Voice recorder hidden in USB 4GB
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Voice recorder hidden in USB 4GB 48 hours


This novel usb spy houses in its interior a voice recorder 4GB memory with storage capacity of up to 48 hours of audio and an autonomy of over 9 hours.

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Voice recorder hidden in USB 4GB 48 hours
Voice recorder hidden in USB 4GB 48 hours

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With this USB memory, you can transport all type of file: photos, music, videos, programs... But it also has a microphone spy hidden that allows you to record high quality audio without anyone noticing.


Given its small size and its camouflage perfect will pass completely unnoticed. You'll be able to record all conversations of a discrete mode.


Operation very simple, you just have to put the key in the “on” and the USB spy will begin recording automatically. Ideal for covert surveillance.


To perform the recordings is not necessary that the USB is connected to any PC.

Data sheet
Autonomy Of Approximately
9 hours
70mm × 21mm × 9,4 m
3.7 V 110mAh
110 mAH
Storage capacity
48 hours
Bit rate
128K bps
Built-in Flash memory
4 GB
Audio Format
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