ST-600 Hidden Device and Wireline Detector
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ST-600 Hidden Device and Wireline Detector

ST-600 New Hidden Device and Cable Detector Easily locate MICROPHONES, CAMERAS, GPS LOCATORS and all types of wired transmission devices. It doesn't matter if the hidden devices are on or off. The ST-500 Detector will locate them easily.


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ST-600 Hidden Device and Wireline Detector
ST-600 Hidden Device and Wireline Detector

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Would you like to buy Selcom's new ST-600 line and hidden device detector?

Introducing Selcom's ST-600 Detector . With this device you will be able to detect all kinds of spy recorders, hidden microphones or GPS locators whether they are on or off. It also allows you to locate all types of hidden wiring used in the installation of devices for fixed covert surveillance, such as spy cameras or microphones.

The ST-600 detector is ideal for use in combination with other ST series detectors such as the ST-500 Piranha or ST-401 Cayman.

How does Selcom's ST-600 hidden device and line detector work?

The ST600 device detector has two modes of operation

Hidden Device Detector Mode

Working in this mode you will be able to detect all the listening and surveillance devices that are activated. The ST-600 will receive the electromagnetic signal from the spy device and will convert it into a visible and acoustic signal so that you know if you have detected a spy recorder or surveillance camera. It doesn't matter if the spy recorder or microphone is shielded. The ST-600 Detector will be able to locate it easily

Cable Locator Mode

Working in this mode you will be able to track the cables when looking for wired or cabled listening devices. This mode is implemented by sending a test signal (455 kHz frequency, modulated by a two-tone low frequency signal) to a wired line and receiving it with a non-contact sensor.

Main features of Selcom's ST-600 Detector:

  • Detection of microphones, recorders and cameras at a distance of up to 15cm.
  • Detects hidden wired or wireless devices.
  • Up to 40 hours of autonomy.
  • Frequency range of 0.04 - 30 kHz
  • Working temperature 0 ℃ - 40 ℃.

Why buy Selcom's ST-600 detector here?

We are the official and exclusive distributors of this Selcom branded product in Spain and Portugal. As we are the official distributors we can always offer you the best pricing and a official 2-year warranty. If the product does not suit you, you will have 14 days to return it. Come to our physical store to test it. You'd be surprised what this detector can do.


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