.

Nano, pinganillo

The king of the use it is the evil called pinganillo nano. Unlike pinganillo normal the nano, pinganillo needs no internal battery since it really is a magnet of rare earths.

Pinganillo nano for€15

Their operation is identical to any other pinganillo-inducing but with the great advantage that it has a super tiny size. It goes completely unnoticed, unlike the rest of use, which can be detected visually if someone looks very closely.

But, if it is so small, is there a danger of that is left inside of the ear?, and how is it extracted?

Is inserted in the external auditory canal, trying not to be in direct contact with the eardrum. And make sure that the call volume of the phone is not very high, to avoid minor damage in the eardrum.

To remove it, it is sufficient to tilt the head to one side so that the pinganillo slide out. Although another solution is to use a magnet: moving it closer to the ear will attract the pinganillo and removed easily and quickly.

But beware, this is not the first time that the pinganillo gets stuck and is an emergency doctor who has to extract.

Pinganillo camera to copy

One of the handicaps of using the use to copy in an exam is that you have to communicate with another person outside of the classroom. When the accomplice already knows the questions that are there in the exam it is easy to go by following your instructions, or dictation. But, how do we know what questions have come out in the exam?

A very handy way to communicate with the person on the other side of the phone is using a microphone connected to the phone. Obviously you can't use the phone as usual. connect the micro cable or by bluetooth. But the problem here is that talking in an exam without being noticed is not so simple. That's why there is another method more undetectable.

Use a pinganillo camera is ideal for capturing video or photo and send it by the phone. In this way is transmitted quickly to the exam page by page.

Pinganillo nano with collar inductor GSM

With this improved version of the nano, pinganillo we are able to eliminate the connection of the phone as it's own collar inductor incorporates a transmitter GSM.

The only drawback of this collar inductor is that it only allows you to make last number redial the last number dialed. The student will be able to hang up and pick up the call by pressing button On / Off and regulate the volume with the side buttons

Device GSM spy pinganillo nano

Devices GSM spy work exactly like a mobile phone. The advantage to these is that the teacher or examiner may not recognize visually and are easier to hide.

Here you can see a scientific calculator to which has been added a GSM module and a system inductor to copy in an exam available on Amazon for 80€.

Scientific calculator with module GSM on Amazon

MP3 to copy in an opposition

The MP3 is generally used to copy in an examination of development as can be a history test or an opposition. The advantage of this system is that you do not want any accomplice to copy.

The MP3 is hidden in an accessible place, as may be the wrist to be able to select tracks and volume.

In the connection of the headphones would be connected to the collar inductor which in turn would transmit the information to the pinganillo.

Smart watch to copy in exams

A system that is not so conventional, but which makes use of the technology, is to use a smart watch. Now there are many watches of this type and prices are really good. Can be used to listen to audio recorded previously or to display text on the screen.

There are also watches chop. This is a watch with a look of smartwatch but whose sole purpose is to store texts that can be displayed on your screen. The operation is simple since you can browse through the files in format txt, which may even be organized into folders.

I used it when they were not fashionable smartwatch perhaps I might call attention, but today it passes as any other smart watch. Although it does not have many functions, the important thing is that you can read the contents on your small screen to copy in the exams.

It is very practical for examinations where it is necessary to develop topics extensive and it is necessary to memorize a lot of data, maybe dates, events, stories, etc, This type of watches usually come with a emergency button to lock it and prevent it please see the text on the screen.

Pass an examination with a Smartwatch

Here already, we arrived at a more advanced level. It is directly use a smartwatch to copy in an exam. As you already know, these watches have many advanced functions from telling time, to make calls, and view documents, images and videos. So that the genius can shoot thinking of options to use.

Can be used to make the initial call to an accomplice, and continue using the pinganillo or simply to read the responses on the screen of the smartwatch.

Cameras with microphone to pass the exams

Now we move into the most advanced technology that there is to copy in an exam: the cameras and microphones. Why are you going together these two devices? Because when you use the help of someone from the outside, it is necessary to an accurate communication and quality.

To use a camera, the person that is outside of the classroom, you will see perfectly the content of the examination. Just will have to hurry on find the right answers between the notes that you must carry with you. There are those who prefer to take notes on paper, but most use a computer, a tablet or mobile to search for in the notes or directly in Google (without complications).

The use of microphone, it is more necessary than you think. Think for a moment that you're sending pictures or video of the test, but how do you know if you are coming in with good quality accomplice? Must be him who tell that everything is correct and confirm that you have everything you need to dictate the answers.

Camera spy WiFi

There are different types of tests and, therefore, not all the systems for copy serve for any time. When you have to face an examination of type development is relatively easy to copy with a system pinganillo with a telephone and microphone. But the situation is complicated when there are questions of type test.

Use a spy camera WiFi for an exam type test is possibly the best solution. These cameras are very small and can be inserted into the watch, glasses, or clothing. The camera connects with the phone of another person who is outside the classroom and so they may be seeing the review live. In this way we only have to listen to the directions and the biggest advantage is that it is almost not necessary to use a microphone.

Spy camera for IP

The great advantage of this kind of IP cameras is that they connect directly to any mobile device, tablet or computer via WiFi. Simply enter a IP in the browser, and displays the image instantly. These cameras are very sophisticated, and they have improved a lot in recent years.

To copy in an exam with a spy camera IP or WiFi is a task of high level. The camera can be easily hide in any object that we imagine: from a pen to a pencil case, a glasses, a watch, etc, Your lens is very small, but they may also capture video in high-quality as, for example, 1080p or Full HD.

