Spy Pen: High Quality, 8GB Memory and 18h of Autonomy 【2024】.
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Spy Pen 8GB 18h Autonomy

SPY PEN fully functional. It has an autonomy of 18 hours in continuous mode and 8 GB of internal memory to store up to 96 hours of 96 hours of recordings.

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Spy Pen 8GB 18h Autonomy

Spy Pen 8GB 18h Autonomy


The security provided by a spy pen

Security is a fundamental need in today's society. The ability to protect yourself, back up your words and stay safe in sensitive situations is essential. That's why we offer you a discreet ally: the spy pen. Not only is it a powerful recording tool, but it is also a representation of your commitment to security and truthfulness.

Why do you need to buy a hidden microphone pen?

Imagine you find yourself in a situation where you need to record an important conversation. Maybe it's a business meeting, a negotiation or a confession. You can't rely on memory to remember every detail, and it's not practical to pull out an obvious recorder either. That's where the hidden microphone pen comes in. It's discreet, easy to use and ensures you won't miss any details. Plus, it protects you when collecting verbal evidence that could be essential to your security.

Key features of the spy pen

  • Stylish and discreet design
  • Works like a real pen
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Up to 18 hours of continuous recording
  • Stores up to 96 hours of conversations
  • Low sensitivity microphone with excellent audio quality
  • Functions as a removable USB memory stick

How a surveillance pen can make a difference

In many instances, words can be more powerful than anything else. A spy pen not only records conversations, but can also save careers, resolve disputes and protect the vulnerable. It's more than just a device: it's your backup in critical situations.

Advantages of having a spy microphone pen

In addition to its primary function of recording audio, a spy microphone pen gives you confidence. You know that, at any time, you can document what is being said around you. This peace of mind is invaluable, especially in uncertain times. Plus, its discreet design ensures that it won't attract unwanted attention.

Confidence in recording quality

Because quality matters, our hidden microphone pen provides you with clear audio recordings. Never again will you have to worry about inaudible or poor quality audio that can't be used when you need it most. Our technology guarantees you superior recording quality.

The backing of Espiamos

When you buy from Espiamos, you not only get a high quality product, but also the confidence that you are backed by a team committed to your satisfaction. In addition, we offer a three-year warranty on your spy pen, because we trust what we sell and we want you to trust us too.

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