Although this system makes it much easier for the job to the person who relayed the response, it is also true that for the person who is in front of the examination takes some skill. You have to disguise the pinganillo, the ring inductor, having the mobile phone stealth and does not show signs of nervousness. But the quest to adopt leads to either develop this skill.

The best tricks to copy in an exam

What are the best tricks to copy in an exam? The truth is that the art of copying in an exam requires practice to master it, but there are those who use techniques very curious and ingenious.

It is always advisable to study for a test, even if it is decided to use pork chops or other method of copying. Why? Because it is good to always have a plan B, because the tricks to copy fail. You need to find the part of the agenda that is most likely to come in the examination and review, to have many possibilities to answer some questions without the need of copy.

Now, there are those who will copy under any and all circumstances, but also decide to prepare well. You have to think well where to start, because you have to focus on some questions or specific topics. It is unrealistic to expect to copy in an exam and have access to all the answers. It is not easy to get 10 cheating on a test.

Now, there are some dirty tricks to copy in an exam

Where to sit to copy in an exam?

It is very important to know where to sit to copy in an exam because it can influence a lot the final result. The copiers have a prior knowledge of the classroom that will be used to examine the students and choose possible sites that will help you to approve. But what sites are the best to copy?

Sit in the first row or in an area very close to the professor is more likely to be hunted. But if you are a teacher clueless or one of those who usually rise during the test is not as important to sit in front.

Not choose always the last row or, at least, not so blatantly. If you do wake up you suspicions. Think like a teacher: “who is usually to lay always behind everyone?” The that copied. If they happen to sit at the end, well. But many times choose other sites.

The ideal site for copy that will be intermediate, neither very near nor very far from the professor. Perhaps next to a window or to the wall, so if you have to hide something that you use to copy. Be out of the line of vision when the teacher is seated also is important. But do not forget that it can be controlled also, in order to see when lifting and don't get caught by surprise.

How to copy in an examination of history

Examinations of History are special, right? According to the professor, the course and the type of exam can be very easy or very difficult. That's why, before copiar in a history exam is to know very well what will be the exam and what type of content will fall.

It is not the same a history test in which you have to develop a topic for writing that one of the test. In the second type you may have to make use of dates and names that seem to be much between them.

If you are going to copy an accomplice of another class you will need to check either the notes or that, at least, has reviewed also the agenda. For these cases comes very well use a pinganillo and a microphone connected to the phone. With this I can tell you the questions and wait for their responses. Yes, in the case of an examination of development, they have to be very well synchronized so that the dictation is at an appropriate pace and that is not dictating content.

How to copy on a chemistry exam

To copy in a chemistry exam the system changes a bit. Something similar occurs with the exams of mathematics and physics. To be able to copy in this type of testing successfully, you need some more preparation. At least, there is that knowing a little bit about how to solve simple problems or the methodology to be followed.

In the chemistry exams you need someone outside to dictate the formulas to be applied in the problems. And, in truth, little more can be done who help from the outside, unless you have more knowledge on the subject (which is usually not the case).

Using a camera, and headphones or pinganillo, it is easier to communicate better with the accomplice. And in the tests of chemical is needed because some problems are really complicated to do only copying.

How to copy on a test in September

The exams of September are special. A voice suddenly someone might think that they are more difficult because you examine the content that has been given for a whole year. But, if you think about it, that gives you an advantage.

Depending on the subject matter, some tests are easier to pass in September. Think of the exams of history, language or literature. If the examination lasts between one and two hours on average, may not ask about everything that has been given in the course. It is logical to ask about the topics most relevant or important. For that you need to prepare for the most obvious questions.

This is an advantage also for those who snitch the answers from outside the examination. It would be impossible if you had to look at each response between notes disorganized and books. Many have an agenda summary of the most important parts of the syllabus of the course

Do you know any way to copy in an exam?

In this post we have discussed some forms of copying in an exam but sure there are many more. If you know other methods, we would like to get to know them and expand the information in this article. So, our readers will have a broader view of the schemes to pass exams without studying.

Do you have passed any examination or opposition with the law of least effort?

Some call it luck, others coincidence. But, do not aprobaste some time almost without studying and believing that you were going to suspend? I think we've all been there once and remember it as an epic moment. If you also what you have lived, you are encouraged to leave a comment.

Tell us your experiences

If you have any experience related to copying in the exams, we'd like the other. You can write to us by email and send us your anecdote or story.

How to copy on a test is a crime?

After this analysis we wanted to teach a sample level has reached the technology. Until the day of today it is easy to copy in an examination using the latest technology, because it is within the reach of anyone. Of course, this opens the pandora's box, so to speak, in a way metaphorical... it leaves an open debate, but that is practically won.

In our blog we are not making value judgments, although the company makes clear the general stance against these practices. There is a Law that punishes directly this practice. There is only punishment on an academic level as the temporary removal or loss of the right to be examined again.

But what is true is that publicly exposing this type of practice also gives background to institutions and teachers. They must put measures and appropriate solutions to the technological advancement that we are experiencing.

How can you avoid knowing who to copy in an exam?

Now, if it seems easy to copy in an examination by using one of these methods, the easier it is for the examiner to locate that copy in the exam because, as I said above, the technology is within the reach of anyone. Read our next post and you'll see how easy it is to locate a pinganillo bluetooth or a spy camera wireless with the detector frequency iProtect 1216.